Monday, September 2, 2013

Google Insults American Labor with Barely Visible American Flag – Afraid of GOP and Conforms to Eric Cantor’s Insulting Rant Against American Labor 2012

Google does not want to offend the GOP by celebrating a “socialist” (?) holiday honoring labor per Eric Cantor’s Labor Day 2012 Tweet setting a new low standard of GOP non-humanity and non-empathy (shades of malignant narcissism?)

"Today, we celebrate those who have taken a risk, worked hard, built a business and earned their own success.” ~~~ Eric Cantor, LD2012

If the red states don’t want to celebrate a federal holiday like Labor Day or MLK day, go to work and don’t waste the charcoal in the barbecue.

The flag btw on Google is so small, a gnat, which is technically a bug, could probably carry it up Eric’s ass.

Knowing Eric, he probably might enjoy that. lol



Anonymous said...

I have for years complained to Google that their Labor Day recognition is an insult to the American worker, to no avail. They create elaborate and interactive cartoons and activities for obscure historic figures and events, yet ignore the labor movement that brought an end to child labor, sweatshop factory conditions, provided for an 8 hour work day, safety in the workplace, health and family benefits, social security, personal dignity in the workplace, etc. Google sides with the corporate stance that would have preferred to see slavery preserved. Shame on Google, year after year.

M.McShea said...

It is many times annoying to see Google trying to teach art or history to the dumbed down masses. Blah. BING's cover for their main page today at least mixes summer scenes and references to the historic meaning of Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

Really? It was so small that it was almost unnoticable? At least Google put in some effort to actually acknowledge Labor Day. If you want recognition for your work, ask your boss for a raise. Don't complain that Google isn't doing anything about it.