Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Witchhunt on Trump Consigliere Lawyer Michael Cohen

The president and his confidential possible criminal activity and serial adultery is under attack by his own Justice Department and FBI and American Law in the worst Witch Hunt since Salem in 1690.

Raids on the Consigliere lawyer took part in NYC under the local Federal Attorney as the FBI kicked in Cohen's hotel door (jack booted thugs?), his temporary home, office and under redecoration apartment for papers related to bank fraud and election campaign money fraud.

Oh the Horror. Oh the Horror dear OINKER POTUS. LOL

Avoid That Man - Trump

"...Ambition naturally enters into the hearts of all-of the priest as well as of the man of the world-and unusually happy is he who has the strength and courage to fling it aside, to fling aside all desire of advancement, save of advancement in the knowledge and love of God. But how miserable is he who lives only to gratify his temporal ambition !  For him who lives only for the world the world has no charity. And if a man does fling God out of his heart, if he sacrifices the principles of honor and right to his worldly ambition, should he not be the first to be feared, the last to be trusted? If you find that a man rejects honor and truth and faith, I say to you as a priest and a citizen, 'Avoid that man.' If you meet him in the street and he salutes you, bow you head and pass him by. 

~~Father Thomas Ducey, St. Leo's Church, NYC  - 17 January 1884