Friday, November 28, 2014

Bishop Robert Finn Got Raw Deal in Corrupt Missouri State Grand Jury Maze?

I begin to realize why the Vatican has stood by their man in Kansas City Missouri on charges of failure to report suspected child abuse by his personal friend Father Ratigan.

Apparently the sheeple in the Kansas City Diocese also understand how corrupt a local Missouri Grand Jury can get when its members are picked by experts in personalities and types. Not to mention ethnic names that might indicate whether a Juror is a Catholic or Protestant etc. And of course these days the “none of the above” atheists, agnostics and secularists populate the juror’s pool. 

Bishop Finn was no doubt indicted on heartland anti-Catholic sentiment with that likely heavy Protestant and “other” type of Grand Juror placed there by the local prosecutor.

So when some ambitious prosecutor from the white burb part of a Missouri County wants to convict a sitting Roman Catholic Bishop on some piddling child abuse misdemeanors as an example, it is no big deal to indict anyone on any trumped up charges or not indict a favored native (white) son, as in the recent St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McColloch’s long, long, long term probe into the innocence of a Ferguson Missouri cop Darren Wilson ( which was a forgone conclusion – wink – nod ).

Spoon feeding jurors and evading questions from the jury if the Supreme Court can trump some obsolete fugitive slave type shoot to kill law is otay okay.  That and picking a white nine panel and black three grand jury with a requirement of 9 votes to indict and or not to indict. No sweat. So sweat indeed Bobby and Kathi and Sheila.

Bishop Finn will not doubt be moving up to rank of archbishop soon, that is no doubt in the works. Just a matter of time. God’s laws are certainly superior to man-made and easily manipulated secular law as in Missouri.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

No Rush to Grand Jury Judgment Under Bob McColloch’s Instructions to Incompetent Dream Team Kathi Lynn Alizadeh and Sheila Whirley

McColloch - Wilson - Brown - Ferguson Missouri

They took their time and even quoted obsolete struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court statutes that give cops a license to kill especially if perps are unarmed and fleeing. McColloch’s predicted months long probe ending up even being many hours late when the Grand Jury had supposedly already finished on Monday.

Missouri’s obsolete statute presented to the Grand Jury sounded more like something out of Jim Crow or the pre-Civil War Fugitive Slave laws protecting the property of plantation owners of Missouri – as pointed out by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC last night.

Blacks at best in Missouri can only get 3/5 entitlement to any law, past or present, on the books there. Less if McColloch & Co. are orchestrating an intentionally mismanaged, botched hack job on protecting Male White Entitlement in this old borderline slave state. 

The steamy evening, with a temperature of 84 and 72 percent humidity at 8 p.m., took its toll on the early energy level. Adding to the discomfort was a heavy thunderstorm passing through.
A pair of protesters supporting Officer Darren Wilson walked along West Florissant shortly before the rain struck. Many in the crowd shouted at them, and police quickly removed them by squad car.
Another protester, Mubarack Sulamann, traveled from Memphis to Ferguson to peddle T-shirts that read “Justice for Mike Brown.” The cost? $10.
The first of two marches in Clayton was held in the morning as the grand jury commenced its work. But County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch warned that it won’t finish its task any time soon, despite numerous calls by protesters and some public officials for speedy action.
“Our target date is, hopefully, by the middle of October,” McCulloch said. “I certainly understand the concern, but we won’t rush it through. In the long run people, at least a majority of people, will appreciate the thoroughness.”
Grand juries work in secret. The grand jury meets in his office behind secure doors in the County Justice Center, across South Central Avenue Carondelet Avenue from the St. Louis County Courthouse. Reporters have no ability to see anyone entering or leaving the grand jury room, or how they get to McCulloch’s office from outside the building.
Handling the case before the grand jury are assistant prosecutors Sheila Whirley, who is black, and Kathi Alizadeh, who is white. Alizadeh, with 27 years experience, is the regular homicide prosecutor. Whirley has the grand jury assignment and 18 years experience.
McCulloch declined to discuss any evidence, but elaborated upon his decision not to rush the investigation.
“Some people say we are rushing to judgment and others say we are dragging it out,” he said. “We will do this as expeditiously as possible, but certainly not in any haphazard manner.”
As for October, he said, “It could be longer than that, or shorter than that. I doubt any sooner than that.”
Outside the Justice Center, about 50 protesters marched and chanted in the 7800 block of Carondelet Avenue. One held a sign saying, “Recuse McCulloch.”

