Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sinead O’Connor twice as popular as the next pope – news at 11

Sinead has come a long way from Saturday Night Live.

Whenever there is a new RC scandal, I get lot of hits on my Who will be the Next Pope? article.

But outpacing the next old codger in drag, no matter what the latest crime in Rome, Boston, the Netherlands, Philadelphia or Kansas City, is the ever popular Sinead O’Connor – First Prophet of the New Age.

The People of God Speak! – louder than the Vaticano reparto di pubbliche relazioni (PR dept.). 



Boycott Bigoted Lowe’s Retail Chain – and all Neanderthal Knuckle Dragging Florida Christians*

In the ongoing knuckle dragging far right Christian* war on all non-whites and non-christians, the Muslim community in Detroit shot back on Saturday to boycott bigotry loving Lowe’s.

Hundreds protest outside Lowe's after store pulls ads from Muslim reality show:

And sad to say the above source is British – not a white Chirstian A-merican Newspaper online.

This is how the world see us and the Bush/Cheney inbred idiot’$ war on Islam – lost age of American Islamophobia- of sanctioned American medieval hate.

*the Christian in name only Brand


Justin Hines - Im Not An Island


Trinity Church Tax Free Commercial Property more Important than People? – Duarte Square New York – Occupy Wall Street

Trinity (Queen Anne Charter) Episcopal Church - foot of Wall Street
(Second Richest Church in Christendom)

Here is a real Bishop.  This is Jesus!

Is Jesus' Property more sacred than mere People?