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Pope Benedict XVI – Moral Leader? - Rockstar? - Commodity Prince? – Mafia King?

My personal meme here, for my regular readers, has been to call Benedict XVI - Joe the Pope.  This goes back to the 2008 election when some jerk in the crowd talks to candidate Obama complaining about how much taxes he is paying in his plumbing business etc.  

That jerk was really a part time handyman named Joe and the name got stuck in the MSM as Joe the Plumber, an opportunity for a burlesque illustrating both the rancor contempt that the GOP has for the lazy welfare/wage slave class and satire of a fake posing as a real businessman not unlike most tax cheat business people that seem to be the backbone of the GOP party these days.

Both Joe the Plumber and Joe the Business Man do nothing in the way of improving the America economy except to cheat on their taxes and complain about everything else.  A true form of American Commodity.  Like the Air Supply song – making “something” (commodity) “…out of nothing at all”.

Anyway, another personal meme here is to call the pope a “Rockstar”.  Of course I started writing this blog after that thug Polish General Karol Wojtvla (Voy-Tee-Wa) went to Crony Perogie Heaven and so I only have a half-assed German scholar, who used to salute Schicklgruber, to pick on in the way of calling him, Joe the Pope – a “Rockstar”.  (sarcasm takes intelligence to generate and to understand and comes from the very dark comedy of our souls)

Somewhere along the timeline the Commodity of Morality, once thought or pretended to be embodied in Canon Law or whatever got turned into a PR asset I think, that unfortunately nobody now wants to buy anymore in that old fashioned obsolete package.  How do you spell Model T Ford?

The American Culture Wars, today turn on Paul VI going against the 90% of his Advisors against Humanae Vitae, into accepting it after being pussy whipped by the Polish Archbishop General Wojtvla (Voy-tee-wa) by turning Birth Control into a commodity of fear that would work well for his agenda behind the Iron Curtain to contain his sheep, build a Polish Catholic Army of Resistance against Marx’s religion etc.  

That Iron Curtain agenda decision did work for him, but it was not what was needed in a modern enlightened emerging global world, in then first world America and Europe.

So we have to live with the mistakes of Paul VI, Karol the Rockstar and now Joe the Pope.

"If it should be decided that contraception is not an evil in itself then we should have to concede frankly that the Holy Spirit is on the side of the Protestant Churches.” KJW

In some very ancient sense when the Holy Spirit and Sofia ("Wisdom" - fourth member of an overcrowded trinity) were still the feminine balance to the consubstantial male thing of Jesus and his Father, the RCC of the 1960s perhaps saw both Protestantism and the Holy Spirit as the enemy, the feminine thing?

Somehow the suppression of the Catholic female vagina, (the Holy Spirit?), the woman by the male only hierarchy was seen as the right way of doing things.  And, for an institution that tries to sell natural law as paramount, where did this inequality of sex come from.  Not nature. Male and female of most every species alive share responsibility equally for the welfare of the young or the protection of the community in general.  

This weird Catholic sexual imbalance meme probably came more from the twisted all male, alpha male game, barracks attitude of Constantine’s Army of “Christ”.

It is disheartening to me that the eighteenth century mind of Karol Wojtvla got sold as a modern commodity worthy of modern derivative investment by the West.  He was after all not the typical holy card Italian pope.  He was after all a resistance fighter against the Nazis or so he said.  He was after all in resistance against the evil of Marx even though Marx indirectly signed off on his church promotions.  

I don’t know about you but somehow this eighteenth century church mind got sold as some sort of enlightenment prince like Frederick the Great or whomever and the American PR Commodity MSM machine made him a Rockstar, just like Saint Ronny Reagan. Whatever.

Joe the Pope had to follow in his footsteps.  Big footsteps of someone who might have been a double agent both for the KGB and the CIA in his megalomaniac self-serving lifetime.  Whatever again.

In the meantime, all JPII's appointments of Crony bootlicking bishops worldwide, were made IMO to recreate whatever century it was in which “Poland was Great?”. 

That delusion is still in progress as all faithful Catholics worldwide are now supposed to forget Vatican II and surrender their last vestiges of conscience and intelligence to the male moral commodity factor, wearing dresses.  In addition to, in similar fashion, the Oligarchs who are now demanding the surrendering of all middle class wealth and comfort  to re-establish the eighth century when Charlemagne “ruled” what was left of the old Roman Empire.

Please ignore reality folks, close your eyes and merge into the desired delusion the new Fascist New World Order of things. Not me buddy. Kindly - f*ck you and f*ck the horse you rode into town on - with that bullshit.

