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Discounts to Cardinals Bishops and Clergy at Msgr Kevin Wallin’s Land of Oz Sex, Bong and Fantasy Shop in Bridgeport Connecticut

What is this fascination with gay priests and Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and the Ruby Slippers?

As Cardinal Egan of New York' right hand man when he was Bishop in Bridgeport in the late nineties, the only thing Monsignor Wallin needed once he left St Augustine’s Cathedral parish there on sabbatical recently was Money Laundering for his Meth empire.

Without the cover of legitimate Vatican sponsored money laundering at St. Augustine's, Wallin needed the sex shop to launder his profits. Free Market Capitalism (bow your heads).

Both for religion and drugs, you need a front business to launder the profits.

20% discount to the Clergy on the Ruby (Cardinal) Slippers. One can dream, can’t one?


Kelly Clarkson - My Country Tis of Thee

My country tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died!
Land of the Pilgrim's pride!
From every mountain side,
Let freedom ring! ...

Let music swell the breeze,
And ring from all the trees
Sweet freedom's song.
Let mortal tongues awake;
Let all that breathe partake;
Let rocks their silence break,
The sound prolong.

Our father's God to Thee,
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing.
Long may our land be bright
With freedom's holy light;
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God,our King!


“Justice” Scalia Speaks: "I Went to the Mulignan President's Inauguration and All I Got Was This Dumb Hat”


Monday, January 21, 2013

Justice Scalia Wears His Mom's Hat to Inauguration - #1 Fan of the Movie "J. Edgar" - LOL


Bishop Lori’s Cathedral Parish’s Religious Liberty Put to the Test in Connecticut as Feds Persecute Pastor Kevin Wallin on Meth Charges

Monsignor Kevin Wallin under Attack from the Obama Justice Department

Paid sabbatical from Bill Lori at his cathedral, St. Augustine’s and poor Father Kevin Wallin is being persecuted under Obama anti-Religious Liberty laws and godless Justice Department (Waco! Waco! Waco!) for being part of a nationwide Meth Drug ring.

St Augustine Cathedral and Parish, Bridgeport Connecticut

This is the very kind of thing the Roman Catholic Bishops and FOX News have warned us about, the Gubmint coming to take our guns and making martyrs of our saints.

We can be so glad that Bishop Bill Lori has been promoted to Baltimore and does not have to deal with this direct government assault on our Religious Liberty.  Oh the Humanity!

Like anybody could believe that any of this stuff went down during Bishop Lori's watch in Bridgeport.

Can I tell you how much I love this story? You have NO IDEA how much I love this story. I love this story so much that I don’t know where to even begin with it. Here’s the gist: it appears as though the Catholic Church has its own Walter White — his name is Monsignor Kevin Wallin — and he hails from Fairfield County, Connecticut.  
Yesterday, a grand jury indicted Wallin, along with four others, on six counts of possession with the intent to distribute. Prosecutors say that he and his pals ran a meth ring that stretched all across the country. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $2 million fine. 
The Catholic priest busted for allegedly dealing crystal meth was suspended after church officials discovered he was a cross-dresser who was having sex in the rectory at Bridgeport’s St. Augustine Cathedral.  While pastor of St. Augustine’s, sources said he often disappeared for days at a time; and rectory personnel became concerned and notified diocese officials when Wallin, sometimes dressed as a woman, would entertain odd-looking men, some who were also dressed in women’s clothing and engaging in sex acts. 

 Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, recently of Bridgeport Connecticut – Author and Patron Saint of Religious Liberty in America – Special Prayers are being prepared for persecuted Monsignor Kevin Wallin at the upcoming Second Annual (sacred tradition) Fortnight of Freedom Dog and Pony Show this summer.

Soho Masses - London - Wandering Gays, the New Jews of the New Reich Catholic Church

Jihad against France and Britain’s political moves to legalize secular same sex marriage has the back biters in the Reich Catholic Church going after Catholic Gays and Lesbians, the new wandering Jews of that Reich Church.

Just ran into this story about Archbishop Nichols in London putting down his fabulous patent leather shoe to forbid the so-called “Soho Masses”, the temporary gatherings twice a month of the wandering Gays organization’s present sent up at a shitty looking church from Dickens time down a dark back alley/street in Westminster on Warwicke Street.

