Monday, November 26, 2012

Walmart Slave Labor Worth $1200 A Pop, Dead – Sale Price Falling to $1000 A Head By Tomorrow
A company that makes clothes for Sean Combs' clothing brand ENYCE and other U.S. labels reassured investors that a factory fire that killed 112 people over the weekend would not harm its balance sheet, and also pledged to pay the families of the dead $1,200 per victim. 
In an announcement Monday, Li & Fung Ltd., a middleman company that supplies clothes from Bangladesh factories to U.S. brands, said "it wishes to clarify" that the deadly Saturday night blaze at the high-rise Tazreen Fashions factory outside Dhaka "will not have any material impact on the financial performance" of the firm. …
Wal-Mart confirmed Monday that its clothes were being made at the Tazreen factory. Even though Wal-Mart is famed for maintaining tight control over its supply chain, the company said its clothes were being made at the plant without its knowledge.

The Arc of the Superstitious Universe Is Long and Bends Toward Human Destruction

I have heard the MLK quote in my mind having read it several times perhaps in the blog of a preacher and or a true Prophet (one that few listen to in his or her lifetime).

I backtracked on the MLK quote on the internet and found that one site quoted the full text from somebody named Parker in the 1850s in the context that MLK’s abridged version was somehow perverted in that MLK did not quote the full version or that MLK did not deserve credit for content and or connotation no doubt because he was less than a full (white) man to say it in any version.

One often wonders what went through the mind and soul of one of the truly great minds of Human History more so than merely being a freak within A-merican History when he shouted his version of truth in that public forum of human history in my own lifetime.

The quote, something like “the arc of the Moral Universe is long but it bends toward justice” is an interesting thing to say in today’s godless age.

Morality it would seem is anything one political party quotes is morality from its parasite appendage of religions, old and dying religions, things that represent the morality of times past and not the present, that now sit in and make backroom deals for money and power in the virtual forum and or town square of the 21st century of the common era since the height of political power under the Roman emperor god Augustus.

And even if one political party in America is blatantly vulgarly religious and openly worships the god/idol of money and power, the other party in its bland agnosticism is little different in many ways.

Which puts me in light of the last elections in which no true economic issues were discussed and in which the election of one over the other merely delays the stripping of the final layers of human rights of you and me into mere months I fear in any case instead of years and decades.

The need to find a public morality brought me back to the MLK quote and the struggle of some or is it the many to live in some measure of human dignity on this shrinking planet.

There is a story in the news about how some hundred odd human beings, mostly female, who died in a factory fire in Bangladesh, which if you know any history was once called East Pakistan and is in the eastern end of India. A nation born of rebellion against the mother land of West or present Pakistan.

One of course is reminded of the great Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in lower Manhattan or the West Village where over a hundred people, 146 to be exact, mostly women died because of greed, stupidity and arrogance back in 1911. The deaths caused such outrage that fire safety laws had to be upgraded and the cause of unionized labor and its humane demands got a great moral boost in the arm.

That building still stands BTW, just off Washington Square, and is now an active working structure as part of NYU. Some of the ghosts of those dead workers have not left that building or so some say.

In the case of third world factory in Bangladesh, various media stories first told some truth and now are trimming the truth back into neat little rows of pretty flowers out of the “truth”. In the American press that is. I continue to read more truth about this incident in the British Press.

Truth is that it is a new concrete building two or three years old, the factory that is. Concrete, fireproof and in no need of any marked or sufficiently cleared Emergency fire exits because concrete = fireproof. The building will survive fire and or the inconvenience of people. Yeah right.

That blocked exits or no exit signs and many floors illegally added to the structure added to the chaos and death of so many. That thing about the exits only existed for a short time in the American media before Wal-Mart which buys the shirts made by third world slave labor in this particular factory puts out it great answer to morality by saying that this particular factory where over a hundred women died had two of three black marks on Wal-Mart's mighty standard charts before it would refuse to buy from this factory at some time in the future. 

How fucking high, mighty and “morally” modern Wal-Mart!

God/Dollar Bless You!

To quote or paraphrase quote myself “The Arc of the Superstitious Universe Is Long and Bends Toward Human Destruction”.

My search for morality or something like it in the public forum comes with the knowledge that public morality is now a commodity in the public world as evidenced by all the yes man lackeys called Roman Catholic American Bishops who have thrown their lot in with all the other for profit Fundies like Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Osteen, Hagee, Falwell, etc., etc., etc.

The superstition that is religion in most cases these days has attached itself to the myth of Free Market Capitalism that now is one of the pillars of American and or Western public faith or so the media brainwashes us to accept as modern dogma.  That the theory of capitalism is perfect and should never be diluted with real time usage by people or with people or about people. Real people.

What killed 100 factory workers in Bangladesh? Superstition.

Superstition that all Profits are Clean and full of the unquestioned Grace of Dollar.

Superstition that you can build unsafe factories and pay slave wages and sell your products to a Company like Wal-Mart headquartered in a shithole god-forsaken place like Arkansas that believes that guns, Jesus and exploitative profits from slave labor are all rolled into, bundled, into something unquestionably sacred according to the new superstition and or religion of the one true Free Market Capitalism / GOP / Democratic / Property political party.


“The Arc of the Superstitious Universe Is Long and Bends Toward Human Destruction.”