Medieval Europe is not all the Oligarchs and Rockstar Popes and half-assed German Scholars crack it up to be.

I have heard this rumor from Catholics. Benedict wants to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire. Yeah right?

And how do you do that pray tell.  Through banking and the collapse of the Euro?  One has to wonder how much trouble a rogue state like the Vatican can rain down on the rest of humanity with moral terrorism or mere currency manipulations and money laundering.  

This is even too paranoid for even me to imagine that the Vatican Franc will be the standard currency of Europe in the decades ahead. And then again, I could be wrong.

For Joe and his crony bishops, Pharaoh’s Stewards, waiting for the impossible to happen, just sit back, manipulate the currency, the commodity, the illusion of moral superiority, rule over a vast non-taxable worldwide crime empire, and don’t talk about the self-hating nature of your core sexual personality.

For the rest us – hide your kids.

Have a nice day. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pedophilia not a Real Sin until recently – Benedict XVI

Protesters in Britain during recent Opus Dei sponsored Papal Tour
Joe the Pope has made the headlines today with another article which I won’t quote or link here.  But that article more or less has Joe the Dope saying that “Pedophilia – Everybody Does It – So it is Okay” so to speak.

Meaning that the national pedophile ring centered in Pennsylvania and the Penn State Scandal somehow make this a secular problem as well as a church matter.

But considering how many Catholics and Catholic organizations are involved, protecting, enabling, in the Penn State cesspool child trafficking business, maybe Joe the Scholar should retreat to his study and read a few more books, like at least ten thousand books etc.

Ran into this instead.  Interesting to see into the heartless, soul-less, clueless “moral overlord” living at the Vatican.
In his traditional Christmas address yesterday to cardinals and officials working in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI claimed that pedophilia wasn't considered an absolute evil as recently as the 1970s and that child pornography is increasingly considered "normal" by society. 
"In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children," the Pope said. 
"It was maintained - even within the realm of Catholic theology - that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a 'better than' and a 'worse than'. Nothing is good or bad in itself."
Not a sin until the 1970s?  Must have something to do with V2 – Vatican II? Right? The Laity are always screaming for their stupid democratic rights and virtues.
(Where do you recruit moral shams, moral pygmies, losers, pedophile protector enablers like Benedict XVI ?  –  Hitler’s Army?)



Diamonds and Rust - Joan Baez

Consubstantial = Marriage Equality?

Human Trinity - Man = Woman = Angel

I am so surprised that the English translation “Consubstantial” of the Latin word from the Greek “Homo-ousios” used in Latin literature and symbolic of, meaning = same, essense being equal, union, equality of body and spirit should be used in the new Catholic service. 

Marriage Equality is consubstantial with love, union and equality, just like Jesus and his Father.

Two males united - consubstantial.  Or two females united – consubstantial - in marriage, just like a man and woman - consubstantial -

this understanding of the beauty of love is long overdue and now wonderfully reflected in the new language of the Mass.  

A step in the right direction toward acceptance and tolerance of reality in the RC church, moving away from centuries of ignorance, misunderstanding and bigotry.



Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coriolanus - Shakespeare

Penn State Independent Cover Up Begins - Louis Freeh on Scene - Pedo State No More - Nittany Jitbags No More!

Louis Freeh, Former misDirector of the FBI, famous for mediocrity, missing files, and letting key witnesses disappear or merely walk away in the Waco Inferno Mess or the Oklahoma City Bombing, has been brought in to cover up this Catholic Pedo Scandal conduct an impartial independent investigation for Penn State of the Jerry Sandusky incident which may or may not have involved a mere handful of kids.

Even before Director Freeh has unpacked the decorative chotskies for his desk in a hallway at Old Main, a major theme has emerged.

The Lone Magic Rapist Theory will be the final meme proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in the soon to be infamous Freeh Report at Penn State. This theory, with proven roots in bullshit and government propaganda and mimics the Magic Bullet theory, handcrafted for the Warren Commission in the JFK Conspiracy cover up, has emerged. Hell Pennsylvanian Arlen Spector sold his soul and made a whole lifetime career of public service mooching on the government dole off of making something out of nothing - magic.

The American Public will buy.  They bought Arlen for close to forty years. Poor saps.

Anyway, the fact that all these lay Catholics are allegedly involved in the alledged crimes and now cover up, w/uber-Catholic Freeh, makes one wonder if this is merely a laity plot or the Catholic bishops shared, share, in any of the profits?  

The PC answer is that Sandusky should not be persecuted because of his devoutness to his faith in his singular, acting alone, in alledgedly buggering little kids, left and right, on Campus.  Otherwise the Catholic bishops will be yelling anti-catholicism and rightfully so.  

