Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Dolan-style Charity from the Vatican to Nuns who Talk about Shhh! (sex) – Sister Margaret Farley

The Vatican is attacking a retired theologian nun, Sister Margaret Farley, for her book on human sexuality published in 2006.

At Amazon.Com: 

Just Love: a Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics," by Sister Margaret Farley

Can’t have women let alone nuns define what the Vatican Penis Cult is only allowed to define in what to do with your naughty parts etc. 


Taking on the Council of Trent and a church that has taken a stand against pleasure, Farley asserts that procreation is not the only reason couples should have sex. 
Fruitfulness need not "refer only to the conceiving of children," she writes. "It can refer to multiple forms of fruitfulness in love of others, care for others, making the world a better place for others" rather than just succumbing to "an egoisme a deux." (“Love is a selfishness of two.”) 
The Vatican showed no mercy to the Sister of Mercy, proclaiming that "the deliberate use of the sexual faculty" outside of marriage or procreation, or on one's own, is wrong; that homosexual sex acts are "deviant," and that marriages are by and large indissoluble. Farley issued a statement that she did not intend for the book to be an expression or criticism of current official Catholic teaching, and academics and the head of her order rushed to her defense. 
This latest ignoble fight with a noble nun adds to the picture of a Catholic Church in a permanent defensive crouch, steeped in Borgia-like corruption and sexual scandals, lashing out at anyone who notes the obvious: They have lost track of right and wrong. 
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York blasted The New York Times after Laurie Goodstein wrote that, as the archbishop of Milwaukee in 2003, he authorized payments of up to $20,000 to sexually abusive priests "as an incentive for them to agree to dismissal from the priesthood." 
Dolan insisted through a spokesman that it was "charity," not "payoffs." But if you were the parent of a boy abused by a priest who went away with 20,000 bucks, maybe "charity" is not the word that would come to mind.Its crisis has made the church cruel. The hierarchy should read Farley's opprobrium against adults harming vulnerable children and adolescents by sexually exploiting them; respect for the individual and requirement of free consent, she says, mean that rape, violence and pedophilia against unwilling victims are never justified. 
"Seduction and manipulation of persons who have limited capacity for choice because of immaturity, special dependency, or loss of ordinary power, are ruled out," she writes. 
If only the church could muster that kind of clarity, rather than Dolan-style "charity." 

Communion and Liberation Cult and its Part in Vatileaks Scandal

CL emblem.  Roadmap to confusion?

It is amazing to see the proliferation of Catholic Cults within the Pagan Catholic Sect of Christianity.

Everybody and his brother (not sister) is vying for a piece of the power pie and gelt in establishing little fascist cults demanding obedience to a leader and belief in medieval Pagan Catholocism.  

The difference between Catholicism and Protestantism these days would seem to be that Catholics have faith in things, objects, leaders, while Protestants spend a great deal more time with moral concepts and the teachings of Jesus as a means to live life and communicate with the Creator. 

Opus Dei, Legion of Christ and now the Communion and Liberation RC cult.

BTW, the Lay women, not nuns, and the arrested papal Butler Paolo Gabriele, all part of the inner sactum of Benedict’s private papal apartment world are members of the Communion and Liberation cult – Moonies by any other name.

CL describes its charism by focusing on three dimensions:
1.   the wonder of the Incarnation, an enthusiasm for it and a recognition of its reasonableness (Intelligent  Design?)
2.   the affirmation that Jesus of Nazareth is a present event in a sign of communion (Transubstantiation – Magic Bread)
3.   only in his presence can man be truer and mankind be truly more human. (Creationist Sociology pseudo-science?)


Loren Eiseley - Making a Difference - Quote

“While wandering a deserted beach at dawn, stagnant in my work, I saw a man in the distance bending and throwing as he walked the endless stretch toward me. As he came near, I could see that he was throwing starfish, abandoned on the sand by the tide, back into the sea. When he was close enough I asked him why he was working so hard at this strange task. He said that the sun would dry the starfish and they would die. I said to him that I thought he was foolish. there were thousands of starfish on miles and miles of beach. One man alone could never make a difference. He smiled as he picked up the next starfish. Hurling it far into the sea he said, "It makes a difference for this one." I abandoned my writing and spent the morning throwing starfish.”

