Monday, May 28, 2012

Donald Trump - Toxic Credence

Toxic Credence = Orwellian Political Speak 

(i.e. Fox News, RNC talking points etc.)

The Donald has never met a man or woman he would not could not  cheat. 

His new proposed network show = Bankrupt This!

When the rubes dry up in New York City, time to find a new market of rubes to buy overpriced, substandard Donald Product whatever it happens to be at the moment.  Not unlike the substandard apartment buildings and Bridge that his father built. 

Donald on Mitt.  Bring them Mormon rubes on. It's an untapped market.  


Cardinals Struggle for Benedict’s Empty Seat – Senility – Sede Vacante?

The one person who could testify as to Benedict’s present mental health, his personal butler Paolo Gabriele, is incommunicado and his family in Vatican housing sit under a sword of Damocles.

All this while power struggles among many factions of Cardinals and Archbishops and looting of the Vatican Bank is taking place under the nose of the Media.

One wonders how long Benedict’s reign is to last without a loyal faithful servant like Paolo Gabriele at the side of the Pontiff to take care of his private interests, taste his food etc.

Vatican leakers say cardinals among plotters in scandal

The worst crisis in Pope Benedict's pontificate deepened on Monday when Italian media said at least one cardinal was among those suspected of leaking sensitive documents as part of a power struggle at the top of the Church.

The scandal exploded last week when within a few days the pope's butler was arrested for leaking documents, the head of the Vatican's own bank was abruptly dismissed and a book was published alleging conspiracies among the cardinals or "princes of the Church".

Newspapers, quoting insiders who had themselves leaked documents, said the arrested butler was merely a scapegoat doing the bidding of more powerful figures in the scandal, which has been dubbed "Vatileaks".


Vatican Struggle for Power Amidst Benedict’s Growing Senility

The Bogias - Pope Alexander VI, his mistresses and bastard children

Life imitates Art.  The Borgias (Alexander VI) against the Della Roveres (Julius II) are two camps fighting for power in the current Showtime Historic Drama (Soap Opera).  It is hard to identify which groups or how many exist in the present struggle vying for power and the power to sign checks as Benedict XVI’s reign wanes into extreme old age and senility. 

The microcosm of America with siblings struggling to get hold of mom or dad’s unearned equity before the parent croaks is being mirrored on the macrocosm of the world stage and the struggle for power and wealth within the present leaderless Vatican.

The scandal exploded last week when within a few days the pope's butler was arrested for leaking documents, the head of the Vatican's own bank was abruptly dismissed and a book was published alleging conspiracies among the cardinals or "princes of the Church".

Newspapers, quoting insiders who had themselves leaked documents, said the arrested butler was merely a scapegoat doing the bidding of more powerful figures in the scandal, which has been dubbed "Vatileaks".

Documents passed to Italian journalists accuse Vatican insiders of cronyism and corruption in contracts with Italian companies. La Stampa daily quoted one of the alleged leakers as saying the goal was to help the pope root out corruption.

On Saturday, Paolo Gabriele, 46, Pope Benedict's personal butler, was formally charged with stealing confidential papal documents. But leakers quoted by La Stampa, La Repubblica and other media said the leaking plot went much wider.

"There are leakers among the cardinals but the Secretariat of State could not say that, so they arrested the servant, Paolo, who was only delivering letters on behalf of others," La Repubblica quoted one alleged whistleblower as saying.

The Secretariat of State is run by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the pope's powerful right-hand man, and the scandal appears to involve a power struggle between his allies and enemies, reminiscent of Renaissance conspiracies in the Vatican.

Vatican’s War on the Laity – Scapegoating (Discounting) Humanity

Cries for justice to an unhearing pope.

In the cover up of the growing Vatican banking scandal, the part time consultant, President of the IOR, the Vatican Bank, has been fired because he was not transparent enough to his PR mission statement of transparency.  Poor dear.  Ettore Gotti Tedeschi is not a consecrated clergy type and is fallible and conveniently expendable.  Another lay person bites the dust.

And then there is butler who somehow is the mole that is leaking documents showing the pope and his very poor choice of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as his Secretary of State.  Tarcisio is a self-taught expert on child rape and blames the homosexuals for the prevailing pedophilia sacred tradition in holy mother church.

