Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Georgia State Lynching and the Divine Power of Soul

In Jewish myth, there is a soulless creature; a Frankenstein monster like creature, that was formed out of mud and magic words. It, in myth, was used to protect the Jewish community, ghettos, from pogroms of hate and murder against these Jewish communities living in a sea of so-called civilized Christian humanity in medieval Europe.

There are parallels with the idea of this “Golem” creature and the creation of Adam by God.  The myth states something like the fact that Adam, until God breathed a soul into him, he was merely a monster, a creature.

So too, the state without a soul or a spirit, can be a monster too.

Since the Supreme Court has gone out of the way to say that corporations are human entities and have rights as such, I have to wonder if these corporations and or the states have souls.  

I doubt that even the Mighty god "Justice" Scalia can breathe a soul into a corporation or a state such as Texas or Georgia.

“I will believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

There was a racist lynching last week by the state of Georgia for fun and entertainment of the white masses IMHO.  It was a modern version of a lynching but it still was a lynching, never the less.  There was reasonable doubt.
The former Governor Mario Cuomo of the state of New York refused to sign off on any death penalty while he held that state office.  He knew that statistically, mistakes can be made, we are all human and not gods like on the Supreme Court.  I have seen a statistic that as many as 30 percent of convictions for the death penalty are flawed enough to mean that some innocent men in prison have died at the hands of the executioner.

Well done Mario.

Unfortunately, not every state or regional culture sees it the same way as old Mario.  As such I think that we have to find common ground and try to agree on something.

If the State is a corporation and considered a human entity in these bizarre modern times, then does that entity have a soul or spirit?

Like the Golem of Jewish myth, the creature needs a soul in order to be human like Adam – and not be a monster.

While I do not really believe in all this politicking enforcing the power of corporations or the state as my equal, I do demand something and as a minimalist Cultural Christian.

I demand that the state and or corporations live by rules.  And in a so-called Christian society, the basic rules of law can be based on the Ten Commandments.

“Thou shall not kill.”  OR “Thou shall not murder.”  - As in the case of some language interpretation – and if you want them carved on your state capital hallways,  You as the state must live them and live by them and not merely use them as art and or interior decoration.

The states and or corporations are merely Golems, monsters, until proof of a soul and or human spirit is evident in them.  

Until then, beware of any popular myths that say is it okay or it is good for the state to kill.

Where are the Trees in Liberty Plaza, America? - (NOT Zucotti Park!) - a poem

Liberty Plaza NYC

Where are the trees in Liberty Plaza, America???


When will the trees in liberty plaza


Jesus rose on Sunday day? Did he not Rowan darling?

They cut down twenty four living creatures
Trees! Living Things! That is -
Not Iraqi children or women or old men…

(HEY not my scales of importance -
not Anubis' feather scale of things !!!
but Dick C's - sucking on his daily tube of oxygen
or rummy man sucking on his daily bottle of tankoray
remembering the great American Crook Dick NExxon.)

The TREES !!!!!!!!!

(they once gave shade in the downtown 
corporate human desert --
in my wallet is a picture of my two year old son
smiling a great wonderful human smile -
on a Spring Saturday -
his pampers full of poop and ---
Steve's Pizza sign in the backgound…)

They cut down twenty four living things
To make way for official vehicular parking
Supposedly connected with WTC debris removal
Isn't that right Rudy - cold lips - darling!

((Rudy - cold lips - cold hips
Popsickle stare 
Darling poster boy of the new world order!)
(Donna god bless, now you have a life!
You probably were a good human wife!))

When will the concrete stare of Liberty Plaza
Be brought back to living tree life???…

Perhaps only when a second bush
Wins a ga-dam second war
And loses a ga-damn second World PEACE!!! ! !.

Where are the TREES?!