Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jan Brewer - Current Cracker Governor - Arizona

Arizona is prone to lunatics. Given the heat and the weird mix of civilization in the sprawling so called valley of the sun in Phoenix, its been a while. Arizona is due for another cracker and or crack pot governor. Last one was Evan Mecham and they had to impeach him, he was that bad. Among many other things, he dissed and cancelled the new federal Martin Luther King Jr. birthday holiday. Phoenix lost the Superbowl with the crazy governor MLK thing because the rest of the country was like in realityville man.

The current Governor succeeded Gov. Napolitano, a human being, who got moved up to Secretary of Homeland Security because of the need for talent in Washington D.C.. No Lieutenant Govs in AZ. Brewer was Secretary of State (?) and legal successor.

This new gov, just passed, signed off on a many barriers to women and their wombs abortion bill that Janet had vetoed several times.

Arizona governor approves abortion constraints

Considering that the state legislators get $24,000 per year, in terms of legislation you get what you pay for.

Having lived and worked under slave like conditions in Arizona, a fascist “right to work” state, where human rights let alone women’s rights are still a distant dream in the future, the politicians there only serve their rich contributors. Senator Kyl was the best lawyer money could buy when he was a lawyer. He is now the best Senator money can buy. John McCain, who has never had a private sector job, and part of the barbecue ribs and champagne ruling class, had never met a common ordinary citizen before he met Sarah Palin.

While Sarah is in hip waders and waiting for the straight jacket to be properly fitted at Saks, the boys down at the “C” Street "Church" (and occasional brothel) should be checking out the presidential timber potential of Jan Brewer, current cracker republican governor of Arizona.

I can only imagine what draconian legislation is now being drawn up to restrict the gay community in Arizona. If Arizona starts a trade mission with Borneo to import exotic hardwoods, one guess is that the wood will not be used for any ordinary barbecues. What's the fuss and sweat guys? It's only dry heat!