The butler, Paolo Gabriele, is a lay person, fallible and conveniently expendable.

I began to notice this scapegoating of the Laity lately with the American bishops war on Girls Scouts.

I also noticed it when Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia took great pride in insisting that a female treasurer at 222 N. 17 Street HQ in Philly be made a public scapegoat for embezzlement and writing checks to cover her gambling debts in Atlantic City.  If a priest had been guilty of embezzlement, it would have never been mentioned in public.  After all with the Monsignor Lynn child abuse trial currently going on in Philly, a priest can rape a child, children and never be reprimanded.

Anita Guzzardi, former Philly Archdiocese CFO, is a lay person, fallible and conveniently expendable.

Which brings us to the curious tale of a growing discomfort in the mob of Rome regarding the fate of Emanuela Orlandi, a fifteen year old girl who disappeared in 1983 and whose disappearance is the subject of some rather strange speculation.  Emanuela was the daughter of a Vatican employee who lived within the Vatican Walls and who disappeared on the way to her music lesson outside those walls.

The current meme regarding Emanuela Orlandi is I think a reaction to the citizens without rights living within the Vatican and the callous "we don’t give a shit" about disappeared lay people and or their children by the Vatican police, and their sloppy standard operating police work carrying out the plots and criminal cover ups of the gossipy old queens running the Vatican bureaucracy.

No transparency in faith, banking, police investigation in Vatican City is possible.  Scapegoating Humanity (Laity) welcome.

There is growing resentment of many regarding the blatant corruption of the Vatican absolute monarchy and its war on humanity and or the Laity.

The plot thickens. 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Transparency – Carl A. Anderson – Vatican Bank IOR Scandal – Knights of Columbus

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson of the Knights of Columbus (rumored to be the Catholic Masons), banker to mere popes, has spoken so eloquently on the current Vatican Bank scandal.
(Certainly no bloviating ignoramus like Donald Trump or any other sleazebag GOP operative types.)

Carl Anderson measures his words carefully, following years of dealings with the Vatican and prior to that, following his time spent working at the White House with Ronald Reagan. Of the four board members of the IOR, who on Thursday chose to oust their president Ettore Gotti Tedeschi with a no-confidence vote, Anderson, an American with placid manners, was the one who had to break to the volatile economist that his “progressively erratic personal behaviour” was not longer tolerated. Anderson could not even show Gotti Tedeschi the door, because the former president stormed out from the IOR building while his colleagues of IOR governing council were still deliberating  whether to dismiss him.  Thus the reasons for his dismissal, including the “odd behaviour” were written down in a harsh memorandum drafted by Anderson, listing Gotti Tedeschi’s many “failures”…. 
Anderson put the charge into context. He is one of the most famous personalities in the American Catholic world. As Supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, he is the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the world’s largest Catholic family fraternal service organization, which has more than 1.8 million members and which in the US is a true financial power in the life-insurance field, in 2010 the insurance companies of the Knights earned 7 billion dollars in life-insurance policies.

The Black Tower, K of C HQ, New Haven Connecticut


Friday, May 25, 2012

Pope’s Butler - Vatileaks - Paolo Gabriele - another Vatican Cedric Tornay Scapegoat?

Growing corruption scandal in the Vatican Bank and all they can come up with is “the butler did it”, leaking info to the media.

Sounds like another Swiss Guard cover up – the Abu Ghraib defense, a bone thrown to the media blaming the low man on the totem pole of responsibility for crimes.

Vatican police have arrested Pope Benedict XVI's personal butler following an investigation into the leaking of sensitive church documents.

The butler, identified as Paolo Gabriele, 40, was held by gendarmes after a special commission of three top senior cardinals had been appointed by the Pope to identify the source of the leaks which have caused severe embarrassment….

The Pope was said to be “shocked and saddened” at the constant leaks and it led to him appointing the three cardinal commission and who worked with the Vatican gendarmes which lead to the arrest.

Sources said that sensitive Vatican documents had been recovered from father of three Gabriele’s home inside the Vatican, but some have questioned if Mr Gabriele was perhaps being made a scapegoat.

