Friday, October 2, 2009

The Sacred and Secular Feminine

What if the so called Sacred Feminine revealed itself ?

I ran into two perhaps unrelated forms of art yesterday. I will not go into detail but I felt something - to what might be called the so called Sacred Feminine. In fact that in the last forty odd years I have lived through and seen an unveiling of the spirit of the universe through the liberation of women in the western culture.

The sacred blends into the secular in some cases.

Yesterday, the artist in me was awakened by a movie and a song.

The Movie “Across the Universe” is in some ways one long Beatles Music Video. But I am aware how the young today learn history. It is not through books but by movies. This panorama of the late sixties inspired and showed me reflections of the late sixties counterculture that I was aware of but never fully participated in.

Julie Taymor, the director, has put together a beautiful display of all sorts of human energy and reflections. I stood back as in front a grand Picasso and had to say that wow this is a great work of art both visually and in sounds. I am not a great Beatles fan but somehow reframing the music against a storyline and with others singing the songs – parts of it just blew my mind.

Across the Universe

One of the characters in the film reminded me of the late great and now almost forgotten Janis Joplin. Speaking of coincidences, the thirty ninth anniversary of her death is October 4. Anyway I tried to find a You Tube video to capture the essence of Janis Joplin, Princess of Port Arthur Texas.

As with the film mentioned above I did find something appropriate in sound and flavor of Janis and one of her big hits. Pink, the artist, is just grand in the video below.

The energy of the sacred, divine feminine flows over into the present secular feminine that is pushing back the tired age of religion and the once sacred, but being discarded, masculine.

The future of art is a grand blend of all things.