Monday, April 18, 2016

The Trump / Cruz Tango 4 Power

Got some e-mail that states that Cruz’s father did not divorce his first wife Julia Garza until 1996 which would make Ted Illegitimate in that his so called natural common law parents appear to have been Canadian Citizens in 1970 having renounced their American Citizenship to become Maple Leafs.

Aside from that I have been watching the carefully choreographed dance between “Obama Birther Researcher” Donald Trump who probably did the same research on all his potential rivals in a run for the Presidency on the GOP ticket. A tango of sorts between D & T (rough love?). The Dems would not have let Donny get to first base in the primaries etc. the way both parties rig elections. Ted, who is not a natural born American citizen, I see him endorsing Trump in the end for a promise to get Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court, a seat for the secretive Dominionist religionists illuminati types etc. and their private agenda and interests.

And Ted’s best offense has always been his best defense. People spend so much time hating this guy they never get close enough to examine his flaws, possible learning disabilities from childhood etc. 

IMHO, Ted Cruz is some sort of idiot Savant type with a photographic memory which only makes him sound intelligent. I do not know exactly what learning disabilities his parents and political mentors have been covering up all his life. But he is a useful tool for the few and never will in any true humanist sense represent the interests of the many let alone all the people of the United States.