Paolo Rodari, an expert on Vatican affairs, said: “I know Gabriele. He is a nice guy but I don’t think he would be behind this. I think he may have been imprudent and taken the odd document home but he is not the main person.”

“If you ask me he has been made a scapegoat just to satisfy the media. The documents found at his house were from the Pope’s personal correspondence but a lot of the leaked documents have come from the Secretary of State’s office and he would not have had access to those.”

Also this:


Cow Pies - Romney - Obama

Cow Pies - Peanut Butter - Original


Facebook – Pornography – Divorce?

It is not illegal to post pictures of your erect penis or your wide open twat in self-made porn on Facebook with your cell phone camera. 

Of course restricted access in most cases separates Grandma’s pictures of baby from the steamy underside of the new age of “social interface”.  

The giggly teenage girls will still gossip and 20% of America divorces now citing Facebook in divorce cases will move on in time to the next flavor of the month “social network” thing.  But think about it.  

American are so much more gung ho. And Facebook was originally designed exclusively for college kids, drugs, sex, alcohol, Spring Break. Bring on the self-produced porn in the bathroom mirror and dirty steamy messages.

“Leisure time” activity, the pursuit of happiness?

Now we know why the Facebook stock scam  is worth 104 billion dollars in capital  on the stock market and why every pension fund and 401k in America must have it in their stock portfolio even at a loss with fees, fees, fees included.  

Wall Street certainly knows how to judge the moral compass or non-moral compass of America and currently it is Facebook.

Facebook was by far the biggest offender, with 66 per cent of lawyers citing it as the primary source of evidence in a divorce case. MySpace followed with 15 per cent, Twitter at 5 per cent and other choices lumped together at 14 per cent. 
The survey reflects the findings of a UK law firm last year showing that 20 per cent of its divorce petitions blamed Facebook flings…. 
The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate sexual chats with people they were not supposed to,’ said Mark Keenan, managing director of Divorce-Online. 
Friends Reunited faced similar claims when it was launched to help people reconnect with old classmates, but the 23 million plus people now using Facebook in Britain means it is having a much bigger effect on rising divorce rates….  
An American minister also made the headlines recently when he called Facebook a ‘portal to infidelity’ and insisted that his congregation delete their accounts after revealing that 20 couples attending his New Jersey church had been led astray through the site. 
Rev. Cedric Millier, who runs the Living World Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, New Jersey, said Facebook enabled spouses to reconnect with former lovers, leading to rows and bitterness. 
But Rev. Miller was forced to take a leave of absence after his own non-Facebook transgressions were revealed in an admission that he took part in three-way sexual trysts in the past. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is Mitt Romney Ronald Reagan’s Clone/Zombie – Boomer Comfort Food?

The GOP boomers want to return to the womb, to the 1950s before they go to their eternal reward.  Mitt Romney, more than anything else is a clone, a Ronald Reagan like Zombie? A wish for the pure white past of Leave it to Beaver and Pleasantville USA.

June and Ward Cleaver

Mitt Romney is the zombie Ronald Reagan Thank you Cahir O’Doherty.

If you squint hard, and I mean hard, it's almost possible to see the outline of Ronald Reagan standing behind Mitt Romney. From a distance it's 1980 all over again. 
A smiling throwback of a man who you underestimated at your peril, Reagan looked like 1950 in 1980, and that turned out to be exactly what the public wanted. They wanted rituals and figureheads that provided reassurance, they wanted yesterday, they wanted daddy. Baby boomers voted for Reagan in a landslide. 
 Romney's supporters, and will you be surprised to hear there aren't that many off them in the GOP, are going that a bit of the Gipper's charisma will animate their pick. But the desire is in itself a proof of their desperation, not their strength. 
If you squint Romney has all the surface similarities, but it's as though all the juice has been squeezed out, all the charm, all the twinkle, all the wisdom and life experience of Ronald Reagan, seems missing. Romney is zombie Reagan. It's what the race has come to.

It takes two parents to raise a white child.

Ronald Reagan's Vampire Blood to be returned to his Museum (Vault)

Saint Ronny Reagan's relic vial of his dehydrated blood is on its way back to Reagan's Museum (Vault) in the Los Angeles area.  

