Friday, July 1, 2011

Benedict XVI and his new Holy Roman Empire

I heard something the other day from a practicing Catholic. It had to do with the present German Pope and his attempt to reestablish the Holy Roman Empire in Europe.

What is this all about? This sounds a bit far fetched at first but if you look at the historic footprints, it is a plausible statement.

The RC church’s long term plan since Napoleon seems to be to have one dominant Catholic political power under a new so called Holy Roman Emperor. Democracy is deemed totally secondary to supreme authority of the church and or the state with the church.

The countries of Europe at present are involved in a European Union. There had recently been a new official job in that political union calling for the office of President of the European Council.

A man who openly campaigned for this new office was former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a recent convert to Roman Catholicism. He didn’t get that appointment but one has to wonder if the Vatican was rooting for Tony in their long, long term plans for a one holy and Catholic Europe.

One of the recent Wikileaks diplomatic documents sheds light on Benedict XVI opposition to letting Turkey, a Muslim country, from joining the European Union. Turkey should have a special relationship with Europe but not be a full member according to that leaked document. Europe should think of itself as a Christian entity and not be mixed with other belief systems in on Benedict’s wish list and his struggle against European secularism.

WikiLeaks cables: Pope wanted Muslim Turkey kept out of EU
Of course, as a political and financial entity, the Vatican Bank is currently in the middle of a money laundering scandal with Italian authorities.  Nothing new there.  The Vatican and its bankers are as corrupt as any other political state.

I did run into a blog article that I found interesting about the Vatican’s political swings back and forth over the past two centuries without an official Holy Roman Emperor.  The article implied that Pius XII was already in line to have Hitler, a baptized catholic, establish Roman Catholicism as the official religion under a German controlled Europe.

The Holy Roman Empire, Hitler, and Benedict XVI

Makes you wonder with the present financial turmoil and Germany at the center of a stabilizing financial factor in a declining economic European Union.

It is important to recognize that the Roman Catholic Church had a long term strategy to restore Catholicism and Papal supremacy. In the short run they could tolerate dictators who were not subservient to the Pope if those dictators would create the conditions (by creating authoritarian states and exterminating non-Catholics) that would allow the Popes to end up at the top of the hierarchy.

Thus Europeans found themselves subject to Benito Mussolini in Italy, Adolf Hitler in Germany, General Petain in France, General Francisco Franco in Spain, and a host of lesser Catholic dictators.

In retrospect the Catholic Church lost its great gamble for control of the world. The Protestants (if you include atheists as Protestants) of Great Britain, the United States, and Russia defeated Pius XII (successor to Pius XI), Hitler and crew.
Makes you wonder what Pius XII is heading toward sainthood for – not for savings millions of Jews but for following the long term political gameplan of the Vatican’s great Catholic hope for Europe.
With the Polish Pope and the current Pope, Benedict XVI, we have seen the Catholic Church shed its fake liberalism of the post war period. Liberal Catholics have been mercilessly purged from the Church hierarchy.

Medieval styles of thought have begun to be promoted again. The Church has not openly advocated a return to monarchical government yet, but it has supported a number of right wing Catholic governments in Latin America and authoritarian politicians in Europe…