Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skank Media Ho Bill Donohue Tries To Lead Liquored Up Catholic Mob Attack On New York Art Gallery

Andres Serrano - "Heaven and Hell"

Infamous Catholic Party media ho and gadfly Bill Donohue and a gang of liquored up middle aged, some closeted, Irish Catholic types tried to mob their way into a peaceful art exhibit on W 57 Street in midtown Manhattan recently.

The object of their media publicity quest was a rather outdated piece of decorative art “Immersion” by New York Artist Andres Serrano. Apparently the twenty fifth anniversary showing of a commodity piece of decorative art got the Friday Irish Watering Hole guys over at Rosie O’Grady’s to get upset that somebody under the first amendment could portray the image, a photograph in fact, of a crucifix in a jar of the artist’s urine and call it art.

And all within walking and drinking distance of his bar and his Eminence’s Pink Palace Bishop’s Townhouse over by St. Pat’s Cathedral. It was enough to make a grown drunk divorced Irish Catholic man like poor sensitive Bill Donohue to cry.


Gallery owners were expecting a protest on Thursday night and were relieved when only about 30 people turned up, Ms. von Mueffling said. Things became heated, she said, when the group tried to push pass the four guards at the entry. She said that the gallery called the police, who dispersed the protesters.
Mr. Donohue called that version of events an “out-and-out lie.”
“We didn’t push past anybody,” he said. “There were no police there, none at all.”
Only he was blocked from entering, Mr. Donohue said. He left and went with some friends to Rosie O’Grady’s, a nearby bar.
Detective Marc Nell, a spokesman for the New York City Police Department, said that officers were aware that a protest was going on and went by twice to check, but not in response to a call. During the first visit in the evening, at 6:22 p.m., “there was no interaction with the protesters,” Detective Nell said. He added: “Police talked to security and security said everything was fine.”

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thomas and Susan Eakins - Philadelphia

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The new Catheo/Fascism - against all free conscience in America - Catholic / Theology / Fascism = Catheofascism

One of the pluses of hanging out on this blog for the past four years has been an almost daily education of the finer details of Catholic and Christian theology or the approach to the concept of the abstract G*d thing.

I am, many times. a day or two late and more than a few dollars short on the subject of theology BTW.

But I am reminded of two things as the religious parasite crowd in this country wants more and more handouts of cash from the government for its charity and education rackets.

Lori, Harrison, Mitchell - A Catholic, A Lutheran and A Baptist go into a Bar and demand Free Whiskey...

I am not anti-religion.  I am Areligionist - without dogma and or religion, with a background dose of Cultural Christian in my everyday mindset.

The two things are related to a third thing – the civil rights issue of marriage equality.

I am reminded of the Bishop of Denver sanctioning the turning out of two small children from their catholic school in an affluent suburb because their parents were an unmarried lesbian couple living together.  Apparently it is not legal for the "Spouse One" and the "Spouse Two" boxes on many marriage certificate applications in America to be filled in with the names of people of the same gender in Colorado, a wild west territory until 1876.

Modern Invented Definition - Homosexual - Source:

Beyond that there are too many stories of gay men and women who are not openly, but covertly, fired from jobs in Catholic and probably Christian education as well  because they dare to walk out of the shadows of a lie that society builds around the misunderstanding of human sexuality, built on invented terms, many of which were invented in Victorian England and in reflection of the obsessive compulsive disorder of the German Prince Consort Albert and other compulsive Victorians.

I am reminded of the Mormons who had to give up their socially designed redesign around the marriage thing in the form of one man marrying many women and calling his concubines "wives" and married in Mormon Temple etc. That the Mormons had to abandon polygamy in order to gain statehood in the United States as the state of Utah.

Zion Ranch Texas - Mormon Wives - 2008 

That I am reminded that it is the Mormons who raised the most cash to turn back the California law allowing civil, not religious, marriage for taxpaying gay citizens, male and female.