Calls to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and its offer to provide to supply a gold monstrance for display and private worship of the blood vial have not yet been confirmed. 

An auction house in the British Channel Islands on Thursday canceled the sale of a vial purported to hold former President Ronald Reagan's blood. 
Mr. Reagan's family and his foundation had tried to stop the sale by PFC Auctions. Mr. Reagan's popularity has only increased since his death in 2004 at age 93, and his hilltop museum outside Los Angeles attracts about 400,000 visitors a year. 
Bidding had reached about $30,000 when the sale was suspended, reported the Associated Press. It had been set to end Thursday.


Voucher Education Romney Style - Buy Only at the Company Store

Does anybody besides myself think that maybe Romney's version of Vouchers for Education just sounds like issuing Tokens redeemable only at a Company Store. 

My ancestors worked in coal mines.  They got paid in tokens to pay the rent and buy food at the company store. 

Does anybody think that Vouchers offer a choice for a good education or it is just another front for venture capital to put up cardboard front schools labeled ed-a-cation for the poor? Or stealing from the poor - directing them into a worthless bait and switch consumer product? No refunds available!

The plan will allow low-income and disabled students use federal funding to attend public schools, public charter schools and, in some cases, private schools. Federal funds could also be applied to tutors or digital courses. 
The plan is in line with GOP reforms aimed at giving students more educational choices. But it's unclear how schools in areas that depend on the federal funding would fare.

Read more:


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spicks and Specks - Bee Gees

“…In the days when outer coats were made from heavy woolen material and a regular brushing was required to keep them looking clean, the "Specks" were dust, dirt, lint or other contaminant that was easily brushed off with a coarse brush. The "Spicks" were less easily removed being embedded into the material and requiring a more intensive approach to get rid of them. …
…the Spicks and Specks of the song, is a reference to the clutter of everyday life that can attach itself to us and while some is easy to remove others are not so readily dealt with. “

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bain Success Formula = Increase Debt - Issue IPO - Declare Bankruptcy

The Solution is Venture Vulture Capitalism.  Drain the blood out of the middle class worker. 

Increase Company Debt - Issue IPO - Declare Bankruptcy.

The new Bain American formula for success, job creation and lazy "rich boy" capitalism.


American Bishops - USCCB - Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, Yawn...


Mitt Romney - Mormon Hate Money - Polygamy

Among the revelations stemming from Willard Mitt Romney’s tax returns – now being combed with the exigetical intensity usually given to sacred texts – are his contributions to homophobia. Most directly, his family foundation gave $35,000 to two “pro-family,” anti-gay groups. For Mitt, of course, that’s nothing. But he also tithes — gives at least 1/10 of his income to his institutional religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; in the last two years, that amounted to more than $4 million. 

The Mormons, in turn, are big funders of the homophobes. Mike Signorile says, “The church itself gave over $180,000 to help pass Prop 8 [the 2008 anti-same-sex-marriage referendum in California]. The church was fined by the California Fair Political Practices Commission for not reporting its numerous financial contributions to the cause.” The Mormons also have a network of small, strange NGOS, circling around a few post office boxes in Arizona, that carry on similar struggles at the United Nations.

It seems to me this opposition has a large component of sour grapes.   Deep in the Church festers a feeling of: If we didn’t get to redefine marriage, why should you?

In Memoriam Brigham Young
Marriage Equality - Mormon Style

Hanging on a Philly Street Corner - July 1925 - 21st and Market

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arizona - Tin Foil Hat State - LOL

Who pulled the plug on the Air Conditioning in Arizona?

The Birthers and the G.O.P.?

(Rumor has it that Geronimo just broke out and is off the reservation again. Get yer shooting iron out.)


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mormon Ken Bennett – Arizona – Refusal to Rebaptise Obama / African Ancestors aka Arizona Ballot Issues

Mormon "Ju-Ju" Protection Charm

Mormon Ken "Broom Stick" Bennett’s refusal to rebaptise Barack Obama’s African ancestors in the one true Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Lunatics seems to be at the very heart of the whole birther movement.

