Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pittsburgh Bishop Zubik Jealous of Carnegie Mellon Art Pubes

One man’s Trash is another Man’s Art Treasure.

Or more accurately, Bishop Zubik’s toupee nicknamed “Little Tony” by his flock in Pittsburgh, is jealous that a cross shaped pube of a half-naked female art student at the annual CMU Art School Festical wearing white and a white bishop’s hat and handing out condoms would dare be the best looking rug in Pittsburgh. (the real crime here I think is handing out condoms free – might start a trend like in Catholic Africa)

It is a slow news day in Pittsburgh. (Every day is a slow news day in Pittsburgh. lol)

Bishop David Zubik, best known in the his youth as a right hand man and personal personal secretary to Philly Catholic Crime Boss “Big Tony” Bevilacqua that got his kicks transferring kiddie pervert priests back and forth to parishes in the Archdiocese of Philly, wants to get a closer look at the artwork, shaved pube in the shape of a cross of a Carnegie Mellon female art student and maybe look at the pubes of a few male art students while he is at it in God’s holy work and:

Bishop Zubik says the incident must be addressed. “What I do want to have happen is for this person to learn  an important lesson,” Zubik said. (kinky?)

Same lesson as with crime boss Big Tony Bevilacqua or with Bill Donohue over at the Catholic League and his preferences regarding Brazilian Waxing for Real Catholic Men and Heart shaved pubes for their sugar daddy employers?  

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This whole non-story, I file under the There is no Such Thing as Blasphemy Category.


Have a nice day.