Friday, September 21, 2012

Joe Biden's Penis is How Big Jill?


Vortex - St. Paul’s Chapel Columbia University - NYC

One of the unusual architectural gems of New York City is Saint Paul’s Chapel on the urban campus of Columbia University, 116 Street and Broadway. This chapel not to be mistaken with the pre-revolutionary St. Paul’s Chapel and graveyard on Broadway downtown across from the World Trade Center.

Unexpected to some is the optical illusion one must get used to, of stepping into what appears to be a small church building and then finding oneself within the surprising cathedral like space inside. A spiritual Vortex?

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First Mormon Presidential Candidate - Prophet Joseph Smith -1844 - Resume Building Mitt Romney

General Joseph Smith - Mormon / (Bain Style) Religionist Candidate for President 1844

It was suggested the other day in a discussion on the Martin Bashir show on MSNBC that Mitt Romney’s only reason for running for president was not any concern for the United States but rather as a Resume building exercise.
That Mitt Romney wants the Job POTUS only on his Resume.


No doubt to show his fellow Mormon Cultists that he is better than the founding fraud of that religion tax break scam, Joseph Smith who ran for President in 1844 before his untimely but predictable death.

Mitt wants to get a good seat in Mormon Heaven next to or better yet ahead of old Bain style religionist Joe Smith.

The most important plank in Joseph’s platform concerned the powers of the president. Joseph wanted to give the chief magistrate “full power to send an army to suppress mobs … [without requiring] the governor of a state to make the demand.” 

Eliminating slavery was another important part of his platform….  Instead of simply calling for the abolition of slavery, Joseph Smith’s platform would have Congress “pay every man a reasonable price for his slaves out of the surplus revenue arising from the sale of public lands, and from the deduction of pay from members of Congress.” 

The platform also proposed changes to Congress. Joseph wanted to reduce congressional pay from eight dollars to two dollars per day. He wanted to have only two members of the House of Representatives for every one million people. 

In addition, Joseph favored extensive prison reform, forming a national bank, and annexing Oregon and Texas.  He favored extending the United States “from the east to the west sea,” but only if Native Americans gave their consent. 

On February 24, the Prophet had 1,500 copies of the pamphlet printed. Copies were mailed to the president of the United States and his cabinet, the justices of the Supreme Court, senators, representatives, editors of principal newspapers, postmasters, and other prominent citizens.

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47% View themselves as Victims of Vulture Capitalists – Lunch with Locusts and Vampires?

When capitalists like Mitt Romney and Bain Capital sweep into town and turn viable factories and local businesses into lunch for locusts on pension funds, benefits, employee incentives and are they left at the side of the road like a raped hooker unpaid by their rapist johns – Mitt Romney and Bain Capital -

Maybe, just  maybe their self-esteem goes down the drain when they are unemployed in a one factory town where they have lived all their lives, where they next lose their homes and watch their families disintegrate as a result of economic chaos after Bain leaves town.

Maybe when Mitt and Bain have shipped their jobs to China to the slave labor under the Communist whip, they feel like they have heen Victimized. Maybe they see themselves as victims.

Victims maybe temporarily for a while before they get over the feeling of being a whipped dog, a dog tied to the roofs of the cars of Vulture Capitalists, maybe the next round belongs to the American workers and not the pricks in $1,000 Armani business suits.

Or maybe Mitt is 100% right as victimizer and exploiter of the working poor in America, maybe the strange parasitic vampire kristianity practiced by the polygamist inbred Mormon cult leaves them worthy to be thrown out in the trash when the vampires cannot get another drop of blood out of their victims and Ann needs a new Cadillac as proof of her husband’s “love”.