Monday, April 2, 2018

When was Boris Epshteyn Born ? - Where is his Real Russian Birth Certificate ?

John Oliver, the Brit comedian in his latest LAST WEEK TONIGHT did a montage of puppet newscasters, dozens and dozens, repeat the same worded commie propaganda against our American Journalists. These puppets all under Sinclair Broadcasters and under control of the new Roger Ailes of lies and bullshit, 

Boris Epshteyn

Is it that easy to just walk in and take over truth Vladimir Putin?

And during the broadcast John Oliver stated his doubts that Boris (Epstein) Epshteyn is 35 years of age as stated on his resume. Without further delineating his idea.

We have to take his word that he is 35. It said so on his Russian Passport and on his Russian Birth Certificate before his Jewish Russian Mob parents moved into and blended into Brooklyn once apon a time in American dream fairy land. And before Boris was Trump's interpreter on his great Russian Pee Pee Tour in 2013.

Epshteyn went to Georgetown University btw etc. The perfect place for fascists to blend in, in America. A Roman Catholic University. 

ETC. Where is his birth certificate all you MAGA birthers ETC.


Trump And His Kremlin Ordered Birtherism - Collateral Damage from the 2011 Russian Election

Hillary and her Regime Change cajones going full force against Vladimir Putin on a 2011 timeline went against a recruited @Penn in 1967 stooge Donald Trump who had to put on the elections clown makeup in a revenge plan against Hillary's Neo-Con closeted agenda by Putin. Birtherism sounds and feels too much to me like a standard operating procedure by the KGB in the falsification of documents for spies kind of thing. 

His, the Russian Stooge Trump, was in hot water in 2011. His Trump SOHO Hotel and Condo building started off in 2007 planning board with iffy bubble finance money from Iceland's Bubble Banks laundering money for the Russkies. Of course when the world wide 2008 meltdown happened, the  Iceland money disappeared and was replaced with Turkish conduited from Russia and the Russian Mob crowd. 

Turkey to Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn with the Tevfik Arif / Felix Slater Bayrock group building in the junky old warehouse district the downtown Manhattan now trendy SOHO (South of Houston Street) Trump Tower.

It wasn't Jersey or Florida or Panama or Uzbekistan and Donny could not walk away from the mess in his own backyard, where the present crime rich evidence audit trail for Mueller lies. There is gold in dem streets of lower old dock area Manhattan. And one way or another, Mueller or the NYS attorney general can get Trump on his finances and taxes and money laundering. 

Somewhere in the middle of denying knowledge of who he was dealing with in Bayrock in 2011 testimony and a later in the year Nov 11 cash settlement of returning 90% of all condo deposits in SOHO for falsities in sales, fraud in writing etc., Donald in March 2011 goes on TV and goes with the Birther thing on orders no doubt from Putin playing political chess with Clinton and Obama long distance. Long term KGB plans always succeed eventually. 

And Putin sweating out the 2011 Russian elections and blaming Hillary for knowing too much of how he stole that election, he set in motion his Penn Man puppet's trip to the Oval Office - set Putin's plan for revenge in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022 in motion.