Saturday, May 5, 2018

As Jesus said: "Autism will always be with us."

There is a need of late to put all variables on the Wharton Global Spreadsheet into some meaningful but really (truespeak) meaningless dribble to connects the dots and make a buck off of meds from the Pharmas to treat something that in large degree has always been with us.

That children used to grow up with social skills interfacing with parents, grandparents, siblings, pets and or farm animals for tens of thousands of years.

That 90% of the success of the Industrial Revolution ( as an extension in part of the Iron Age label and or timeline? ) was plugging people into the repetitive behavior of factories in with big machines run by steam and coal.

That repetition in plowing straight lines in a field meant larger food yield at growing season's end. That feeding animals on time and in repetition with positions of the sun in the sky meant survival of the Species. 

Now in the middle of transition from an old world order toward a new global culture based mostly on the virtual reality of computers and the Internet, old first world (service cultures) that have shipped boring repetitive factory jobs overseas to "third world" cultures to grow the profit margins of the Corps and left a generation or two of Americans at least as dysfunctional as in when you lose yo
ur job, any job you are displaced and or dysfunctional. 

Which leaves a whole generation of single parents with single children to wonder why these kids cannot interface with non-existent parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, farmyard animals, function in some "normal" flip a switch or pop a pill way of lazy, dumbed down lately way of thinking. 

Of course there are the hard core cases of Autism but the invention of the Autism Cloud or is it Spectrum Disorder way of thinking is perhaps a spreadsheet way of thinking to include all sorts of minor disorders, even left over trash items under old labels like ADHD into an acceptable label for Health Insurance Companies to dole out treatments, pills etc on a tiered by age, ethnicity, degree of how it relates to the latest Flavor of the Month Disorder like ASD. 

But that is only my opinion.