Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Horny Old Dog Rafael Cruz Endorses Hot Young Tea Party Latina Katrina Pierson in the 32nd District Race in Texas.

Reverend Rafael “El Perro” Cruz of the Free as the Air Church in Carrollton Texas has some big ideas for a Latina chippy in the Tea Party he has his eye on running in the 32nd Congressional District in Texas.

Katrina Pierson, who had no student loans and worked her way through college (pole dancing?) has been officially endorsed by recent wetback turned U.S. Citizen Ted Cruz Dad Rafael Cruz.

As recently stated, about horny old white republican dudes with a handful of Viagra changing the moral scope of the American Scene.

Tea Party Plus Viagra makes for a New GOP Dawn In North Carolina Politics

So too on the second Latino/Latina Tier of the Republican Party, Rafael is I think wanting to make Katrina Pierson Senator Cruz’s official second step mommy and or unofficial tenth or twelfth unofficial Step Mommita. LMAO

No hay tonto como un viejo tonto. (No fool like an old fool.) Whatever.

Here below a Loser’s  Gallery of thoughts from “Ms.” Pierson’s Campaign Facebook Page.

GOP Standard of True Femininity 

Let's Close Down The Coal Mines In Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky and Import Coal from China???

Girls Get Orgasms From Guns Too

Even The Cadaver Saint Ronny Reagan Endorses Me
"Eddie" with that Double-Triple Oxymoron Thingy - Fearless Principled and Conservative