Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain is Falling - ELO

Spanish Guitar - Grisha Goryachev

Marco Rubio – the new Rick Santorum?

Pentacostal, evangelical, “Roman Catholic” on Wikipedia, teavangelist, Tea Bagger darling Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, is now looking to be the “token latino” VP on the GOP presidential ticket and is preaching some really anti-Christian Reich sounding rhetoric in that

“Social Security and Medicare have made us weak as a people”.

In a speech delivered at the Ronald Reagan Library on Tuesday.

Like if you don’t have family or dedicated neighbors to take care of you when you are old or sick, you should be fucked. According to Tea Senator “Rick  Santorum Jr.” of Florida, it not the problem of government etc. if you can’t take care of yourself in your old age.

Not quite man on dog as Rick Santorum would put it but maybe more dog on dog or dog eat dog - I think explains his, this Tea-losophy.

Is this the beginning round of a socially acceptable, Passive (from the government POV) Euthanasia for the Poor in this country?

Where is the real Jesus in all your bought by cash rhetoric Marco darling?

Christian is no longer synonymous with humanity anymore especially when it's preaching, official party line, comes out of the front office of the official God party - the GOP.

What the heck are you smoking in the pews down there in drug cartel controlled Florida during your church services buddy?  

What God do you wor$hip???
Wow.  The price of your soul is quite cheap Marco!

What is this going to be – a Perry/Rubio ticket? 

Dumber and dumbest.

Try to have a nice day.

(The end of civilization as we know it is at hand.)