Sunday, November 4, 2012

Papal Knight Jimmy Savile First Annual Circumcised Pickle Award for Gall to Bill Donohue at Catholic League

Bill has, I have lost track of the number of non-paid intern written essays published against the New York Times over at the CL, trying to cover-up John Paul II and his consuming love of all things Pedophile, avoid the Truth about that pope, to blame the BBC instead and by extension the new head of the NYT, that the BBC never ratted out British Royal and Papal Knighted Sir Jimmy Savile when both the Queen and the Pope gave him their royal seals of approval.

Too bad the victims of this pedophile king/ring cannot sue both Buck House and the Vatican for their perverted seal of approval to this dead media toady scumbag.

Where is customer service these days? The Hague?

Gall – Definiton –  Source: Free Dictionary dot Com

1. See bile.
2. a. Bitterness of feeling; rancor. b. Something bitter
        to endure: the gall of defeat.
3. Outrageous insolence; effrontery.

Jimmy Savile Receives Papal Knighthood - 1990

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My thanks to C.Koch over at Enlightened Catholicism for papal photo.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

in between, the journey

and in
the Journey
You share
so many

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Help Needed - Staten Island - Hurricane Sandy

I ran into this help site for Staten Island.

The Borough President of Staten Island says to boycott American Red Cross

Staten Island Hit Hard by Hurricane Sandy

A lot of damage to the plywood based houses on the South Shore. Living next to the ocean has its hazards. A lot of housing on the south shore by the ocean should have been left nature preserves or swamps and never built on IMHO.

They just turned the electricity on about sixteen hours ago here.  We were out of luck for 68 hours in this little pocket on the north shore of Staten Island, the many times forgotten fifth borough of "New York City".  

The two streets in an island of other areas that came back sooner after a day or two was because a lot of big old houses on these two streets have 130 year old oaks that were supposed to be taken down by owners in the last year or two but did not or could not trim or remove older trees.

Kind of expensive if you are retired and appear to be well to do living in a big old house. I live in an apartment complex surrounded by the shabby chic of yesteryear glory in an old neighborhood.  

Twenty three trees bit the dust on these two streets. First the cut downs, then cutting up the trees, non-stop roar of wood chippers, the inspections, minor repairs, priority of Con Edison personnel in not being called elsewhere etc. The Ferry is still not working, no electricity in St. George at the moment.

No rioting but some looting at a nearby Lowe’s and Kohl’s right after the storm.

Kudos to NYPD on catching some of the perps.

Was able to buy candles at Lowe’s on Tuesday morning for cash, cash registers down with the electricity.

Was surprised they printed this.  About a mile from here.

Some running by my son back and forth to places to recharge cells and lap top and try to make deadlines with college homework, the college only open yesterday, today public schools open.

We got ice and the meat in the freezer stayed frozen enough to think it is still good. Water was on and gas in the stove, pilot light intact.  

Candles, a transistor radio and started to write the first two chapters of a long threatened novel.  

Someone I know spent three hours in line for a tank of gas last night after going to five closed stations. Some skank was hanging around the line offering gallon cans of gasoline at $60 dollars a pop.

All in all we were quite lucky. Compared to what I hear about Jersey.

The infrastructure and planning in the nineteenth century for a twenty-first century New York City SUCKS in the age of global warming and or climate change.

Trillions of dollars of over-inflated obsolete skyscrapers returning to the primordial swamp etc. in downtown Manhattan. Not a good investment friends.

Be well guys.  Civilization is indeed a thin veneer

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Religious Liberty - Centennial Exposition 1876 - Philadelphia

Mitt's Binders - Cont'd

Romney to stop Jeep Production from going to China - Bainsourcing to be Reversed

“I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep — now owned by the Italians — is thinking of moving all production to China,” Romney said at a rally in Defiance, Ohio, home to a General Motors powertrain plant. “I will fight for every good job in America. I’m going to fight to make sure trade is fair, and if it’s fair America will win.”

