Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump / Sessions Tent Cities = Gulags for Kids Rise Up and Multiply on the Southern Border

The willingness of the Cruelty of the Trump/Sessions Abuse of Immigrant children on the Southern Border is indicative of a desperate and dying white male culture that used to dominate in the old real town square of America.

You cannot close borders in a Global fluid Common Culture of the 21st Century.

For Session to accept verbal abuse from bully Trump on the Russian/Treason/Collusion for recusing himself on that front just proves how petite and evil the poison dwarf AG is so he can impose his circle jerk vision of a perfect white America from the 1950s and before is just total bullshit when the collateral damage is child abuse on all levels direct, indirect, benign and not so benign building tent city prisons for children in Texas. Gulags by any other name.

And quoting biblical passages from St. Paul for servants (really slaves if you translate correctly, honestly) to obey their masters is just so inadequate and bizarre in the 50 mile radius bubble world of artificial power exercised in the Washington DC area. Their evil plays well in a 1940s Nazi war movie but not in the real here and now for the rest of us.

That and in the echo chamber of the corporate run media that love Massa Donald and Massa Jeff in charge for this sad moment in American history.