Thursday, June 7, 2018

Claude H. Alexander - 1894-1978 - Mechanic - Irish Immigrant - Philadelphia Area Photographer

I ran into, backed into,  this photographer's negative collection at the Philly Library collection

Then looking around the Internet to document an address on one of the photos I found a bio of a guy with a similar name and the connection in both presentations is the tractor photo(s). 

No bio on the Philly Library stuff. Nothing really published as an obit either on the Internet, my means of research etc.

And interesting bio on one of my favorite subjects, Irish Immigrants, and their contribution to American culture. And since this is an American Doughboy. I liked the story. 

Flag Honors Irish Immigrant

A photo by Claude H. Alexander of the model of "The Homecoming" memorial of the original in Cambridge England, of sculptor Dr.  R. Tait McKenzie @Penn, no doubt at one time on display in Philly?

The photo that a friend J Rowe sent to me from the Philly Library collection by email was of a Gas Station 1930s, no address, which if you grew up at Frankford and Glenwood Aves. would by the image of 3742 Frankford Ave in backgound have to be a local icon of in its day, 1950s-60s repurposed as Cass's Restaurant, more like a greasy spoon and or corner luncheonette. 

Frankford and Glenwood Aves. or 3744 Frankford Ave. with old George L Horn Public School in background (left)

Address - 3744 Frankford Avenue - Frankford and Glenwood Aves - Harrowgate