If there is a profit in it - Romney's soul is for sale - and he is as good as his word. Yeah right.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michael “Smithers” Winters – Nat'l Catholic Reporter – Quote of the Day Oct 22 – Re: Election Year Chaput style “Catholic Conscience”

Michael "Smithers" Winters, National Catholic Reporter - Abp. Charles Chaput

"Just remember. When you are on your death bed, the Democratic Party is not going to send someone to be there with you and help you get ready to cross the abyss. And, even if they did send someone, it would not be someone you would want!" I have my areas of disagreement with Archbishop Chaput, but I commend him unreservedly for his repeated insistence that we Catholics put our faith first. And, if we do so, partisans on both sides have plenty to think about. 

*     *     * 

Lord Bichard, House of Lords, wants Pensioners to Do Community Work for No Pay or dock their Old Age Pensions in Britain

Lord Bichard

Maybe the Brits can feed the old to the Queen's corgies etc. Something bloody useful. Right Lord Bichard?

No doubt Franklin Graham has promises from Mitt Romney to use old people on Social Security to work for nothing in Graham's tax-free "Christian" Charity Rackets.

The sentiment to such obscene treatment of the old already has a champion in the British House of Lords who retired from government with an obscene government pension over $150,000 per year in USD value and now he has the nerve to try and marshal the old to work for nothing doing community service and charity work.

Maybe Lord Bitchard can take some of his pension funds and invest in a dentist.

He said: “We are now prepared to say to people who are not looking for work, if you don’t look for work you don’t get benefits. So if you are old and you are not contributing in some way or another, maybe there is some penalty attached to that.”  
Bichard also asked: “Are we using all the incentives at our disposal to encourage older people, not justto be a negative burden on the State but to actually be a positive part of society?”  
The wealthy lord’s draconian scheme left pensioners’ groups seething.

Pau Ryan's War on Poverty and Inspiration for Upward Mobility

One of the memories from my youth was Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty which he did as a diversion as they sent mostly poor and mostly black people in the “draft” (without, too poor to afford, deferments) over to Vietnam for the sake of General Motors’ profits and quarterly dividends.

I can remember a pre-class discussion in college among fellow students back then how Lyndon Johnson or his wife Lady Bird held stock in a company that made the infamous “tiger cages” to house and torture North Vietnamese Prisoners of Wars. This of course for a profit etc. For profit is no sin – right?

In that great tradition of rich man politician Hypocrisy, Paul Ryan has suddenly discovered the poor and the losing war on poverty.  And no doubt to cover up public, not private, guilt over Janna’s Petroleum Industry “Blind” trusts funds and perhaps too as a cover for Ann Romney  making millions through “Elliott Associates” from taxpayer federal bailout money for the auto industry in her “Blind Trust” etc, 

- Paul Ryan has suddenly found the “Poor” and is promising them “Upward Mobility” just like Jesus did in his day.

Paul Ryan / Mitt Romney / Ayn Rand Beatitudes:

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of welfare – 47%.

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be sold a $20,000 on credit that they cannot afford funeral package for mom.
Blessed are the meek: for they shall pay my share of the taxes.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be given a “Truth” enema by FOX NEWS.

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall be taken advantage of by the hedge fund managers.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they are losers – no scratch, cash – nada.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be assassinated by the arms dealers and or droned on by the Military Industry Complex INC etc.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for tax sakes:  for theirs is the kingdom and banking system of the Cayman Islands.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

(Devil) Wakana Bunraku puppet robot

Does USCCB - American RC Bishops support "Rape is OK" Republican Platform Cardinal Dolan?

Cardinal Dolan - Rape Is Okay so long as it results in Pregnancy?

Rape is OK Cardinal Dolan if it results in Pregnancy?

Does the USCCB also endorse the GOP "Rape is OK" Platform?

