Friday, July 12, 2013

Buick Concept Car - 1938 - "Y"Model

Typewriters making a comeback in the age of Wikileaks

Old Fashioned Typewriters are making a comeback in the Kremlin in Russia. They are being used to type sensitive secret materials that cannot be leaked electronically via computers and e-mail etc.
It has taken something like thirty years since the introductions of computers and electronic word processing etc. to figure out that the cost saving in labor of the computer can be a ball buster in terms of national security.

Also, if documents are leaked via photos on cell phones(?) each typewriter has a distinctive signature in the metal or plastic character bits that form the words from the actions of a manual keyboard.  Sources of leaks could be traced to individual typewriters and who has access to them.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Republicans – “a Refusal to Govern” is a Refusal to Care - Louse of Representatives USA

The House will refuse to consider a comprehensive immigration bill that could lead to citizenship for millions of immigrants, Republican leaders said on Wednesday, and will slowly and casually consider a few border-security measures that have no chance of passing on their own. 

And, on Thursday, the House passed a farm bill that stripped out the food stamp program, breaking a pact that for decades has protected the nutrition needs of low-income Americans. It was the first time since 1973 that food stamps haven’t been part of a farm bill, and it reflected the contempt of the far right for anyone desperate enough to rely on the government for help to buy groceries.

 These actions show how far the House has retreated from the national mainstream into a cave of indifference and ignorance. House members don’t want to know that millions of Americans remain hungry (in an economy held back by their own austerity ideology), and they don’t want to deal with the desperation of immigrant families who want nothing more than a chance to work and feed themselves without fear of deportation.

On both issues, in fact, many House Republicans are proudly asserting that they will stand in the way of any attempts to conduct a conference with the Senate. That might, after all, lead to a compromise.