Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From the Fox News Almanac of Twisted History? – or the Blame Obama for all White History Channel?

From the Fox News Almanac of Twisted History? – or Blame Obama for White History Channel?
Some racist sounding claptrap making its snaking way through social media.
“Our findings is that Anthony Johnson was in fact a black man that owned slaves, but to call him the first slave owner in America would be a stretch. If anything he owned the first slave declared a slave in a civil court of law.
John Casor wasn’t the first slave in America and Anthony Johnson wasn’t the first slave owner, slaves had been in America since 1619 When the first 20 Africans were sold to the Jamestown Virginia Colony by a Dutch man of war [1]. John Casor was declared a slave as a result of a civil suit in 1655, he was an indentured servant until the civil suit had declared him a slave for life. [2]
15 years earlier in 1640,  John Punch (owned by Hugh Gwyn, a white man) was the first man documented as a slave in the Virginia Colony, sentenced to life in servitude for attempting to escape his indenture. On July 9, 1640, members of the General Court decided the punishment for three servants-a Dutchman, a Scotsman, and an African-who ran away from their master as a group. The proceedings reveal an example of interracial cooperation among servants at a time when the colony’s leaders were starting to create legal differences between Europeans and Africans. John Punch became the first African to be a slave for life by law in Virginia. [3]”

Monday, April 27, 2015

George L Horn - 1825-1903 - Harrowgate - Philadelphia - Licensed Methodist Preacher - Religious Bio Sketch

Former East Allegheny Avenue Methodist Church - Harrowgate Philadelphia
Google Street Maps

George L. Horn, a licensed Methodist preacher in his youth and one of the founders and trustees of the the former East Allegheny Methodist Church, 2023 E. Allegheny Avenue, Harrowgate, Philadelphia.  

The Christian Advocate - 6 August 1903


Friday, April 24, 2015

Mixed Race Cuban Senator Ted Cruz Slithers Out of Lynch Confirmation Vote to Run Back to Texas for Fundraiser

The self-hating Hispanic Cuban-Canadian Senator Cruz-Darragh from Texas had a commitment and avoided a yes or no vote on the first Black Female American Attorney General. 

Running to the VIP reception at 6 PM for the pure white Dallas folks before rubbing elbows with the less than rich and less than John Birch white crowd at the 6:30 PM general audience reception at the mansion of Tom Hicks Sr in Dallas.


Hillary Still Standing After All These Years

Monday, April 20, 2015

Daesh ISIS ISIL revives the old Pagan Human Sacrifice. The men of Daesh / ISIS / ISIL need blood to get a sexual hard-on.

The Road to Mecca?

Daesh ISIS ISIL revives the old Pagan Human Sacrifice thingy. 

The men of Daesh / ISIS / ISIL need blood to get a sexual hard-on.

Far from being Islam, the Islamic Caliphate is a Pagan government demanding pagan blood sacrifice. Islam is going back to the old days when every jerk off Tribe in Arabia has a portable stone idol God in their saddle bags and parked it in the local Kaaba under the care of Mohammed’s ancestors while those tribes guys were in town to visit the local brothels, trading goats for blow jobs and fucks.


PC Ben Affleck Hides Slave Owning Ancestors per Hacked Sony Emails

Saccharine PC correct/sweet Ben Affleck decided to edit his slave owning ancestors out of his professional Democratic Party Resume. Whatever.

Reminds me of back in October when PC Ben tried to explain PC to Bill Maher on what and how to talk Islam and Islamophobia. No wonder the Dems lost Congress with perfect little prissy PC “men” like Ben Affleck mucking up the road and everyday conversation. (

The film star Ben Affleck asked television chiefs to hide the fact that one of his ancestors was a slave owner, according to a newly published batch of hacked emails involving the media giant Sony.

The Oscar-winning director and actor, star of the forthcoming movie blockbuster Batman v Superman, asked producers of the public-television show Finding Your Roots to leave some details out of the story of his heritage. The host of the show, Henry Louis Gates, a prominent Harvard history professor, appeared upset by the apparently unprecedented request but the sensitive facts were nonetheless left out of the show, which aired last September.

The emails were published online by WikiLeaks. It is not clear how the pro-transparency group acquired the emails, which it published with up to 30,000 others involving Sony that are believed to be part of a huge batch stolen last summer in a cyber-attack blamed on a group affiliated to North Korea.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

GOP trapped in the Past - Can't think outside the White Box in America

White Supremacy = "Not being able to think outside the White Box in America..."of institutional racism. 
~~Dixon D White - (Facebook Redneck)


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pastor Grifter Religionist Rafael Cruz Sr. Claims Gubmint About To Take Over Churches – Phyllis Schlafly = BS

Rafael Cruz Sr.- Phyllis Schlafky - 166 years of old GOP "Family Values" "experience".