Without a birth certificate, no baptism for the African ancestors of Barack Hussein Obama to get into heaven.  Which means no valid ancestors cheering the Prez on from Mormon Paradise.  Less Mormon approved karma and less political mojo to defeat the white race candidate of Mitt Romeny (bow your head)  in the general election.

And of course there are those Mormons willing to rebaptise Obama and his African Ancestors in the one true church, but they seem to be a definite minority.

To think that all this birther, birth certificate nonsense is nothing more than black magic mixed with dogma in the basements of secret temples all across America.  A Mormon magic thing - the Birther movement?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sister Joan Chittister’s truly Interesting Article on Girl Scouts and Jesus’ Gospels

...But isn't that exactly why a nation's bishops must have a heart for the national culture and tradition and values and respect for the workings of the society itself in which we are attempting to evangelize?
The American tradition comes out of a commitment to freedom of speech, freedom of thought and democratic participation in the political process, which, admittedly, the Vatican has always suspected; indeed, has never liked. To ask Americans to take on not simply a European or Eastern European or Asian or African approach to "obedience" or governance or women, but a medieval one at that, is asking for what no law can provide. It is easy, of course, to force obedience; but, never doubt, it is impossible to force belief.
The effects here are beginning to show, as they did in Pacelli's Europe. The second-largest religious denomination in the United States, after Catholic, is now ex-Catholic....


When Did Catholic become the new Stone Age Ignorant?

We ain't igorant. We is college edgicated. 

Forgive me but I just read about some Franciscan College in Ohio that is so racist and anti-anything-Obama that it is dropping Health Care Coverage for its students.  Like duh!

The Franciscan University of Steubenville just dropped off the edge of the flat world defending the ignorance and superstition of its First Amendment Right to Insanity.

"Beware of Dragons and Unicorns" Warning signs on campus will remain for the sake of student safety.

Duh! LOL. Dinosaur Shite!

What would Saint Francis of Assisi do without heath care coverage?  Die quickly I believe.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mormon Hate Art - Jon McNaughton

The New York upstate inbreds started in the 1840's hating my Irish Immigrant ancestors.  Joesph Smith came up with the perfect whites only bible and the rest is delusional history since then.

In some of Jon McNaughton art, Jesus has a pituitary problem so common with inbreeding, but of late his customized to his own Mormon Hate themes are selling well like the one above with all the white guys including the white founding fathers begging the uncompromising mean negro president not to trample the Constitution.  Get a life Mormons!

Quid pro quo guys.

WARNING: Hate Art protected under the First Amendment right of free speech.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Holy Shite - Monsignor Lynn Trial - Philly

Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua promoted McCarthy the next year to lead a parish in Norristown. Before long, a travel agent whose husband had donated $25,000 to the archdiocese complained about McCarthy running a travel business that had robbed her of parish bookings.
And priests were complaining about McCarthy’s temperament, and about sexually-charged speech, underwear catalogs that came in the mail and gay pornography found in his bedroom. While McCarthy was away, a raid of sorts turned up pornography and a homoerotic poster on his wall.
McCarthy was sent for a psychiatric evaluation, and deemed a “homosexual ephebophile,” someone attracted to adolescent boys. He was put on a “health leave,” where he remained until he was defrocked in 2006. He spent some of that time working the graveyard shift as a cashier at an Atlantic City casino, according to one letter he sent Bevilacqua.

W Endorses Mittens for Prez

The former president offered a four-word endorsement of Romney as the doors of his elevator were closing after a speech Tuesday in Washington.

Bush said: "I'm for Mitt Romney."

All rich preppy bully inbred idiots should stick together.  Peanut and butter.  LOL


Bank Panic - Bank Run in Greece

The average Greek Citizen sees the Worldwide Economic Apocalypse coming.  Handwriting on the wall regarding the German dictated Economic Holocaust planned for the Greek Economy.

Close to one Billion withdrawn from the unstable worldwide banking system on Monday.


Culture Wars - Philly - 1971

Billboard, 3rd and Market, "Abortion is Murder".

Propaganda costs money.

Your tax free church dollars at work.