That Joe Paterno, a pillar of his church, could not have looked away while dozens or hundreds of needy kids got passed around campus, to sports announcers, corporate board rooms and the very halls of Congress and let’s not forget the White House or Supreme Court (wink-nod) (;*). (that’s two wink-nods on catholic majority scotus, that is)

End of story on the Catholic theory of child traffickng.  Good Catholics could not possible look the other way while child abuse was evident in their very midst and community.  Yeah right. How do you spell Cardinal Bernard Law?

So the fault lay with the staff of Penn State.  Existing rules have been reviewed.  They are inadequate.  Sorry.  They will be changed. 

( Campus Police were exempted from this academic investigation. )

End of Investigation.

Well done Louis.  I smell a Knighthood of Malta in all this for you!

Our thoughts and prayers to the one or two possible real victims of these alledged crimes by a great coach at Penn State who we believe was merely horseing around etc. He’s just a big kid himself ya know.

(How was that Arlen? Think the moron public will buy this lone mad man, magic bullet, coverup bullshit one more time???)

Back to Business as usual at Penn State’s multi billions of dollars business diploma factory enterprise.
Excitement over. Go to the book store and buy your $400 textbook without fear of being attacked.

Have a nice day. 

($3,850,000 bill to Penn State for professional cover up services to be wired to Vatican Bank account xxx xxxx xxxx x.) (send via Knights of Columbus worldwide money wire services)


To the Victims - Everywhere - Always

Friday, November 25, 2011

Epistle From Oz - Peter Kennedy - SMX - St. Mary's In Exile Brisbane

2011 Melbourne series Melbourne Town Hall -  November 15, 2011

For more than two millennia, the Catholic Church has been the author and repository of some of the highest ideals of humanity. Yet, as humanity is flawed, so is the Church. Few would deny that the Catholic Church has dark chapters in its history. However, do these darker moments unfairly obscure the light – perhaps because so much is expected of an institution that claims to bridge the sacred and secular? Or is the Catholic Church simply the most ancient of wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Father Peter Kennedy

In 2009 the ABC Australian Story produced a feature film entitled “Holier Than Thou” which documented our forced removal from St Mary’s Church in South Brisbane into Exile.

At the end of the filming of our story at Natural Bridge in Qld I went down with the production team for a coffee at the roadside café on the road between Nerang in Qld and Murwillumbah in NSW. As we sat down on the veranda a classic Aussie bloke dressed in stubbies and thongs shot a glance in my direction and pointed me out to his wife. Shortly after they got up to leave and he put his hands on his hips, looked down to me and said “Stick it up ‘em mate”. A little surprised, I half stood up and said “what’s your name mate” and he said “it doesn’t matter what my name is mate, just stick it up ‘em”.

Only later did I realise how pivotal that encounter was for me – a light bulb moment, a road to Damascus moment, except it was on the road to Murwillumbah.

The insight that arose was that the ordinary man and woman, the bulk of the church’s membership, the battlers, the mums and dads, who built the churches, hospitals, schools -  who were loyal all their lives to the church to its bishops, priests religions and its rules and regulations, its doctrines and its dogmas -  frankly -  had had enough -  they were voiceless in a church ruled by an elite, clerical caste who demanded and expected that the “laity” that derogative term, should just pray, pay and obey. They have had it up to here and they’ve left in their hundreds of thousands, never to come back -“stick it up ‘em mate”!

My argument is simple: – that the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church that arrogantly refuses to allow its membership, its most loyal supporters, a voice in its governance cannot be a force for good in today’s world where increasingly democracy and human rights is the primal cry of people who know the pain and suffering and disempowerment of dictatorships – especially women.

The Roman Catholic Church is such a totalitarian regime e.g. to become a bishop, male of course, a priest has to promise obedience of mind and will, to one man  the bishop of Rome, the Pope, in whom all authority resides.

To argue that Jesus established the church in this way and that the church cannot be more democratic, involving the people in its governance, is based on a fiction, a lie – known as apostolic succession,
Stay with me… the bishops claim to be the successors of the twelve apostles with the bishop of Rome claiming to be the successor of the apostle Peter, who was no.1 in Team Jesus. They argue they have that same authority to rule over the church today. Please note it is an authority of power – it ought to be an authority of love.

The Pope as No.1, claims to be – wait for it – the Vicar of Christ- well, I don’t know about you, but from my reading of the gospels I think Jesus would be far more at home with the Vicar of Dibley!