With one breath they want “Less” government but demand the right of Gubmint to grab around your drawers and privates (male and female). Family Values? Ha! Family values for clergy and altar boys more like it ...

With one breath they scream “Religious Liberty” and are afraid to be martyred for their faith. (Armchair Christians! lol)

With one breath they want the Gubmint to protect their “Religious Freedom/Liberty/Whatever” but want to pass legislation to protect “Christian Businesses” (What the Fuck is a Christian Business BTW?) from having to make a wedding cake for gays. Oh, please we don’t want the $200-$300 business from you evil sodomites to make your wedding cake (or at least while the members of my church in a small town can see me trying to make a living anyhow).  
WWJ do? Go to a great fuckin wedding feast dudes and dudettes!

With one breath older than dirt, has been, Phyllis Schlafly sits around her radio station in her garage and or bunker, refusing to relinquish her top “GOP Cunt” title to Sarah Palin and gives a platform to some Cuban - Cuban-Cuban, Cuban-American, Cuban-Canadian, and again Cuban American GRIFTER – now a tax free religion down there in Texas – spreading traditional Cuban hatred of all blacks including Cuban Blacks – and now is trying to say a Gubmint that cannot win a war in Iraq has the ability to take over the local Baptist Church and make the local Baptist minister marry them GAYS. What total GOP Bullshit!

Pastor Cruz, who is the father of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), made his remarks during an interview with conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly on her radio program “Eagle Forum Live.”

“We need to realize that the attack on marriage is more than just an attack on marriage, it actually goes to the heart of religious freedom,” said Pastor Cruz.

“Because, you see, what is going to come next -- and this is part of the danger of what may happen out of the Supreme Court in June -- is that if marriage of anybody-with-anybody becomes a civil rights issue,” he said, “then they are going to come to churches and force pastors to violate their religious convictions.”

“And so it is going to come to America to where a pastor is going to be faced with a decision: Do you obey a law that is not only unjust but violates your core principles, or do you obey God and face prison?” said Pastor Cruz.


Welfare Queen Cliven Bundy Wants to Steal US Property – Calls Theft “States Rights”

The Republican Party is rapidly descending into a mob of gun totting Anarchists and Cannibals. They are incapable of creating, building up - or preserving anything including the Constitution.

They want to steal my share of our (US) property out west. I live in New York and Cliven Bundy that wants to cheat me on the rent on that land is just another Welfare Queen as far as I am concerned. All this “states rights” BS is just that – BULLSHIT!

A year after his dangerous armed standoff with federal officials, outlaw rancher Cliven Bundy has become the face of a radical bill in Nevada — and similar efforts in 10 other Western states — to seize and sell off America’s public lands.

Introduced last month by Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R), who is perhaps best known for controversial comments on guns, race, and healthcare, Nevada’s “Bundy Bill” would authorize the state to seize U.S. public lands within its borders and prohibit the federal government from using any land without the state’s permission. It would also give county commissioners authority to sell off public lands for development.

Monday, April 6, 2015

American Hero/Villain Edward Snowden Honored/TornDown by Statue in Brooklyn Heroes Park

Clandestine Raising of Snowden Statue Bust

At the Revolutionary War Heroes Park - Prison Ship Martyrs Monument – Brooklyn - Heroes who made Freedom of Speech possible to this day in the United States.  

Parks Department Covering Up Before Removal of Snowden


Ted Cruz Praises Divorce and Family Abandonment in Easter Morning Campaign Message

Per the Ted Cruz YouTube “Blessing” PAC Video shoved down everybody’s throat on commercial airtime on the Sunday news talk shows on Easter of all days, Ted thanks Jesus for his Father abandoning his daughters to be raised by a single mom in favor of the nino, the boy in the Cruz family.

“If it were not for the transformative love of Jesus Christ I would have been raised by a single mom without my father in the house…”

Ted was indeed blessed by dad who abandoned his wife Julia Garza Cruz and his two half-sisters Miriam and Roxanne. 

Ted, a boy, got blessed and his sisters got the shaft so to speak,

Typical GOP “family values” forever!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

A vote for Rafael Ted Cruz is a Vote for Satan and Chaos – Un Voto por Rafael Ted Cruz es un Voto por Los Demonios y el Caos

What could be better than Me and President too?

What could be better than greed for some and injustice for all?

What could be better than the progeny of Eleanor Darragh Wilson and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, conceived and launched in Canada, to tear down two hundred and thirty nine years of American freedom in the name of GOP Redneck Chris’ntianity?