Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bevilacqua Able to Testify in Philly Sex Crimes Trial

While the tight gag order applies to lawyers in the criminal case, it does not affect those lawyers who filed six civil suits against the church alleging sexual abuse.

One of them, Marci Hamilton, a professor of law at New York's Yeshiva University, said on Friday, "What we are hearing is that he (Bevilacqua) is perfectly capable."

She declined to identify her sources. Hamilton said the judge in her ruling clearly rejected the idea that Bevilacqua could not testify at all.

The Uncle Junior Soprano defense does not appear to be working for the retired Don of the Philly religious crime family. 

911 Memorial NYC – No Place to Shit

Keep away from downtown Manhattan all you unwelcome tourists.  If you don’t have a ticket and appointment, you cannot get into the site.  The thousands of tourists coming everyday without tickets don’t have any place to go and are making life a living hell for residents downtown.

Sanitation demands are overwhelmed.  Can’t have porta-pottys, supposedly a prime place for some raghead terrorists to disrupt things. Like you can't hire guards to screen tourists going into the porta-pottys? Too expensive? What CEO's bonus gets cut by a hundred thousand to stop the stink on the streets now??? As usual, the American public gets screwed while the real estate moguls get richer on the tax payers dime.

Hell, even the guys with the tickets can’t take a shit at the memorial.  They are supposed to charge money for tourists to look at all these tax payer paid attractions and no fucking bathrooms even for them.  Holy Shit.  What fucking greed from the real estate billionaires making a profit off the dead three thousand of 911.

This is a disgrace! 

This is a national humiliation of America to the whole world in front of foreign tourists let alone fellow Americans.  Is America truly a third world nation now?

Please don't pee on the trees or into the fountains.  Show some respect.