Sunday, December 29, 2013

Different Drum - Stone Poneys


Rafael Cruz – Traitor – NeoConfederate – AntiUnionist – Dirt Bag Trickle Down Economics Preacher – not a man of God

These paid for whores of the corporations, these immigrants who sat around for 48 years until they bothered to become a citizen and they try to shove their paid for opinions up our collective butts, well the coded talk just gets nastier and nastier.

All this “I am a Pastor” or “I was a ten minute victim of Castro” or “My son is the anointed of god” bullshit does not play well in the real world.

That if you try and say that 26 signers of 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence had some sort of degrees or interest in Theology, you are trying to block, hide your true interests behind tax free religion.

That to say what the founding fathers meant is code talk for “slavery is OK” and not just abuse of Africans by Europeans, in a modern sense you at saying that “economic slavery is OK”, that minimum wage and the right to organize as labor is wrong, a sin or in the best interests of the corporations as a new Massa Race.

That to preach slavery as Okay is treason. That Neo-Confederates are Anti-Unionists (the American Union) and these jerk offs and dirt bags belong in prison for sedition, especially the spy from Cuba, Rafael Cruz.


“Pastor” Rafael Cruz Repeats the Big Lie – Forging the Resumes of the Founding Fathers – Revisionist Fascist Religious History

If anybody knows how to fake a life resume it is Rafael Cruz, Head of the Grifter Cruz Family in Texas. Rafael in his salad days in Cuba personally knew Batista, Fidel and Santo Claus all on a personal first name basis before he swam without a boat, breaking all world records to freedom on American shores.

Here below he is repeating a lie started by that big fat rich pastor Rick Warren about some nonsense that 29 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence had degrees in Theology. 

What absolute total Koch Brothers John Birch Society Heritage Foundation bullshit.