The facts are very different. In the first 3 centuries of  Christianity in the various communities of faith that dotted the Mediterranean there was no one form of liturgy, no one form of governance, no one theology. Instead you had communities of equals where both women and men exercised the various gifts given to them by the Spirit.  e.g. The gift of leadership, the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy, the gift of preaching etc.

In the 4th Century of the C..E the Pagan Emperor Constantine used the fledging literalist community in Rome to unify his empire. In order to bolster their claims to authority, the church leaders invented the fiction of Apostolic Succession which is still the basis of governance in the Roman Catholic Church today.

As Harvey Cox, Emeritus Professor at Harvard writes in his book “The Future of Faith” – “as the empire became notionally Christian, the church that had been from its beginning fiercely anti – imperial became its fawning imitators blurring the essence of Christianity almost beyond recognition.

The paradox is that when the Roman Empire collapsed, up bobbed a pseudo-religious empire – the Roman Catholic Church. As the philosopher Thomas Hobbes in the 17th Century wrote – “the Church, the papacy became nothing other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting on the grave thereof

Let me now speak from my own experience and that of our community, now in exile in our struggle with such absolute, ruthless and callous authority.

On that fateful day when I saw the Archbishop in 2008 as I was leaving his office, I turned towards him and with some compassion said “You know John, you are going to cop a fair bit of flak from our community”.

He paused and said “This is the Roman Catholic Church. You put me in a corner and I’ll come out fighting”.

People began writing to him respectfully and as intelligent people of faith. He wrote to me saying “if you think that what they’re saying is going to change my mind, let me tell you, it will do the very opposite.” He added “I obey the Pope, you should obey me, and they should obey you”

I tell you this – not to denigrate the Archbishop but to indicate to you the mindset of total obedience of the bishops of the church to absolute Roman Papal authority.

Such an undemocratic church cannot be a force for good in today’s world. Until the Church falls unto the hands of the people it cannot be a significant player in today’s world  – a world that demands and expects that the voice of the people be heard. -- Peter Kennedy

The Next Pope – Pope Pee Wee the First – Ha Ha

Considering all the douchebags that are likely in line to succeed Joe the Pope, prying power out of his cold dead hands once he goes to his well-deserved eternal reward (got fire?), they could do worse than electing Pee Wee Herman as the next pope.

I don’t know if he is Catholic but he does have the one important thing needed to be pope – a penis – and he apparently knows how to use it, been known to use it in public on occasion.  At least he doesn’t hide it in a closet like all those other popes and bishops.

Besides, if you are going to elect another clown as pope, you might as well go first class.

Love ya, Pope Pee Wee the First!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pat Robertson - Green Bean Casserole - "It's a White Trash Thing"

Green Bean Casserole

Pat Robertson, that white cracker KKK preacher made it official.
His favorite white trash side dish on Thanksgiving is Green Bean Casserole.
You know the kind, the one make with Government canned green beans in the white generic paper label,
Campbell's tasteless flour and water "cream of whatever" soup
and topped with fried pork rinds.
Hmm - Hmm Good, Pat says.
" I can even eat it without my dentures."
Praise the Lord! (and my bank account)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chill of an Early Fall - George Strait

Rep. Don Young – Alaska - Oil/Gas Company Whore - ”You Don’t Own Me”

Lesley Gore

It is time for some pushback on all the Idiots in Congress, emphasis on the word ALL. Who there can we not live without??? 
Get a real job Don!

Thanksgiving - Tis a gift to be simple

"O grant us strength to fashion a table
   Where each of us has a name." -- Cyrus Cassells

Megyn Kelly – Fox News – “I’m a talking head moron, essentially.”

Megyn Kelly of Fox News is quoted as saying that … Pepper spray is “a food product, essentially,” while talking to fellow talking head moron Bill O’Reilly who did not disagree with her. 
Go figure?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quintus Aurelius Symmachus – Victory (Nike) - Tolerance - Ecumenism

A sacred shrine of the goddess Victory (Nike) was removed from the Roman Senate chamber in 382 C.E. by one Roman emperor.
Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, a Roman politician, statesman, scholar and Pagan appealed to the next emperor in 384 C.E. for the return of this sacred feminine symbol that had been in the Senate for over four hundred years and placed there originally by Augustus himself.

An appeal to religious toleration and ecumenism within the Roman family of religions by Quintus Aurelius Symmachus was made to the politically weak and notorious pedophile Roman Emperor Valentinian II, and on the fence in terms of beliefs in the theology monopoly sought by Constantine’s Christian Cult.

