Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ayn Rand's Pagan Religion

Most people in a secular society give lip service to altruism. It, as phrased by Any Rand, is the basis of the current moral standards in the west that fall short of her Objectivism which states that individual selfishness is the right approach to reality.

As in some cases, a visual is more informative.   A picture is worth a thousand words.

Viewing some ancient Ayn Rand interviews on YouTube, I felt that this pagan high priestess of the New American Fascism Free Market Capitalist philosophy does not see the forest for the need to piss on the tree right in front of you.

I can see that the so-called altruism of Christianity has not been fulfilled fully over the centuries. Some progress on a regular basis on the evolutionary scale and toward a better humanity is the implied overall message, reality, of Christianity.

Ayn Rand’s anti-human atheism is being touted more than ever before as America is trying to get its fix on its place in the brave new global reality.

If Fascism is the best way to go mixed with Fox New Fear and Lies agitprop rumors, then chaos is not only here temporarily but the eye of the storm moves back to the permanent violence and chaos of nature - a dark age.

That building a better world and being able to share it is the make or break moment of any civilization and more so now in the evolution of our species at this point in time in global history.

Look at the ash tray above.

Individual pleasure and selfishness says to smoke. Burdening your lung cancer treatment bills on insurance companies or the Government is the real end result of this false fucked up Tea Party philosophy. Total individual independence in the middle of your own forest is a myth long gone from the reality of the American landscape. I doubt that any of these arm chair fascist philosphers espousing Ayn Rand and her wanna be new American State Religion are really going to do the lung cancer treatment thing out of their own pocket.

That is the basic flaw of Ayn Rand – time marches on and a static philosophy must change or adapt to present situations. If you are locked into a never changing religion/philosophy/dogma of selfishness, you are already the ash (the dead past) at the bottom of the ashtray in terms of not trying to any make meaningful contributions to the present and continued future interdependence of humanity.

The filled ashtray of history to date is Objectivism, sad to say. No brave new light to the future there.