Monday, December 3, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI Takes a Dump. Details on Twitter.

Tampon, Spam and Politically Correct Nativity Scenes

Now that the "dangerous" pope, Pope ”I was never a Nazi” Benedict XVI has purged all angels, farm animals, shepherds, and sheep (strange obsession some have with sheep?) from all politically correct Catholic Nativity Scenes, Doctor Mengele Donohue over at the New York Archdiocese funded Catholic League is ranting and raving, his usual pretend ape-shit thing, about some creative art made out of tampons in the form of the old politically incorrect Nativity Scene (above). 

Me, in our disposable commercial world prefer Nativity Scenes that you can eat.

Or better yet are carved out of the industrial foodstuff of the age - Spam.  Yum. Yum. 


Magic Underwear and Outerwear of RC Cardinals

da Red Hat

da Family Jewell Protector with Stocking Hooks

da Wicked Witch of the West Red and White Silk Stockings

da Ruby Slippers