Archbishop Nichols you may remember went out of his way and his bailiwick to praise the “Courage of the Abusers” in Ireland right after the historic Child Abuse document of the Ryan Report in 2009.

Now, rainbow colored altar linen or vestments are not in Reich Church sacred tradition and cannot not be allowed along with the gathering of wandering Gays that want an occasional feel good, you are welcome here in God’s name atmosphere in their own element at a twice a month mass. Like Jesus the Hippie never wore the occasional tie-dyed tee shirt.

The Church of the Lady of the Assumption with its dark foreboding alleyway like place/street in central London is now needed to process disaffected Anglicans wanting solidarity with the women hating, gay hating Reich Catholic Church. And of course the occasional Gay Mass would scare the rich Anglicans away from holy mudder church.

The organization “Soho Masses” is becoming a floating organization looking for Gay Friendly Churches to deliver the odd Gay orientated audience sacred service, keeping one step ahead of the Grand Inquisitors, Conservative Snitches and Nero XVI’s Pretorian guards.

I may be wrong but there is in the current news that the SOHO Masses might be moving to a Jesuit church of the Immaculate Conception on Farm Street in Mayfair. 

That I think may have been a carrot waved by Nichols and company to add to their media releases to say that there is still a place for celibate self-hating gays but only at their local hetero hate the gays local parish. Whatever.

All this hate and it becomes clear looking at politics here and in Europe and the RCC that white and male is first and foremost. Brown and non-hetero (other) is a total inconvenience in dealing with those others.

Joe Ratzinger must stay up late at nights and regret that the ovens at Auschwitz of his beloved childhood memories are no longer in working order for the new Jews of sexual non-conformity, the new enemies of the Neo-Nazi Catholic Church in Rome.

He and his jiz crony medieval junto ruling party in his personal Reich Church is truly an evil factor to be considered, watch your back always, in the present global situation.  



Jan 22,13

Link supplied by commentor “Anonymous”.



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Father Tony Flannery on the Cloyne Report – A Tongue the Vatican Must Rip Out and Silence for the Sake of Destroying all Dissent

July 18, 2011

I am writing this on the morning after the Cloyne report, and out of the perspective of almost forty years conducting parish missions around the country.

Cloyne was always an unusual diocese, or to be more accurate, Cobh was.

In the era after Humanae Vitae, when on our missions we tried to soften the rigid implementation of that teaching in the Irish Church, we met more resistance in Cobh than anywhere else.

That Cathedral, with its scrupulous and legalistic bishop (John Ahern) and those six priests houses at the back, was easily the most clerical scene I witnessed in my time.

Men like Tim Sheahan, John Thornhill, Pat Twomey and Denis Reidy were clear and strong in their views, and were unwavering servants of the official Church line on all things. So any dialogue was almost impossible. Certainty was the order of the day.

Curiously, in the seventies, I met with more anti-clericalism in Cobh than in any place outside of Limerick or Dublin. It must be said that the atmosphere in the rest of the diocese was very different, and there were many great priests there, just as there are today, and my heart goes out to them this morning.

Then John Magee was appointed bishop. Why was he appointed? He was clearly unsuitable, and was an imposition from Rome. Was it that they wanted to get rid of him over there, or that it was a reward for covering up the circumstances of John Paul I’s death.

I don’t know, but it was a good example of the terrible policy of Episcopal appointments pursued by John Paul II, which I see as being one of the main reasons for the mess the Church finds itself in today.

He was never fully accepted, and his manner and attitudes were foreign to many of the priests and people. He gathered some kudos by promoting perpetual adoration for a time.

But I remember an old priest, now long dead, saying to me about 1990 that the diocese would reap a terrible whirlwind from the policies of John Magee.

Of course there never was an easy relationship between John Magee and Denis O’Callaghan, because O’Callaghan felt that he should have got the mitre.

So it does not surprise me to learn that a big part of the problems that was revealed yesterday had to do with a lack of communication between the two.

O’Callaghan was too much into power and position in the Church himself, as was obvious from his volte face as a moral theologian after Humanae Vitae came out.