This spiteful Mormon deal carries over onto the Catholic landscape where the latest hate campaign against gay catholics is at a fever pitch and in obedience to monies paid to the RC church from the fundamentalist Christian Right and the Mormon Church to introduce American society over a period of decades to the concept that it is alright to openly hate the gays in the form of disqualification from marriage (sorry, failed the religious litmus test as defined precisely by G*d hisself) and eventually other civil rights as well.
And not just for gays but eventually all people of free conscience in a once free land that was founded to protect people from the dark shadows of things like Catheofascism among other dark religious beliefs and laws in Europe.

The second thing is the firing of a catholic school teacher in June in Minnesota for saying that she believed in the concept of same-sex marriage on her self-filled out evaluation. The story made all the papers for a day or two.  The teacher, Trish Cameron, no doubt could not live with the hypocrisy of a lie that so many of the majority of the closeted gay clergy can live with every day to protect their meal-ticket lifetime jobs with the Vatican. 

I pray that one day we gain back the morality and integrity of a non-majority Catholic United States Supreme Court to state that yes, Catholic Clergy are employees of an international corporation and that Headquarters in Rome can be sued for hate, fraud and buggery as part of that worldwide organization.

It may be me alone and too many people may be too lazy to notice it but expelling children from Catholic Schools, children from Bishop Chaput’s diocese school for their parents beliefs and sexuality and the firing of teachers and theologians and others from Catholic institutions reminds me an awful lot of the early days of the National Socialist Regime in Germany in the early 1930s.

"Kauft Nicht" - Don’t Buy...

In fact the recent story, greatly upset me, of the Catholic Church in Germany wanting, demanding its 8% income tax on German citizens for accident of birth and or accident of baptism in one particular faith, as a financial burden for the rest of their lives of these catholic victims by birth, whether they believe in the faith or whether they attend church or not.  

That I have to wonder when did this right of Catholic Church taxation of German citizens begin – the German/Vatican Concordat of 1933

Signing Away German Catholic Civil Rights for Vatican Privilege 

No doubt Ross Douthat of the NYT, Michael Sean Winters of NCR, Raymond Arroyo of EWTN and Bill Donohue of Timbo Dolan NYC Inc. will soon be churning out the Catheofascist propaganda PR about how what a great and efficient idea a Catholic Tax in America will be, to have it imposed on all the population etc., Catholic or not.

With more and more overlapping of church and state in America, with faith based “charities” handouts to foreign religious corporations, with school vouchers and other indirect subsidies to the Catholic education system that is allowed by right of some mythical God that they cannot prove to me exists, and are therefore exempt or want exemption from other secular humanist laws like laws against discrimination, well you think about it.

How long before the Catholic Church surcharge on your state and national income taxes must be paid under penalty of the law – which law – secular law or the religious laws of the new American Catheofascism?

Father Coughlin - Radio Voice of Catheofascism in 1930s America - "They're  back!"

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Top and Bottom - Romney or Ryan?

Top and Bottom - Romney and Ryan


Body of Christ for Sale in Germany - Pay Your Church 8 % of Income Religion Taxes or Go to Hell - Church Tax Coming to America Soon?

With the government getting out of the government business in America, charity for the poor will fall on the Churches who now need cash and taxes to dole out soup to the poor.

In Germany, the RC Church is asserting its rights to collect taxes from “catholics” baptized at birth against their will and who now must support all the charity work and all the lawyers fees of all the buggering of children leisure hobby of the clergy there.

"This decree makes clear that one cannot partly leave the Church," Germany's bishops' conference said last week, in a decision endorsed by the Vatican.
Unless they pay the religious tax, Catholics will no longer be allowed receive sacraments, except before death, or work in the church and its schools or hospitals.
Without a "sign of repentance before death, a religious burial can be refused," the decree states. Opting out of the tax would also bar people from acting as godparents to Catholic children.
"This decree at this moment of time is really the wrong signal by the German bishops who know that the Catholic church is in a deep crisis," Christian Weisner from the grassroots Catholic campaign group We are Church told the BBC.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Romney’s Heart Aches for the Jobless in Ohio - Karaoke Candidate


Piano Concerto No 2 Opus 102 - Shostakovich

Railway Pose - Philly - 1915

Gay Sex the Cause of the 47% According to 12 Stepper Archbishop Cordileone, SF – Wishing All Gays Away to a Spiritual Auschwitz? – N.G.N.A. Sign


I just read on another blog how two gay friends got a frosty reception in some Catholic houses of “worship” on a trip though Minnesota which used to be a kind liberal place for all humanity.  The church pews were full of Politically Correct RC cookie cutter Bishop’s Republican propaganda on who good catholics should vote for.