Corner Grocery Store - Philly - 1961

Side Window - Local Signs from bottom - Frank's, Triple Cola, Abbott's (Dairy)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Bishop Kevin Rhoades’ Holy Witch Hunt on the Evil Girl Scouts of America

Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the USCCB Bishop’s committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth is routing out the enemies of our country vested in the Girl Scouts of America.

These bishops have far too much time on their hands if a “War on Little Girls” is the important work of their catholic Christ.

According to NPR, the Bishop’s committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth is conducting an inquiry into whether the Girl Scouts have “problematic relationships with other organizations.” NPR says that’s code for Planned Parenthood. 
The alleged Planned Parenthood-Girl Scouts connection, call it the axis of feminism, is actually something of a conservative talking point.  In February, an Indiana legislator conducted “a small amount of Web-based research” and concluded that the Girl Scouts are a front for Planned Parenthood. He said the Scouts encourage the girls to have sex and to respect unsavory role models who endorse communist and homosexual agendas. 
He noted disapprovingly that the First Lady is the organization’s honorary president (the First Lady is always the honorary president), and took exception to the fact that a Colorado troop allowed a transgendered child to join up.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It is Okay to Hug a Tree

Why? Because God made trees. 

If you hug a tree, you are indirectly hugging God. 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Facebook Co-Founder to take his IPO money and run away from America - Billionaire Deadbeat

Tax Dodging Billionaire Deadbeats - Zuckerberg and Saverin

Okay so this guy born in Brazil was raised in the U.S.A., educated here and found golden opportunity here.  But days before the overpriced IPO offer of Facebook to rob America's Pension Funds, it has been announced that Eduardo Saverin has renounced his American citizenship to save on taxes.  

My taxes have been supporting this billionaire deadbeat all his life. Fuck him and good riddins to his new country of tax free Singapore.  

So much for loyalty and humanity from yet another billionaire.

Has to make you wonder what country Zuckerberg goes off to hide in once this Facebook IPO Ripoff scam is complete?,0,5844322.story

But many in the online world this week are outraged at the perception that Saverin is trying to dodge the tax man. Americans feel personally ripped off, according to comments posted across a variety of social media platforms. Saverin made his riches off Facebook-loving U.S. taxpayers and is now defriending the country that made him rich when it comes time to add some of that money back to U.S. tax coffers.


1950 DeSoto


Bend in the Road - Philly - 1962


Mitt Romney – He Man – Macho Man

Some of you guys look like you need a hair cut. Conform!

Manly he-man Mormon man Mitt Romney don’t take no shit from no gays.  Yeah right.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover is Disturbing

I don't know what this article is about other than breastfeeding. Common decency might dictate that the image be inside the cover.  

Is this child abuse?

What next Time?  John Travolta masturbating on the cover?

This rag's time I think has passed.  Time (no pun intended) to shut down operations I think. 


Mitt Romney - Hair Care Specialist

"I have no recollection of having cut Seamus' hair." - - Mitt Romney

Huh? Did that moron say hair cut?


Santa Karmita - Patron Saint of Karma

Santa Kamita is the patron saint of Karma.

What goes around come around. 

Quod vadit circa venit circa.

And Karma can sometimes be a bitch!

Prayer request here (                                                  ).



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Civil Rights - Equality - LGBT

No More Gay Jim Crow in America!


Romney Bullies Gays in High School – Prequel to coming GOP Inquisition in America

If you don’t conform like us real male dudes and act like the rest of us, we’re gonna come and get you.

Snotty rich kid! Bully! Domestic terrorist. Yellow rat bastard.

Best of the best of the GOP - Mitt Romney.

"...The Washington Post story, by Jason Horowitz, detailed a 1965 incident, witnessed by at least five Cranbrook students, in which Romney, incensed by the dyed blond locks of a fellow student, led what the Post described as a “posse” of students in a charge against the boy, threw him to the ground and hacked off his hair. “He can’t look like that,” Romney told a close friend at the time. “That’s wrong. Just look at him!”

No one was punished for the incident, according to a number of witnesses, who the Post tracked down and interviewed.

The Post also detailed incidents where Romney said “Atta girl,” in class to a closeted gay student, and deliberately held a door closed while an sight-impaired teacher walked into it.

