Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Dying City of Tokyo Japan – Thanks Nuclear Power Industry

Got this from the Occupy Osaka Facebook page. Thank you Osaka.

Experts: Fukushima ‘Worse’ Than Chernobyl -Tokyo Evacuation Can No Longer Be Ingored:

Experts warn the need to evacuate Tokyo can no longer be ignored after radioactive hotspots higher than Chernobyl evacuation limits have been discovered across the city…”

Part of above story:


My seeming obsession with RC clergy abuse

October 19, 2011 C.E. – Bishop Finn Must Go – Facebook page.

(before they delete that Facebook page, some excerpts in a nut shell why this blog, blogger, sometimes seems to be overly fixated on the dirty secret of the “celibate but not chaste” RC clergy and their ongoing delusional denial about all things sexual – and or that religion’s ongoing thousand year plus repression of God’s gift to humanity called sexuality.)

“I am coming out here. I am an indirect victim of child abuse, of a sibling, by clergy. I can say that secrecy, fear and being afraid of making things right in the RC church destroyed my family. I am collateral damage of the hidden sins of the clergy. I have suffered. While Bishop Finn may only be guilty of being insensitive to the needs of children, he is a reflection of poor judgment and mismanagement. In a real business, his would have been shown the door a long time ago. In my opinion, take back your diocese. Change the management. If you all can forgive him and live with him, he is your problem. Watch your backs. He won't. Are your Children safe? That is the only important question here."

"Thank you David. My path to closure and forgiveness has been an ongoing process for over forty years ago. That was another lifetime ago. I have my own life and family situation now. It takes a lot to forgive. You cannot forget. It is this, these recent abuse cases and the cavalier manner that the hierarchy seems to ignore the problem, throws money at it and says that it is all over that has brought this to the surface to me and to openly admit what I have long known. I have been blogging for some time about child abuse, inspired and or encouraged by a lay minister who tends to the needs of men in prison, most of whom he thinks were molested as children, though not necessarily by clergy. The RC hierarchy needs a wholistic honest approach to healing regarding this very real problem in their midst. I don't see this problem going away ever the way the bishops are handling it.”


Occupy Osaka - October 12, 2011 C.E.

“If they really want to protect their children they would do well to get them out of the Catholic Church it is not only a bastian for child molestors but the basic philosophy is abusive to the human psyche.”

(The only Occupy site worldwide that I contacted that cared enough to make a meaningful reply to a request for solidarity regarding the failed CEO practices of Bishop Finn and his posse of pervert protector-enablers in the Chancellery.)


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