The only tense moment was when Pattie Canter of Clayton walked to the protest area carrying a sign saying, “My family and friends support Officer Wilson and the police.”


Saturday, November 22, 2014

A. G. POWELL Bicycle Patent No. 452,649. Patented May 19,1891.

The Wheel and Cycling Trade Review 21 Nov. 1890

A book called THE INDUSTRIES OF PENNSYLVANIA, published circa 1882, on p.126, contains the following passage:

"David Pettit & Co., Ornamental Iron Works, Nos. 1130 & 1132 Ridge Ave. One of the most important manufacturing establishments in this city and which has by the excellent character of its production become well known throughout the city, is the Ornamental Iron Works of David Pettit & Co., which were originally established ten years ago by Hanson & Kirk, who conducted the business until 1876, when the firm became Hanson & Pettit.

In Nov., 1879, Mr. Frank Pettit became a member of the firm, and since then the firm transacts business under the title of David Pettit & Co.  September, 1880, the business which had formerly been carried on at Twelfth and Willow streets, was removed to the establishment formerly occupied by Robert Wood& Co.  The works are divided into several departments, each of which is provided with all the latest improved machinery, appliances and tools, driven by steam power, and furnishing employment to a number of skilled workmen.  

The productions consist of all kinds of Ornamental Iron Work, Statuary, Fountains, Chairs, and settees for Lawns, Stable Fixtures, Weather Vanes, and Hitching-posts, Staircases, etc.-a specialty being made of Railings for Cemeteries. 

A distinguishing feature of the work being the rich, elegant and unique designs, most of which are original with the firm.

A large business is conducted by the firm, as they are constantly
originating new designs which meet the popular tastes, and are largely in demand all through the country, Canada, the West Indies and other points.

The members of the firm are David Pettit and Frank Pettit, natives of Salem, N.J., who bring to bear upon the business sound judgment and rare business ability. This establishment is one of the leading representative manufacturers of this special line of goods in the city."


Bombing America’s Enemies into the Stone Age. A great return on investment?

We bombed Vietnam into the stone age. Guess what? - Vietnam is alive and well and in the 21st century. A great investment of U.S. taxpayers' money?


Friday, November 21, 2014

The Shunning of Bill Cosby in America – Reasserting White Cultural Standards in the Media?

Perhaps this current mess with Bill Cosby is a mistake. Or PC has caught up to the past when there pretty much were no rules when it came to sex and or sexuality in America.

I seem to think that social networking among other things takes a lot of shared ignorance out of the closet so to speak and shed some light on matters in a modern global capacity.

That sins like masturbation on the Church list, mortal sins mind you, that they are pretty much considered body function anymore and not sinful but just something normal in the life of the man beast race that remains half ape and is still half imagining the other half is angel. Which is why the guys in dresses at the Vatican don't have a clue about anything sexual - still preaching from the same old everything is a sin textbook as genuinely "moral" - yeah right.

Getting back to Cosby. I always thought he was a grade A phony. If you look at the old “I Spy” detective shows where he was a so-called breakthrough part for an African American on prime time TV in the mid-1960s. The show was on at 10 P.M. when school children were supposed to be already off to bed in Beaver Cleaver white America. 

If you see these old shows, they are poorly written and full of a lot of direct and veiled sadistic violence. Not good fare for mom and pop watching them. But then again few choices then for three TV channel America.

I remember a show with Cosby being a gym teacher which actually fit in with his Temple U degree in Philly for P/E.

Over and above his moderate visual success on TV was his dirty comedy records which to many was his real source of income.

I remember around 1971 when he was on the David Frost show making a big deal about retiring from Show Business and going off to Massachusetts to get his PhD in education. Why? Because he wanted to be an outstanding model for his race and in education etc. PR PR PR  BS BS BS Whatever became of his academic career? But the bait and switch entertainment marketing scam worked well to create demand so well that Frank Sinatra, a has been night club singer retired two or three times before his many comebacks. Whatever.