All in all, this sorry chapter highlights a lot of what is wrong with the official Church, and with the Vatican bureaucracy. Will anything be learned? I don’t know. The abuse victims have had their day, and that is good.

And the state would appear to be responding well. The sooner the handling of everything around sexual abuse of children is dealt with by the state the better; and that is why I am no fan of Church bodies or guidelines dealing with it.

It would be much better if anyone who has a complaint in this area did not go to a bishop or a priest, but went to the civil authorities, and let them deal with it.

And if the law is not sufficiently strong to handle the complexity of the cases, then let it be changed. In that way there would be no confusion or cover-up.

In the meantime we priests struggle on.

And I would ask the people of Cloyne diocese today to be conscious of their own priest, and what it must be like for him.

Maybe a word of support or encouragement would help.

Tony Flannery




(One has to wonder if John Magee, like Justin Rigali, before their exiles from the Vatican heard one too many confessions from the fine young studs in the Swiss Guards Barracks, as their chaplains, and knew something someone powerful in the Vatican, a secret, (a dirty little German secret?), that could only destroy clerical careers instead of elevating them? Or it is all just a typical grand Peter Principle job scale thing - Vatican Style?)


NYC Classic Subway Entrance - IRT Line - City Hall - circa 1904

NYC Classic Subway Entrance - IRT Line - City Hall - circa 1904


A Yank Abroad – Archbishop Cordileone in England

San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone was recently hanging in London helping rewrite liturgy to welcome women hating, gay hating Anglicans into holy mudder church.

While there he gave a speech at the Brompton Oratory Church, next to the Victoria and (Prince) Albert Museum, a great place to meet tourists, exchange students etc.

Oh to get away from the hustle and bustle of San Fran to save souls in England. A task worthy of a cardinal.

A Father Henry, a simple humble parish priest went to hear the words of the great man Cordileone and gave a perfect, excellent PC review of the speech in his rather extensive blog covering Tradtional church stuff in Europe with pics below.

Abp. Sal Cordileone and  Fr. Simon Henry

Hanging with some friends in Orleans France

Tradtional Rite Church in Orleans

St.Catherines Catholic Church, Stanifield Lane, Farington, United Kingdom (Google Maps)


Cardinal Dolan’s 2008 $55 Million Cemetery Fraud Reversed by Federal Judge in Order to Compensate Victims of RC Clergy Buggery

Hiding Assets in a Graveyard  to Cheat Victims is both a Crime and a "Sin"

Mafia King Benedict XVI’s chief henchman in the United States gets some push back from the federal court on his infamous attempt to hide assets and cheat victims of child abuse in Milwaukee. 

When he was Archbishop of Milwaukee, Timothy Dolan chose the dead people, placing $55 million into cemetery trust funds and out of the reach of local abuse victims suing the Church. (They want compensation for the suffering caused by childhood sexual trauma.) Dolan left Milwaukee to take the most visible post in Catholic America -- cardinal of New York City - but he could not escape his choice. The victims asked a federal bankruptcy judge to reverse him, and on Friday she did. For now the $55 million is available to settle hundreds of well-documented cases in which priests raped and sexually molested children and adolescents.  
Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley discussed her decision in court on Friday, explaining that neither First Amendment protections for religion nor federal law protect the archdiocese from her authority. She sided with creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings, who said the main purpose of the 2008 transfer was to place it out of their reach. In fact the archdiocese had managed the task of mowing the grass and otherwise maintaining cemeteries for generations without a $55 million trust generating income for that purpose.

Satanists Want a Piece of Gov. Rick Scott of Florida’s Religious Liberty “Bill 98” Scam Abusing 1st Amendment’s Separation of Church and State

Sinking in the polls like with a millstone tied around his neck, Gov. Rick Scott has signed a bill authorizing optional religious prayers/“messages” to be delivered in Florida’s Tax Payer supported schools.

The Satanists want to promote their agenda same as Scott wants to promote the far right religious agenda on the tax payers dime. Holly-lu-ja.

Florida governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill that promotes religious freedom in schools. Bill 98 gives students "sole discretion in determining whether an inspirational message is to be delivered" at student assemblies, and also prevents school officials from influencing and participating in how these inspirational messages are delivered. …

For satanists, the bill might as well be divine intervention.