That and everything but a NGNA (No Gays Need Attend) sign over the front door of these tax free houses of religious “whoreship”.

Go away to some spiritual Limbo? Send them all to a Spiritual Auschwitz dear bishop(s)?

On top of that Archbishop Cordileone trying to sober up and hopefully in a 12 step addict’s recovery plan as he plans to take over the Gayest City in America – San Francisco. Oy Vey!

He gave some rambling interview recently, no doubt being out of focus on de-tox and gave what appears today in the Roman Catholic Church as acceptable PC Hack Theology – the Attention Deficit rambling kind of Theology being pushed as the “New Evangelism” by Numero Uno Chicago  Kick Kiss-Ass theologian Father Robert Barron

. . .in a recent interview at the headquarters of the Oakland diocese, where he has served as bishop for three years, Cordileone was more direct: Gays and lesbians who are in sexual relationships of any kind, he said, should not receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, the central ritual of Catholic life.
“If we misuse the gift of sexuality, we’re going to suffer the consequences,” he said, “and I firmly believe we are suffering the consequences.” (And what is an acceptable definition of Sexuality from a so-called Celibate? .. wink – nod)
Cordileone, who was arrested last month on drunk driving charges, then elaborated, puzzlingly appearing to blame same-sex couples for the problem of absentee fathers in the inner city: (the 47% - ?)

Oakland's Lake Merritt - On a clear day you can see forever and unfortunately the poor too (47%) as well.

The prelate’s light-filled office overlooks Oakland’s Lake Merritt. Just beyond the graceful urban estuary, he said, are “100 blocks of inner-city neighborhoods. Those are fatherless children.” (How charming. The Po’ People spoil his Ivory Tower view of reality?)

German Exchange Student Visa - Point of Entry - Calexico Calif.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

“Catholicism” the Movie - Independent Film - and the Attention Deficit Mindset of the New Evangelism??? - Father Robert Barron

Against a backdrop of art, architecture and past history, Father Robert Barron, a protégé of Chicago Cardinal George has compiled a bootlegged style schlock imitation piece of Sir Kenneth Clarke’s Civilisation series but on "religion" - what religion I was unable to decipher. 

"Catholicism" is a series of segments of art film, travelogue and incoherent religion lectures that ramble all over creation’s time line and imagination.

BUT - Where is the real Roman Catholicism Father Barron?

I ran into two episodes of Robert Barron’s “Catholicism” on PBS on one of those raising cash on a rainy Sunday afternoon deals and offering a full five DVD set of ten episodes for a $250 tax deductible contribution to the local PBS station.

Media expert Barron’s independent, independent film which has no traceable roots in IMDb (Internet Movie Data base) that I can compare the credentials of people using terms and titles like Director or Cinematographer to see if Cardinal George and or his cronies got their three million dollars worth in this vanguard media vehicle of “the New Evangelism” and or “Getting the old MoJo Nostalgia Thing going for the pre-Vatican II Medieval Church”. 

Father Robert Barron is a polished articulate wordsmith but a third rate theologian as any PC theologian in the RCC is these days. Though he wears glasses and a wristwatch, I guess the appearance of intelligibility is allowed on occasion with permission in its certified authorized theologians mixing with the little people through the firewall of the media. Is allowable to a certain extent in the desperate marketing and sale of this “New Evangelism” thing? 

Walks like a duck.  Sounds like a Duck. It must be the New Evangelism thingy. Frozen concentrated grape juice in a frozen concentrated orange juice container I fear.  What’s the difference? Catholicism – one size fits all. Right?  One fruit juice is as good as another. Whatever. Enough on tangents.

Three million bucks does not go very far these days even in terms of a non-union made film.

I will say that most of what I have seen could have been shot with stock footage and much of it with scenes of happy heterosexual couples holding hands in the streets and parks and all the running happy children in these parks added to strike a “I want that too” chord in the viewer – the illusion of temporary happiness at least.