But it is the story involving John Lauber, described as “a soft-spoken new student one year behind Romney…walking around the all-boys school with bleached-blond hair that draped over one eye” that may cause problems for Romney. After Romney rounded up some friends, including Matthew Friedmann, who gave his version of the story to the Post, “they came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a  pair of scissors.”

Lauber, who died in 2004, was traumatized by the incident, according to a witness who bumped into him years later at a bar in Chicago O’Hare International Airport. “It was horrible,” Lauber reportedly told David Seed, a witness to the event, who apologized to Lauber for not helping stop it, the Post said...."


Fork in the Road - Secular vs. Religious Morality

The Prez and the VP came out in favor the a civil rights issue on Marriage Equality in the past few days.

The Prez did so a day after the redneck bible thumpers in North Carolina had to reinforce their own "religious" POV which goes with the Old Testmament and for lack of more civil words, the male penis right to fuck his property, whether it be woman, slaves or other "chattels".

It is amazing what I have seen in my lifetime of the far right religious nuts taking on the absolute authoritarian Roman model of the guys in silk and lace at the Vatican.  Of taking over a political party and wearing a false mask of Jesus.

That model makes no apology and exploits any human being male or female, straight or homosexual, or "priest-like" sexual (question mark ?) persons who by birth or accident wander into the precincts of religious stone age authority.

It is a day when the fundies are pushing gay hate in Africa as a means to slide into the socio-economic scheme there as a moral factor in the growing future wealth of that continent.

The old are bankrolling the current propaganda war in the west, Europe, North America and parts of South America against the idea that someone might be born with a sexual orientation different than the majority tribe POV.  The young already cherish their freedom to choose life the way they see fit and as God intended.

It is a great day when an African-American President of the United States can interject a secular moral idea based on individual introspection based on a pro-Jesus POV onto the world stage.

While traditions in Africa will not likely to change.  From this day forward another global morality base idea is brought into sharp focus to the rest of humanity.  While the Muslim world is not likely to follow on the merits of same sex marriage, the idea, the seed of change, of a diverse global POV is planted.

It is remarkable when the old men in the Vatican in the sixties put all their prestige and money so to speak on the Craps Table and based the whole future of a dying church on trying to monopolize an individual's right to choose and or to deny their right to live out freely what God has imposed on them as an individual in terms of his or her animus, animal nature.

The spiritual power, the "higher angels of out nature", is the goal, the evolution of the species to achieve over the baser forms of our shared lesser nature.

It is to be remembered that the words of the arch-villian of humanity, archbishop Wojtyla's advice and prejudice to Paul VI on birth control, took a biased view of Protestantism and the rights of individuals by stating that the "holy spirit" was exclusively with the Roman Catholic POV.

Well maybe the "holy spirit" now speaks on matters of human sexuality directly to the individual, a very Protestant concept, and the old fashioned generally corrupted religious POV is growing obsolete in the new global arena of thought.

The Enlightment, though blockaded and detoured through the recent past, is on a clear path to the future.

Human morality and human sexuality are no longer properties owned by the state and or state religion in this new dawning global age.


Truth - Kindness - Necessity - Missing Ingredients in the Present State of Public (non) Civility

My best friend when I was small was a Friend. Her parents were birthright Quakers active in prison reform and nuclear disarmament. As a child I saw the homelier side of Quaker practice - the silent meetings, the delicious treats at the annual bazaar and an early introduction to the three-fold sieve.
A LITTLE boy one day ran indoors from school and called out eagerly: "Oh, mother, what do you think of Tom Jones? I have just heard that ——" 
"Wait a minute, my boy. Have you put what you have heard through the three sieves before you tell it to me?" 
"Sieves, mother! What do you mean?" 
"Well, the first sieve is called Truth. Is it true?" 
"Well, I don't really know, but Bob Brown said that Charlie told him that Tom ——" 
"That's very roundabout. What about the second sieve — Kindness. Is it kind?" 
"Kind! No, I can't say it is kind." 
"Now the third sieve — Necessity. Will it go through that? Must you tell this tale?" 
"No, mother, I need not repeat it." 
"Well, then, my boy, if it is not necessary, not kind, and perhaps not true, let the story die."