Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Raleigh RC Cathedral Buys Stained Glass at Fire Sale Prices From Philadelphia Temple Closed / Tossed Aside in Inner City

Architectural Rendering - New RC Raleigh Cathedral

$50 million in Pledges for the new RC Raleigh Cathedral. Stained glass recycled out of a dead Harrowgate Kensington Church, a true city on a hill structure in its day amidst the factories of Kensington. They let the roof go for years, decades. The factories closed, the whites ran to the burbs and the ‘po folks, the feared blacks and Hispanics have moved in to compete with the majority numbers in the old Irish neighborhood.

The ultimate decline of Ascension Parish took it final hits while Cardinal Rigali mismanaged everything in sight while he slept mostly in Rome with Philly as his second or third home. AD of Philadelphia obsessed on Abortion (never mind Birth Control) since Humane Vitae instead of race relations or anything remotely Christian led in part in my opinion to a racially divided Philadelphia to this day.

Rigali still exists, unpunished,  as a house guest of the Bishop of Knoxville Tennessee, a “protégé” who is also building some sort of hundred million dollar Cathedral in the burbs where the white Catholic money is these days.

Cathedral building and pledges of millions of dollars is the new pet project of American Bishops to show financial power and laundering abilities and to move onto a RNC approved red hat appointment.

RALEIGH — The Catholic Diocese of Raleigh is still months away from breaking ground on its new cathedral off Western Boulevard, but already it has bought the windows. 
 Forty-two stained-glass windows are being removed from a church in Philadelphia and painstakingly restored so they can be installed in Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh. The 85-year-old windows from Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church tell the story of Jesus’ life, from the angel’s visit to Mary to the resurrection and ascension, in vivid colored glass held together by lead. 
 Ascension of Our Lord closed Oct. 1, one of countless once-thriving churches and synagogues in the Midwest and Northeast whose congregations have shrunk as members move to the suburbs or beyond. Their buildings are often filled with ornate windows, statues, carved woodwork and other works of art that sometimes find new homes in the growing churches of the South.

Deceased Ascension Church Philadelphia -  Photo by: Bradley Maule


Clergy Child Abuse Still Under The Radar With Pope Francis Who Throws A Bone To American Bishops and Their Obsession with Abortion and Not the Welfare of Children once Born except in Rhetoric

Clergy abuse of children is still under the radar regarding Francis's thoughts and words on a throwaway culture which has its merits as a concept. 

Makes a great sound bite for the media.

But once born and not aborted, children in this world like in the church are on their own to fend for themselves against the wolves of this world.
Words do not change anything Francis.

 Pope Francis on Monday called abortion "horrific" and said it was part of a new "throwaway culture" he said wasted human life as easily as it wasted food — his strongest words yet on a practice that is a divisive political issue in the United States.
Until now, Francis has appeared to have stayed away from strong statements on the church's stands on moral behavior of individuals, preferring to focus on more positive messages about the teachings of Jesus Christ and the need to see to the poor.
His comments during the start of his papacy that the church need not "obsess" about abortion and gay marriage bothered conservative Catholics who see the issues as ones that the church ought to object to strongly. On Monday, Francis put his own stamp on the church's long-held opposition to abortion.

"It is frightful even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day," Francis said in what has become a traditional annual address to the Vatican diplomatic corps.


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