Sunday, October 30, 2011

National Morality Tax on Abortion – National American Identity Card – Proposed Lori/Franks Bill

(tax stamp)
The assault on Religious Freedom, Religious Liberty, Religious Safety or whatever else as it is called or might be called in the future; I propose a balancing act, a means to pay for the madness.
All this whining and paranoia in the media about the secular reality intruding with sunshine onto the dark shadow lands of superstition “I want a free lunch on the Government’s dime” religious groups, NPOs and tax free religious agenda think tanks/poll enablers, here is a compromise.
Since what these religions want is for the government to control the inmates in their own share of Bedlam turf, I propose a morality tax kickback to the government in return for their sponsorship of the envisioned (by me) Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona legislation to design and execute the new American National Identity Card.
On that proposed National Identity Card is already a designated spot for Country of Birth.  Next to the spaces for RACE of yourself, your parents and your grandparents, I propose a place for one’s Religion.  Actually two spots.  One for Religion at Birth and one for Current Religion.  This is after all necessary to divvy up this new morality tax sharing with the States.
So the next time an abortion is found out, spied on, reported by the stalking public citizen safety committees on morality, about a disloyal American citizen, a Vagina Terrorist, all assets of that individual will be confiscated and returned to the state for the costs of healthcare, incarceration for this person to be examined and also to be sterilized so that she can never have another abortion ever.  Sounds reasonable. Right?  
Hate the Sin. Forgive the Sinner. Prevent the future Sin (medically). Amen
It is for the woman’s own good that she never sin against the Christian god again and or the Roman Catholic Church or the Baptists god, Mormons god etc.
Now here comes the good part.  Since this sinning worthless piece of shit female has found an abortion place somewhere here or Canada or Mexico, I propose a million dollar tax kickback to the government from the churches that did not teach her properly on her morality and civic duty according to her religion.
If she is both born and currently Roman Catholic, the RC church must be fined a full $ 1 million morality tax fine so in order to pay for the government and its vast bureaucracy to police American life, media and privacy looking for people attacking Roman Catholic Freedom, Liberty, Safety or whatnot.
Here is the fair part of the Proposed Lori/Franks Bill of Public Religious safety that includes the new national identity card and DNA sample.  If the sinner was born a Catholic and is now a Baptist, the million dollar government fine is split between the two offending teaching institutions of morality for not indoctrinating their members properly.  You’ve got to be properly taught.
It is only fair that the funding for witch hunts and making everybody else in America conform to Catholic Sharia law help defray expenses in this protecting of the Racket church business in America. But you Baptists and Mormons, don’t get paranoid about the Catholic Sharia Law thing.  The country on the map will have designated Sharia Primary Law areas or turfs.  Utah, Nevada and parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho with be Mormon Sharia primary turf. 
Baptist Sharia Law territory is all across the old Confederacy.  The Catholics have the Northeast, Midwest and all other parts west are up for grabs, bid and or compromise negotiated for said disputed turf. It’s a definite Win Win for religious institutions.
With a new national flat income tax 999 (666), the churches will also be entitled to more tax breaks, a flat payout from the treasury to salaries for clerics, church building projects, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, Religiously owned or shareholder controlled Healthcare Insurance Companies and any other related church business, factories, warehouses, import-export, or banking entities.
There are those who say that the American Church businesses and rackets have got it pretty good right now and should just leave well enough alone.  Why get greedy-greedier?  I say - Go for it boys!  All or Nothing!