Friday, June 15, 2018

Brownsville Kiddie Prison Layoffs Closure in May 2017 Due To Lack of Kids - Trump's E.O.13767 Saved the Company's Business

All Hail Great White American Father Donald Trump - Casa Padre Brownsville Texas Children's Prison Mural

Care of:

"Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war." (shades of "Arbeit macht frei" ?)

What war is he talking about except the war against humanity?

E.O. 13767 - Trump's Number of the Beast Tying His Fake Mexican Wall With Abuse of Immigrant Children

This abuse of children on the U.S. border by DOJ, DHS and HHS is a scurrying around of bureaucrats to cater to a servant of Satan and Vladimir Putin and his beer guzzling white trailer trash political base exasperating itself daily, growing more into a Ponzi scam of GOP hate, and distress among families seeking asylum, and the abuse of children, alone, in the hands of a "not for profit" but "but for profit CEO 1mm salaries" of children's prisons and model future gulags for us all too I fear. Auschwitz was not built a perfect killing machine from the beginning, they learned from the mistakes of earlier concentration camps of undesirables at Buchenwald etc.

13767 facilitates:

If want to be illegal immigrants and or asylum seekers show up at the border, they most likely have little or no documentation. So the U.S. must separate children from so-called parents in order to give the adults the run around under old or existing asylum laws and screen interview etc. claims valid to applying for asylum of dictatorship countries south of Mexico.

Children are thought to be used by human traffickers to be coupled up with adults to cross the border.

So the separations and interviews for Asylum are covered by

INA Act 235 

law provisions. And once you separate the kiddies from the adults you treat them under some humane sounding

William Wilburforce Trafficking Protection Act of 2008

Section 235 Enhancing efforts to prevent the trafficking of children 

Nothing could be more simple and inhumane in the rule of fiat by a fat senile dictator like Donald Trump and his fascist GOP party.