"And so we ask for peace for the gods of our fathers, for the gods of our native land. It is reasonable that whatever each of us worships is really to be considered one and the same. We gaze up at the same stars, the sky covers us all, the same universe compasses us. What does it matter what practical systems we adopt in our search for the truth. Not by one avenue alone can we arrive at so tremendous an understanding of the mystery, the all, of the Universe." -- Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

To which a reply for puppet emperor Valentinian arrived from the anti-feminist, self-hating homosexual bishop of Milan, Ambrose, which set the tone of religious intolerance for another thousand years in western culture. One can only imagine what words came out of such a twisted human mind and heart.

Victoriam et nudus ante frustra neque ad militiam neque ad gloriam Christi Dei nostril 
The naked tits of Victory serve no purpose, either to the army or the glory of Jesus, our God

The magic sacred trinity of power: the Emperor, the Army and the Church, was born.
And, also sealed, for another eleven hundred years, the standards of Catholic religious intolerance and Catholic Bigotry until the arrival of the great Christian Reformer Martin Luther in 1517.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever - Piano - Sousa - Horowitz - Claire Huanci

Bishop Brom San Diego – Vampire Bishop? – Twilight Cathedrals California? – Kinky Catholic Sex in Coffins

This is a bit late for Halloween and perhaps a bit silly, but a few thoughts.

Twilight – Breaking Dawn – a vampire flick just grossed close to $300 million on its opening weekend.

And I ran into the weirdest reference in Wiki about the current RC bishop of San Diego California whose settlement, out of court, from his youthful indiscretions with children that did not keep him from being a bishop in San Diego.

BTW, border towns or near border towns like San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, El Paso, or transportation hubs with Mexico like Calexico CA have long been the dumping grounds for pedo priests in the United States. Why?  Illegals can’t call the cops when the local padre rapes their children.
Anyway. The weird thing about Bishop Brom (any relation to Bram, Bram Stoker?), is the obscure reference to kinky gay vampire sex in coffins for a self hating gay? self-hating vampire? like Bishop Brom?

Robert Brom was accused of coercing a student into a sexual relationship at a seminary in Minnesota, where he once was rector and later headed the Diocese of Duluth. The alleged victim reportedly claimed that the incident of abuse occurred "in a coffin along with other bishops". Due to the "unusual" allegation, no criminal charges were brought at the time and, according to Brom, the settlement was made to offer psychological assistance for the alleged victim.
Doing further research, I have not been able to tie down that “in a coffin with other bishops” quote to a specific document. But it leaves a lot to my imagination. A lot!

Having recently done an Architectural Review of the RC Oakland Cathedral that got built for $200 million, and the old cathedral damaged in an earthquake could have been repaired for $8 million dollars, I have to wonder the need to spend so much?  And why also a new RC Cathedral in Los Angeles for another $200 million dollars? 

Aside from the need for underground parking, the major use of space underground competing with the parking is the Crypts, acres and acres of Mausoleum space underground? Honeycombed under these new church structures.

Time was when churches were places of worship.

But I guess there is more money selling burial space to elites and renting to out of town California vampire types like Bishop Brom? LOL

With all these TV shows, movies, books about blood sucking and the undead, La La Land big business - money, is somebody trying to let us know something about the dark underbelly of the human soul?

Who better to get involved in banking and the dark underbelly of the soul than the RC church?


Have a nice.  (cover your neck)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

Finn-Ratigan – That Kumbaya Moment – Wash.,DC 2007

You must all already know about this.  Right?

Perhaps more than the alleged kiddie porn that got conveniently lost on Father Shawn Ratigan’s laptop, the one the boot licking stooges at the Chancery gave to Ratigan’s relatives in the hopes of the destruction of evidence - 

perhaps there was a photo or two of that KUMBAYA moment in 2007, when Shawn and Bobby were just one of the kids -

on a bus trip to the January 22, 2007 Pro-Life March in Washington DC, with 40 elementary and highschool students on a 60 hour round trip moment.

A Kodak moment lost!  Kumbaya!

Can’t stick to your bus buddy – can ya?  Loyalty to Ratigan, an adherent to all the uber-conservative causes that bishops these days have to stick to in order to get chosen, made, into the old boy’s club.

”The fact that they have more than a passing relationship could well indicate that after lewd photos of young girls were found in Ratigan’s laptop computer, Finn was loath to turn in a priest whom he knew quite well and who shared his pro-life stance. That’s been my conviction ever since Mike Rice, a former KC Star reporter, wrote a comment on this blog May 20, saying that he knew of people who had stopped attending Mass at Ratigan’s Northland parish because of his conservative ideology. 
Regarding the Finn-Ratigan relationship, Morris and Rice dug up records revealing that in January 2007, Finn joined Ratigan and 40 high school students from St. Joseph for a bus ride to Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life rally.”