Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christian Creation Myth ?

One of the menu items I think irrelevant as part of my 20% discounted smorgasbord Christianity is the concept of Original Sin.

All primitive societies have their creation myths but I do not quite understand the Judeo-Christian myth of creation.

First of all I wonder why God wasted tens of millions of years on the dinosaur experiment. Failed experiment or necessary to create fossil fuels to poison the present environment?

And then the final most perfect experiment is man. Man is somehow incomplete so you make him a helper with a birth out of a his ribcage. Sounds like the Sci-fi movie “Alien”. Pop! But man who cannot stand pain gets to give birth while asleep or in an anaesthetised state. (Wimp!)

The helper, the female thing, gets the run of the landscape but is told along with her hubby not to touch or eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Like all children who are told not to do anything (human nature), they, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit.

God who gives his new creation “free will” gets pissed off at this experiment when it exercises that free will and throws it (Adam and Eve) out of his laboratory called “Paradise”.

God does not immediately eliminate his failed experiment of man like his failed experiment with the dinosaurs. Mankind waits around for “the end” that has not arrived yet on the calendar.

Because “We failed” and not the experimenter, we have to suffer in a world that is quite hostile and “We” as part of this half-assed creation myth should be ashamed of ourselves and we need saving (?) as a result ???

Now that fundamentalist Christians are starting Creation Museums to show that the dinosaurs lived side by side with our caveman ancestors, I am waiting for the true end of western civilization when the hottest Christmas toy one year is Jesus riding on the back of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. (My apologies to Jesus and little Rex on that thought.)

Have a nice inferior failed experiment day!