Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bishop Morlino of Madison Wisconsin accuses Nuns of Modern Witchcraft with Vatican codewords New-Agism and Indifferentism

The witch burning of two nuns and two female associates will take place as soon as Governor Scott Walker signs off on pending witch burning legislation in the Wisconsin capital and ultimate approval from the Koch Brothers of course, that goes without saying, wink, nod.

Drunk on the blood of the saints and some of Paul Ryan’s $350 a bottle French Merlot leftover from Paul's unsuccessful, crashing, failed, run for the White House, Bishop Morlino of Madison Wisconsin, the cheese state, is ranting and raving and sending out mean anti-vagina secret memos to his priest buddies, about nuns who teach meditation and yoga as part of their Gospel message and service to the Community.

At least they are trying to serve the message of Jesus and are not trying to drink themselves blind in a campaign to get a better bishop’s assignment than in a backwater shithole like Madison Wisconsin.

Oh, how the great have fallen. The Roman Church is starting to cannibalize itself. So many hungry bishops and so few tasty true Catholics left to consume. LOL

Two longtime Madison nuns who lead an interfaith spirituality center have been banned by Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino from holding workshops or providing spiritual direction or guidance at any Catholic churches in the 11-county diocese. 
Sisters Maureen McDonnell and Lynn Lisbeth, both Sinsinawa Dominicans, have diverged too far from Catholic teaching, according to a confidential memo sent Nov. 27 to priests on behalf of Morlino. A copy of the memo was leaked to the State Journal. 
Two other women connected to the interfaith center, called Wisdom's Well, also have been banned as part of the same action. 
The memo says Morlino has "grave concerns" about the women's teachings, specifically that they "espouse certain views" flowing from such movements as "New Ageism" and "indifferentism." The latter, according to the memo, is "the belief that no one religion or philosophy is superior to another."… 
Wisdom's Well was founded in Madison in 2006. The center has no physical facility but offers workshops and retreats on topics such as nonviolence, contemplative living and Christian meditation. 
The center's website says it "serves to support those who desire to grow spiritually, seek inner wisdom, and yearn for a transformative spirituality." Its mission statement says the center is "grounded in the Christian tradition, while embracing the wisdom found in other religious traditions."  
Along with the sisters, the third staff member is Beth O'Brien, a married mother of two and a religious layperson affiliated with the Benedictine community. She also is banned, as is Paula Hirschboeck, a philosophy professor at Edgewood College in Madison who helped found Wisdom's Well but is no longer on its staff. 
The women declined comment, referring questions to the Dominicans of Sinsinawa Congregation, based in southwestern Wisconsin.

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