Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lost Souls on Late Night

Monsters Hate and Abuse Children - Inhumanity and Crimes on the Border - Children Concentrated in Detention Camps or Is It Detained in Concentration Camps?

Monsters hate children and abuse them. Bully them. They seem such easy targets. So easy to please a mob of a dying breed, a white gene branch of the species, with tales of hate and misdeeds of abuse on the helpless. Let's call it "justice"?

No ice on the planet left with Global Warming. No need for hats and mufflers and deer skin coats in the cold to hide the skin from the Sun. Just as skin pigments are needed to protect the white gene branch of the Species to get a little darker, the WGB would rather commit suicide and commit itself to the following of a fat pimp pied piper from hell and his little elf like assistant Jefferson Davis Sessions.

The story goes - was that Hitler was not that particularly anti-Semitic even if he was Austrian by birth. They had the reputation of being more hateful towards the Jews than the Germans in Germany proper so to speak. But Adolph put down roots in Bavaria, a Catholic dominated province of Germany and the most virulent haters of outsiders in Germany. And the story goes that once the anti-Semitic rhetoric speeches in Bavaria electioneering kept raising the numbers in election after election, Hitler let it all ride. That the cash flow increasing with the increasing election results from industrialists greased Adolph's wheels and made for a happy little Nazi camper on his way to Berlin w/ his Freedom Caucus Party.

And of course these days, industrialists are bankers and or corporations. Which leads to the semantics in the Corporate owned Media whether these brats on the border are in detention camps like the Japanese Americans in WWII or Concentration Camps like the Jews in Germany. etc.