Tuesday, February 26, 2013

World Trade Center One - Topping off with a Spire

220 feet to go on the spire under construction


World Trade Center Tower One - when complete

Cardinal O’Brien Fears for Life in Rome, His Name on Vatican Death List like Albino Luciani, John Paul I?

Between the Rigali wing of the Swiss Guard, the Opus Dei New Pope Lobby, the media is the last thing Cardinal O’Brien is worried about. 

The fear to set foot in Italy for O'Brien is now that the German Retires, an act of survival on O'Brien's part does not give Britain a vote, by veiled threat of death by parties within the Vatican Corporation? 

Is this papal election regarding Britain the first time since the Reformation under Henry VIII that Rome is doling out its unique brand of queered justice? 

The Laity in Britain don't mean Jack Shit to Rome? You bethca!

Whoever emerges as Benedict’s puppet pope in Rome in March, he will not have any validity in Great Britain. This kind of petty bitch politics of the Vatican is a sign of the end days of the Vatican I think. 

The Counter Counter Reformation against Vatican II is under full steam. The cliff over which the RCC finally jumps is within sight?

The Smoke of Satan blinds the vision of many these days in the soon to be late, great, Vatican City State.

O’Brien is not stupid. He knows that he is not welcome. The American pedophile protector enablers Cardinals Mahony and Rigali are embraced as true brothers of the Vatican twisted sister cult that runs the RCC these days.

O’Brien having alleged encounters with adult male clerics is like the most common thing in the Vatican City State or the church worldwide in a sexual sense I would imagine. As Catholic as Apple pie!

O’Brien is likely to be welcomed as a hero by the clerics in Rome Italy for being merely human. 

If he dared to place his vote in conclave, he would likely die under mysterious circumstances like the late Albino Luciani, aka John Paul I.  (Wink. Nod)

Here Today - Literally Gone Tomorrow - LOL