Viewing these two propaganda pieces on PBS I wanted to learn something I did not already know about Catholicism. Many of the PBS series I have seen illustrating topics such as Baseball, the Civil War or even Judaism have been informative and thought provoking.

Not once in these two episodes do I once hear what the Roman Catholic Church is all about or what it believes in.

I did watch these two episodes:

“Amazed and Afraid: The Revelation of God Become Man”

“That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought: The Ineffable Mystery of God”

The first episode is a pile of 10, 15, 30 second sound bites against a backdrop of the all the art of churches, the Sistine Chapel ceiling paint job etc. And while it is sometimes exquisite to encounter a sixteenth century Spanish cathedral alter piece covered in icons and gold, one like me after one too many shots of such decadence and with a Protestant conscience, I  am reminded of all the slave labor and ruined lives of millions of enslaved peasants and Indians in South and Central America that went into the creation of this “art”.

It is here where the sound bites and the 90 second and two minute polished homilies struck me of the whole disjointed mess of this propaganda film. That beyond art, the RCC is idolatry and love of the idol – the thing – its own thing.  That an ignorant illiterate serf in medieval Europe may have learned his bible stories from the stained glass of the Cathedrals.

I thought I recognized the style of Barron’s polished 90 second and two minute focused homilies which remind me of the finishing punch line statements after many long agonizing boring religion classes I remember in catholic high school.  I also feel for his seminary students mucho.

But looking at and listening to Father Barron blather on with so many rambling, disjointed, bunch of little phrases, thoughts, opinions, against the backdrop of medieval art, happy couples in parks etc. that I am reminded of the possibility of some drunken monk in some medieval theology class in a cathedral pointing to a stained glass picture of Noah’s flood and then telling the story of Adam and Eve. Some serfs may have gone to their graves confused on the finer subtle points of that theology lesson etc.

The second episode mentioned continues the rambling sound bites against the backdrop of stock footage. The drunken medieval monk acting gig in the cathedral medieval theology class gets more polished and starts into an alphabet soup of disconnected ideas without any spellable words produced in the consumer’s spoon.  

But defining or understanding God is a really big subject and I have heard better explanations of the vastness and mystery of God from Muslims on video tape and filtered through a coarse sieve of translation.

One very disturbing scene in this second episode has Father Barron doing his theology schtick against the backdrop of Auschwitz and rambling about how evil can be done in life etc. How can God let that happen?

He even concedes that the idea that God letting evil happen for a greater good is a tad bit too much for human understanding.

He slips into a story about the old testament story of Job and rambles on a bit. Jumps to a Seurat pointism painting in a museum. And finally ends on a cute story of the American Philosopher William James and his dumb dog who cannot read.

Then he slips back to the Auschwitz scene without an answer to the mystery of God letting the Shoah happen.

No apology for what so many Catholics in the Nazi Party did to the Jews.  I guess by episode eight or nine Father Barron will be explaining why God’s intentions at Auschwitz were so obtuse and why it is perfectly clear why the Jew hating(?), Jew/humanity ignoring Pius XII must be made a modern saint according to the new, modern, retro-Medieval “New Evangelism”

Being the hack seminary teacher and dog trainer that Barron appears to be and in grand favor of his mentor and patron Cardinal George of Chicago, I think that no intelligent person has anything to fear from this waste of three million dollars that disappeared off the ledgers somewhere. No threat I think to any higher order of primates here at least.

This new untried Attention Deficit, all over the map non-map, approach to the heart of Christianity that the RCC has become, much like a millstone tied around the rest of Christianity’s legitimate attempt to follow the simple teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, is sad.

No doubt like Fox News which attributes its high ratings to being the only channel playing in most nursing homes in America, the canned Catholicism DVD treasury will appeal to the long term only memories of the inmates there who hopefully still have control over their estates before they part this earth and leave their wealth to the “New Evangelism” of the Roman Pagan Catholic Church.

No hidden Picasso here. Perhaps though just another encounter with a resurrected Elvis painted on velvet kind of decorative art thingy.

Sir Kenneth – rest in peace. Your reputation on art history remains safely intact.


Have a good day.