― Loren Eiseley


The Great Heretic - John Paul II - the anti-People of God - CIA/KGB Pope

The Great Helmsman contemplates chemical formulas.

The Great Heretic and or the Great Hypocrite?  A man of great personal ambition, not faith, and the Poles want to make him a saint.  Polish joke somewhere in there.

One has to remember the Rockstar with his fawning masses of media groupies all trying to photograph him and write stories of the Great Helmsman steering a PC course against the Evil Soviet Union in that insane invented neo-con era of the “cold war”.

But what the majority of the People of God, the Church sees now is a neo-con seizure of that present Church of theology and assets and in direct reversal of Vatican II in General Wojtyla's “Reform of the Reform” and the present retreat into Medievalism under JPII and his fellow, former Nazi sympathizer successor Benedict XVI.

In the matter of the KGB assassination attempt on JPII because of his full swing and cooperation with the West and the CIA war on Moscow, his place in history is held together with paper, glue and Public Relations pubic hair. Nobody got a promotion to Bishop in cold war Poland without cooperating with the KGB - a fact of life. That and the present junta in power in Vatican City, stabbing all good men and women of faith in the back, as the last of the Vatican gold is shipped to Beijing for investment in Chinese slave factories.

The current Vatican meltdown has Secretary of State Bertone doing all in his power to rig the next papal election with the elevation of many to cardinal status, bought votes similar to those of mediocre cookie cutter minded stooges like American Cardinals Dolan and Burke, for a hand selected Neo-Con successor in the very near future.

One seems to forget John Paul’s invitation to Britain at the behest of the fascist minded Margaret Thatcher Government in May 1982 only to have John Paul II fly over to the fascist Junta in Argentina to give succor to fellow fascists and pretend to be a peace maker in the Falklands War.

I am reminded on how what a total creep and massive personal friend John Paul II was of the Pedophile King Father Marcial Maciel of the Legion of Christ anti-human cult within the RCC sect of Christianity.  The Pedophile King could not be $topped by John Paul II, would not be stopped when the bottom line spreadsheet had impressive  numbers of seminarians in makeshift seminaries in the third world filling up with the poor looking for lifetime meal ticket “celibate” employment (quantity, not quality). This meant more for personal power and prestige than that of the true Spirit of the Church.

Pedophile King Marcial Maciel and King of the Vatican JPII

WHEN POPE JOHN PAUL II died in April 2005, historian William M. Johnston used the term "Kafkaesque" to describe the flavour of the pontificate that had just ended. He argued that the late pope had governed the Catholic Church using Soviet-style techniques. Just as the comparatively small group of Communist Party loyalists had supervised, controlled and intimidated the wider Soviet bureaucracy, so too the Vatican curia in Rome had supervised, controlled and intimidated theologians and bishops in their dioceses around the world. And, said Johnston, this enforced conformity to the party line got tighter as you moved further up in the hierarchy, though it gradually loosened lower down. The result was a system in which priests and nuns were often very outspoken, but bishops were forced to remain silent. …An outback bishop who gets around in an ordinary suit and tie rather than a clerical collar and episcopal purple, Bill Morris, 68, comes across as modest, thoughtful, decent and practical. At one time he was secretary to former Archbishop of Brisbane, Frank Rush, and later parish priest of the Gold Coast, before being appointed Bishop of Toowoomba in 1993. His dismissal for "defective pastoral leadership" is an irony given his reputation as one of the most pastoral-minded of all the Australian bishops. To offer a single example, in 2009 he sacked the principal of a Toowoomba Catholic primary school and two Catholic Education officials for failing to report to the police an early complaint from one of 13 schoolgirls aged 9 and 10 who were sexually abused by a teacher. The teacher was later sentenced to 10 years in jail.

That the bottom line for the sacking of Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba in Australia was his willingness to hand over a sex abuse case involving a Catholic school teacher over to the cops. Something no American bishop and any RC bishop worldwide seems capable of doing.

That if anything is evident in the present Vatileaks scandal of the Ratzinger/Bertone Regime is that money, greed, embezzlement, bribery, blackmail and oral and anal sex among celibate seminarians, priests and bishops is the only way to get a head in the Vatican Whore House of politics. It is not what you know - it is who you blow - it would seem to be in papal politics these days

And John Paul II paved that way for power over love in the RCC of today. Thanks to the Great Heretic.

Sad. Truly truly sad to witness.