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National Republican Senate Committee Stands by "RAPE IS OK" as part of their Platform - Richard Mourdock Indiana Senate Race

Richard Mourdock - "Rape is OK" Republican Candidate for Senate in Indiana 

The chair of the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm is standing by Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock after he said pregnancies resulting from rape are “something that God intended to happen.” 
“Richard and I, along with millions of Americans – including even Joe Donnelly – believe that life is a gift from God,” Texas Sen. John Cornyn said in a statement Wednesday. “To try and construe his words as anything other than a restatement of that belief is irresponsible and ridiculous. In fact, rather than condemning him for his position, as some in his party have when it’s come to Republicans, I commend Congressman Donnelly for his support of life.”

Read more:

Rape is part of God’s plan for women – Richard Mourdock – Tea Bag Cadidate for Senate in Indiana

Richard Mourdock - Tea Bag Candidate for Senate in Indiana

Richard – How do you spell A-S-S-H-O-L-E ?


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prayer to God(dess)

Prayer to God(dess)

Our God(dess)

Who dwells in Paradise

Blessed are your Names

Thy reign of Peace come

Thy plan for Earth


As it is already in Paradise

Give us this day in Humility

Provide us from your Bounty

Our daily Bread and

Mutual peace of Mind

And forgive us our Anger

Even as we try to Forgive

The anger in Others

Let us not fail to Be the

Good side of Human

And Protect us from

Our less than Human

Dark Side.


*     *     *


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rest in Peace - George Stanley McGovern - 1922-2012

I shook George McGovern’s hand the day before the election in 1972.  It would be the first time I voted.

It was a strong hand shake from a great American.

A man, who dared to defy the corporations and their corporate genocide war for profit in Vietnam,
and who challenged the corporate stooges in the White House.

A distinguished veteran of WW-II, a pilot in the Army Air Corp. 

Rest in Peace – George Stanley McGovern.


*     *     *

Governor Al Smith Drag Party at the Waldorf 2012 – Jumping the Shark - a Sacred Tradition

New York Governor Al Smith - 1873-1944

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Best Food in Staten Island – “Blue” Restaurant – Snug Harbor

"Blue" Restaurant - North Shore - Staten Island

Just had lunch the other day at “Blue” on the North Shore opposite the Snug Harbor Museum campus.

Snug Harbor

The old R.H.Tugs Restaurant jumped the shark in the nineties but ownership hung on to celebrate a twenty fifth year anniversary I guess for the sake of nostalgia and shabby chic?

This new restaurant with a basic Mediterranean cuisine actually surprised me along with a major interior architectural redo of the old basic structure. The Bar area is now doubled in size and more of a lounge complete with a few lounge chairs.  The restaurant is refreshingly bright with almost floor to ceiling picture windows facing the river and giving you a breathtaking, up front in your face, view of that major hidden forgotten asset in Staten Island, and that is of its long forgotten water front. 

The interior of the restaurant area is refreshingly simple. The walls are painted a Mediterranean color with Gothic Revival woodwork accents to match, compliment the hidden architectural gem of Snug Harbor across the street. This interior background tells you that so much thought and preparation went into this place. That forethought and care is also found in its fantastically fresh, tasty and excellent food.

What I sampled was from the Lunch Menu BTW. The pasta entre with clams and shrimp was the best I have eaten in a restaurant anywhere.  Seafood, fresh, fresh, fresh (you can taste the sea). I also had a taste of my companions’ dishes. The Angus burger, exceptionally excellent. And a lunch time special pastrami sandwich which was a quality, light tasting, not standard heavy, meat sliced and served with a real sense of style and excellence across the board of a creative eclectic menu.

They have an impressive wine list. Lunch for three with two appetizers, crab fritters - yum, three entrees, two cocktails, and one desert, a key lime pie to die for, and coffees all around for desert was for present day standards reasonable and under one bill.  You pay for quality and believe me quality is far and some distance between in that forgotten (gem) of a borough. That quality is found here in Snug Harbor at "Blue".

1115 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island NY 10310


Chubby Chaser Michael Sean Winters - National Catholic Reporter

"The best thing about the Detroit Tigers is that they have some players who are downright chubby. In this neo-pagan, health-worshipping, fitness-crazed culture, I love watching Prince Fielder carry his substantial self to the plate and then boom a homerun." - Michael Sean Winters, October 19, NCR National Catholic Reporter