Then there was that bizarre Cosby fantasy show of a successful Harlem Doctor and his cute black middle class gentrified family that it was somehow successful even though I had no desire to watch it. I knew black people and I knew Harlem and the last place any successful black people I knew in New York - they did not want to live and or work in Harlem.

Which kind of leaves us now with the present and all these bimbos coming out of the woodwork wanting an out of court settlement from a filthy rich black entertainer who for better or worse has not managed his private tastes too well. Or these women, groupies in their younger days or whatever never heard the adage that in getting ahead in Show Business is the same as in Wall Street – it is not who you know, it is who you blow to get ahead in life.

I have often thought that the death of the hypocritical White Town Square standards in America was the start of the culture wars in the 1980s forward to establish those old standards that were pretty much set by the local town newspaper owned by the local white establishment.

That when someone like Madonna came onto the scene with her skank nouveau marketing model, that the old white standard bearers, the newspapers and national TV media could not shame her or shun her or make an example of her slutty appeal to the rising younger female buying demographic market.

That now with six corporations controlling the top tier (1%) of the information and tech pyramid, I look at this current Bill Cosby sideshow with mild disinterest but realize that Cosby is collateral damage of sorts of the six year plus Fox News TV and Limbaugh radio hate campaign against Obama and trying to reassert the old white standards in the obsolete in a global town square sense, of the old American Town Square. The white GOP’s Neanderthal base is going to lynch this guy, in virtual-osity, in the social media. 

So much for doing their Ted Cruz - Joe Wilson style of protecting our white women in the burbs from “those people”. That Rafael Cruz courtesy of the Heritage Foundation endorsement of Cuban white hatred of all blacks including black cubans - and Joe Wilson's "You Lie" white trash talk to the WH Nigger from the inbred crowd in South Carolina has a butterfly affect on the all Racist Revival of the old loser Confederate States even in a global age of tech and information movement. 

I say this because today, even the casino in Arizona run by the Tohono O'odham Indian nation outside Tucson is cancelling Bill Cosby’s scheduled performance in February. That the nation that sells tobacco and liquor untaxed by the Feds and caters to gambling addicts are pimps of sorts or good capitalist businessmen depending on your POV – but the point is that they feel comfortable enough in judging Bill Cosby in the social media maelstrom that eats and chews ppl out faster than whatever.

The media sucks. 

Good luck Bill in your virtual retirement as an ideal model of whatever it was that you were in your fifteen hours of fame. 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

George Washington –Typical Lazy White Farmer - Living Off the Welfare of His Slaves

I am amazed how it took George Washington and 2,000 slaves on his plantation to make a comfortable middle class living for himself and his wife and her two brats from a previous marriage.

The History Channel shows how George raised sheep for wool and had an untaxed by the gubmint, largest whiskey still in America and as if he did all the dirty grunt work to eek out a comfortable living for his lazy white ass and his lazy white wife and lazy white children. Mansion (Plantation) trash.

The adage about how slaves, blacks, African Americans are so lazy over the centuries covers the truth of from 1620 onward of the lazy white fucks of Virginia and the South and parts North who all lived on the sweat, pain and agony of the black man, woman and their children and children's children.

As for being a good general, Washington was too lazy and or just too white (wink, nod) to surrender to the British. Too dumb to know when he lost?

And most importantly of all did not want to pay his bills in London for all the luxury items exported to Mount Vernon. Deadbeat founding father. 

And too lazy to work - living on the welfare of his slaves. 


Monday, November 17, 2014

Triumph of Faith Over Reason - Senator Ted Cruz - Senate Chair, Science Committee

I say - The bible now. The bible Tomorrow. The bible Forever.


Muslim Prayer Service at National Cathedral Washington DC – Friday November 14

photo: Guardian UK

The monotheistic religionists like the Episcopalians are way ahead of the curve in sharing church property with other faiths. It is a diverse country last I heard.

Planners had said they hoped Friday’s service at the historic cathedral would foster more understanding and acceptance between Christians and Muslims around the world.

The prominent Episcopal cathedral often hosts national events, such as presidential funerals, and has hosted Muslims at various interfaith services in the past. But planners say this is the first time the cathedral has invited Muslims to lead their own prayers there, which they call a “powerful symbolic gesture”.

As the service continued, Rizwan Jacka of Islamic Society of North America called the cathedral a house of prayer for all people.


