Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pastor Rafael Cruz – Hatred of Women / Fear of VAGINA – Misogyny – Like Father Ralph; Like Son Ted Cruz?

The latest rant from Ted Cruz’s father if he is Ted Cruz’s father would appear to be an attack on liberals for using politically correct words or phrases to confuse the mail order preacher certificate pastor dad.

That when liberals use pro-choice – it is wrong – the opposite of pro-life should be pro-murder??? Or so the undocumented alien from Cuba says to his Negro Hating, Vagina Hating, Gay Hating audiences mostly in redneck red states.

Abortion is Religious Right Right Code for the feared word and world of VAGINA.  A fear and or hatred of women and or their body parts as legislated and probed of late by state level TEA PARTY Probers. 

Considering that his first wife, now deceased, was a professor of linguistics, he obviously never learned anything about the use and flow of language when she probably wrote his college papers for him, when he lived with her. His first daughter too is passed away.

When one sees the Rafael Cruz (Dysfunctional) Family on stage, you only usually see Ted.

No Women. No surviving Daughter. No Step Daughters. No ex-wife - No Ted’s Mom.  

RELIGIOUS SAUSAGE FEST and the travelling Cruz gypsy grifter side show collecting all those tens of millions for political graft PAC money laundering.

Religion. Homophobia. Misogyny. Coded Hate. Fear of Life. Fear of Woman. Fear of Sound Government. Rafael Cruz. Ted Cruz. 



Gun Masturbator Wayne LaPierre / NRA still refuses after 50 Years to Praise Lee Harvey Oswald 's Second Amendment Right to Own a Gun

CIA Photo Mock Up Waiting for the Right "Patsy" to Insert at the Last Moment - Dallas 1963

Though privately, wink, nod, the favorite snuff film shared at NRA HQ still is CIA operative Jack Ruby - a "Good Man" with a Gun to Kill.... (you all know that usual NRA snuff film scripting...etc.)

American Justice?

Yeah Right.