Friday, June 29, 2018

Trumps Brands America - America Is Trump

I could care less about any American corporation. My father got Bain Capitaled out of his pension in the late 1970s and that was with a full democratic congress and WH to "protect" his rights as a steel worker. My low opinion of them, management, is that most, the majority of them are run by CEO's not at bright as pimp-boy Trump. My point is that like some nanobot narrative constantly running in the media, Trump is becoming more important than the content of whatever the fake news, left or right is broadcasting. His voice is the cutting edge of a 3-D printer making his future line by line and word by word.

That for many, Harley, no matter what their present business game plan is a symbol or has been a symbol of American taste and entrepreneurship. That his bitch slapping HD in the airwaves of fake news, no matter what he says, he is only building his new global president for life Brand.