Starbucks Joins Monsanto’s Suit to Queer Up Food Labeling Law in Vermont

The legendary rocker announced that he's boycotting Starbucks over the coffee monolith's alleged involvement in a lawsuit in Vermont regarding the labeling of genetically modified ingredients.

"I used to line up and get my latte everyday, but yesterday was my last one," Young wrote on his website earlier this week. "Starbucks has teamed up with Monsanto to sue Vermont, and stop accurate food labeling."

Young's referring to a law Vermont passed last spring that will require food labels to specify whether they're made with genetically modified ingredients by July 1, 2016.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Ted Cruz Coloring Book Falsely Depicts Him as Right Handed - Out or Still a Closet Leftie?

There is no shame in being left handed. Long gone are the days of left handed people being verbally abused as using the (Left Hand) “hand of Satan”.

Or is the comic book / coloring book image a false bearded one since it prominently displays his ring finger on the left hand, implying right handedness. Watch on right wrist - another leftie indicator.

This, when in fact the ring finger he uses is on his right hand in real life (in photos) indicating left handedness - (a closet leftie perhaps? - with all these false depictions and in the minds of little children no less - shame shame).

Coded image of just another bible belt redneck “false messiah”?

…the firebrand Republican senator from Texas is depicted as a kid-friendly “passionate fighter for limited government.”

This week, the publisher released a new eight-page supplement to the original children’s book. It’s titled “Ted Saves America” and includes images of the tea-party darling flying like Superman and riding an eagle.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Countess Annie Leary Burial Vaunt - Under Old Saint Patrick's Cathedral NYC

Old St. Patrick's Cathedral and Graveyard NYC

Papal Countess Annie Leary 1832-1919

Leary Family Burial Vault Under Old St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC

One of Several Corridors of Burial Vaults Under Old St. Patrick's Cathedral


Countess Annie Leary - "Summer Cottage" - Newport Rhode Island

"Park Gate" - Pelham Street and Bellevue Avenue

The Leary Summer "Cottage" from the Gilded Age of Countess Annie Leary and her brother Arthur - now an Elks Lodge meeting hall in Newport Rhode Island. 

Image: Countess Annie Leary
NY Tribune 17 Sept 1911 (copyright expired)



George P. Bush (Texas) Not a Scientist - Code? For “I Am A Moron” (Just like Uncle Georgie [W. Bush])

George P Bush of Texas - "I Ain't No Scientist"

(Cobert) then turned his ire — and jokes — to Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, nephew of George W. Bush. The new Bush on the block had pulled the classic “I'm not a scientist” line during an interview about global warming, something that didn't sit well with even the conservative character.

And when the land commissioner was asked how much man has contributed to the rising sea levels, he punted.

“Everywhere from no impact at all, to 100 percent,” Bush said.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Politically Correct Storm Troopers Like Ben Affleck Have Destroyed Democratic Party with PC POISON

"I am PC Pure!" - "You are a moron Ben,"

I stopped writing over at Daily Kos because one day I did not know the lexicon of 100% liberal culturally pure words. And with the use of one politically incorrect (unacceptable word in any circumtance) word which I used metaphorically “Rothchild” in a, theoretically I thought, discussion of nineteenth century economics related to the American Civil War – I was attacked instantly by dozens of Kos Nazis or “Kossacks” – attacked instantly and totally accused of “anti-semitism” in dozens of comments rendered in a matter of tens of seconds.
If you think you are liberal or progressive or believe in science, if you don’t believe any of that the KOS way, you are an outsider and eliminated or shunned, voted rated down down or commented to death by 100% politically correct lefties – the pure or purist wing of that party that just lost so badly in Congress.
Ben Affleck, to protect his politically perfect version of limousine liberal PC, regarding the fanatic ragheads in the east and their war on the west, attacked Bill Maher as a act of loyalty to his own ego and the PC niche he has carved out regarding Politically Correct Fantasy Arab Interpretation Hollywood style history.
The Republicans have the poor, the ignorant. The poor will always be with us. Their base is secure forever.
The politically correct minefield, mindfield that the left has to go through to prove oneself and or one’s cause pure and correct and abstract and not real to the man or woman in the street - college professor PC ideal classroom model - is the problem the Dem Morons like Ben Affleck have until the Dems can crawl back into power as a politically party of real people and not PC clones.

