Monday, October 31, 2011

Nature Boy, Nat King Cole, Eden Ahbez


Splainin Your Life in 50 Words or Less – the new global culture

We just hit the 7 billion mark on the planet’s population thing.  A lot of articles on it on the Internet.  I did not read one of them.  Why?  I really don’t give a shit.
This global culture thing that I have been exploring and writing about these past few years does not exist.  No doubt the environment of earth will collapse with another half dozen billion gobbling, consuming, shitting assholes on it.  I don’t care.  I will be long dead.
I used to care.  I used to think that other people cared. 
But with no disrespect to Facebook or the Internet or gold plated tin gods like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, the only thing the planet cares about in terms of my existence is name, serial number and photo.  And please describe yourself, your life, your dreams, your aspirations, fears, tears and cheers in fifty words or less in the box beneath your name, serial number and photo.
I am over the word limit.  Red marker.  Does not compute. Fuck you robot computer data base, the new god of us all!
(word count inclusive up to Amen – 184)
Mark me down as a rugged individualist, a trouble maker, anarchist, or just another asshole, one of 7 billion, on planet earth.
DO NOT HAVE A NICE DAY. Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200.  If I have to splain – don’t ask – I ain’t tellin.