Friday, March 30, 2018

The Three Most Useless Dicks in Christendom - Twitter Facebook and Me

I was suspended on Twitter last week. It happened as I was making a comment on a photo presented by a member I have long followed and previously commented on with many "likes" and or plastic "hearts". I thought I was thinking globally and acting locally to beat an old dead work horse.

I was commenting on a photo I saw in Twitter, a photo of Don Jr, Eric and Donald Trump Sr. standing together and labeled it "the three most useless dicks in Christendom".

It was a phrase I invented on the Staten Island Ferry decades ago, commenting mentally, long B.T., Before Twitter, on a photo image in the NYT of the three royal boys in England posed together on Edward's wedding day. It is a phrase my old brain turns to when I see a crowd, of three, grouped males in politics business or religion, twats on the image side of the media scam. 

As soon as I entered the comment, my screen went blank with the YOU ARE SUSPENDED notice and a reason being I was a "suspected robot" whatever that means. 

That free speech which I tried always to be polite in except in the figure of a PIG of a "man" in politics named Trump was instantly erased in the new Global Culture. 

Booing the umpire at the baseball game or political forum is as natural as apple pie or once was when it was made of non-mutated (non-GMO) apples and real sugar and not the industrial waste of HFCS.

Well anyway, I guess I have used it before on Twitter that label "the three most useless dicks in Christendom" on photos with say Ryan, Trump and McConnell huddled together in anti-humanism camera pose. It was the first time I think I saw a family photo of that man actually standing in real time with his two rich spoiled idiot sons. 

I complied with checking the "I am not a robot" box and giving a cell phone number which I did not give before, was grandfathered into membership of the T forum over five years ago and knowing what I know about credit from having once worked in the mortgage business know that these days all things considered, once they have you cell phone number they have everything on YOU - name - dob - ss# - credit rating etc. All the things necessary to gauge and design a brainwashing plan of marketing attack on your meager amounts of disposable income and credit card debt to fulfill your artificial American myth of the "Pursuit of Happiness" in the 21st century. 

So if twitter is hacked by enemies of the United States, they know where I live and where my polling place is etc. and depending on the wind and or whim of some right winged Billionaire / Oligarch nut, foreign or domestic, maybe even my one little vote does not even matter just as I mentioned in my version of the new world order as designed for the Wharton Global Spreadsheet

Well I had to stand back and re-examine my situation, in Twitter I was afraid to exercise my freedom of speech and only did likes and retweets but could do no replies for fear of being thrown out of Twitter again for repeating a phrase of two that senile old geezers like me are prone to do, nature of the beast and all that. 

And considering how the secular version or is he really a "chrischan" and is the "antichrist" after all, and how he talks, twitters non stop dictem ex cathedra and the media and banks, corporations and ruling right wing oligarchs like it, I decided to leave this artificial "social media" millennial device, pale virtual version of once real, now dead American town square. 

I therefore deactivated my Twitter account and will just sit on the porch in my old age rocker and await the angel of death etc.

Perhaps the only real thing I as a person, old school and or obsolete, have done in years.  

I have also deactivated my FB for similar reasons, in that I cannot trust whoever runs Twitter or that Harvard boy at FB that sold out my country to the Russkies in 2016. 

If profitability over morality is the motto, mission statement of the new Global Town Square and or Global Culture, then we are all truly Fuked.

Have a nice day ;-)