Movie-Book Deal Worth Millions to Glory Seeking Navy Seal Robert O’Neill

Photo: Associated Press

Traitor, disloyal to his oath and comrade Seals is worth it to this greedy "patriot" Robert O’Neill. That and a target painted on his back to half of Islam. I sure hope the American Taxpayer does not have to pay money to protect this disloyal sad sack of human shit.

Robert O’Neill, 38, told The Washington Post in an interview that he fired the two shots that killed bin Laden. He first recounted the story in February 2013 to Esquire magazine, which identified him only as “the shooter.”
One current and one former SEAL confirmed to The Associated Press that O’Neill was long known to have fired the shots that killed the leader of the international terror group responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks.
Defense Department officials confirmed today that O’Neill was a member of SEAL Team Six and was part of the bin Laden raid. But they said they could not confirm who fired the fatal shot, noting that other SEALs on the mission also fired at bin Laden.

If O’Neill discloses classified information during the interviews he could be subject to an investigation or action by the Justice Department, the Defense Department officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter by name.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pastor Rafael “Catfish” Cruz Feeds Lies to The Sheep At Hagee’s Cornerstone Tax Dodge Church at Secret Gathering in San Antonio

Pastor Rafael “Catfish” Cruz, a Cuban Exile, son of the possibly born out of wedlock, born in Canada Rafael Eduardo “Ted” Cruz of Texas, with many anti-American agendas, secretly snuck into fatboy Pastor John Hagee’s Tax Dodging Cornerstone Church and Gun Store in San Antonio on November 2nd and delivered his secret address to the Christian troops assembled, waiting for the longest delayed Bay of Pigs II assault on Washington DC.

What’s the big secret Pastor Rafael and John? What have you two darlings got to hide?


Average Penis Size - Can 114th Congress Measure Up 2 to the 113th Circle Joke Congress?

Looking at the wood (when, if, erect) added to the 113th, the 114th does not IMHO measure up to the infamously virile 113th Congress.

2.5 inches = 6.35 centimeters BTW 

Down .25 inches I would guesstimate.

Where have all the good men gone? LOL


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Year 155 A.D. (After Darwin) - Happy Celtic New Year

Happy New Year.  Happy Celtic New Year.  It was the global New Year long before they moved it to January 1.

The world seems to be changing very quickly.  Arab Spring. Occupy Everywhere.  Out of Iraq soon? I’ll believe that when I see it. The great non-Depression.  Etc.

It is the Celtic New Year.  The traditional New Year before the Church of Constantine hijacked the date and turned it into the Feast of the Circumcision.  (Boy, what's that all about?)

Anyway.  I am Areligionist, without religion and dogma.  It saves on the brain cells, avoiding too many brain games etc.

Of this, I am proud in my designating a proposed new global calendar system to reflect the reality of Darwin.  Even if On The Origins of the Species was first published on November 24, 1859, I am starting or setting in motion a Cultural Christian non-religious, non-dogmatic sacred tradition and merging Nov 24 with today Nov 1, a sacred day to me because I am a Celt, in this, the new New Year's day of the year 155 A.D. (after Darwin).  Cute.

Organized religion seems to be obsolete in western culture. Schools, hospitals and government are mostly secular and here in the USA the separation of church and state has been the cornerstone law of this land for over two centuries.

It is not that God is dead in so much as ancient myths and logics are misunderstood and or incompatible with this modern age. In any case – God is God; man is religion.

I pray that all of Islam wakes up one day soon. I pray that it is able to think independently of the state and the evil fascist rulers controlling the local mosque. That awakening will be Islam’s Reformation and gift to the world. 

The harder the extremists of Islam and Christianity fight for a place at the table of a fascist rulers’ feast – the greater the awakening to moderates who do not want to be told what God wants. 

Who knows what God wants ? Only madmen!

The secular sunshine of tomorrow will shine on all cultures on all continents.

Other than that, my Cultural Christian Sensibility knows that in fifty years time – all of humanity will look at all things including God and religion as either “B.D” or “A.D.” – either “Before Darwin” or “After Darwin”. - - (April 29, 2009)

I have some New Year's Resolutions and will be devoting more time to some postponed projects.

Happy New Year.  Happy 155. 

Treasure (not bless) Darwin.