"Satan does ask us to do good among each other and follow our own path to happiness as long as it doesn't encroach on others," temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves told the Palm Beach Post. "Faith-based initiatives like this one in Florida gives marginalized religions like ours a chance to be heard. 

"You don't build up your membership unless people know about you," Greaves continued, "so this allows us to get our message out in public. …


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Rand Paul’s Toupee Woven from his God Mother Ayn Rand’s Favorite Lap Dog “Bourgeoisie Fluffy” – (after it died of course)

The Unplanned Paul Mistake

The Bitch

The Wig (RIP)

Agnostic Spoken Here

Agnostic is spoken here.

It is not the only language. I welcome differing points of view. But after something like a quarter century search for meaning and life and purpose of being, I have come to the conclusion that nobody really knows when it comes to the concept of “God” – who or what that three letter word really represents or means.

As you may have noticed I did a visual change on the blog cover overhead.

The dragon is not demonic, merely my Chinese Zodiac sign in green, a life color.  My image concession to the growing global culture of the human race.

I have also included a phrase I have used for many years.

“Just because man invented God does not mean that God does not exist.”

Hardly McShea’s Law or Logic formula on Agnosticism but a start.

I do not think that Agnosticism is half-assed Atheism because once an Atheist declares “there is not God”, he or she is not proclaiming it in a vacuum but in a functioning multi-dimensional world that needs some explaining sometime, somewhere from a scientific point of view at least.

And to explain God in terms of centuries old myth and superstitions is moot in the Twenty-first century of a common global era of the human race.

Also, I do not like a lot of the Atheists out there in the public square who seem so loud and vulgar in their defense of something that is both of a quasi-religious and secular nature.

Most Atheists I perceive to be first and foremost anti-religion perhaps due to bad past religious life experiences. The issue of God or Creator gets caught up many times entangled in that personal experience thing.

Atheism per se has gotten a bad rap through the centuries because it has always been a political term to quash any political dissent within the ruling theocracies which I think have been a majority throughout human history, both helping and hurting human history along the road to evolution of the species to bigger and better things.

That an extension of the tribe or clan has been the city state and the official party line, the official religion and or god has always been the local glue that holds the whole mess together at any given time locally along the human race timeline. 

That God for a lack of a better word is a metaphor, real at least to me, matching reality to a point and not unlike that of my childhood imaginary friend.

I think that when people say they believe in God, they are really saying that they conform to the local standards and enjoy the myth coming off of stained glass or the printed page and not necessarily in relation to total reality.

That looking at Dawkins Atheist Forum dissolve into chaos and dogmatic warfare says to me that Atheism is too on a certain level just another religion full of useless dogma.

As I have stated here on more than one occasion, I am Areligionist first, without religion and or dogma, before I am second Agnostic, with doubt about all popular religious cultural myths. I simply do not know.

That if anything, I am a closeted Quaker, not an official member of that party, but believe in the specialness of my own personal being and or personal God within aka the divine spark within.

Seeing the political scape descend into madness is seeing too much money and too much religion in politics these days.

That must change. Theologies do not work in the face of technology. Reality and myth conflict and reality is probable in most cases as opposed to any myth.

I remain a Cultural Christian because I believe in the basic teachings of Jesus. I do not however believe in his so-called divinity. 


Governor Chris Christie, Bigger than Life, Emerges as Only Human Being Left Standing in GOP – Against Gargamel Tea Bagger GOP Wing Led by mean stingy Rand Paul

Christie on Thursday went after the NRA, which is part of the coalition that forms the GOP’s conservative wing. The ad argues that because Obama’s daughters have armed security, regular parents deserve the same treatment in the wake of last month’s deadly rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. 
In an interview on Friday with a conservative radio host, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, also a potential 2016 contender and heir to his father's libertarian constituency, cast doubt on Christie's chances for national office under the GOP banner. 
"I think criticizing the 2nd Amendment movement and the over-the-top 'give me my money' stuff, 'I want all 60 billion now or I’ll throw a tantrum,' I don’t think that’s going to play well in the Republican primary,” Paul said.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, without his toupee, chasing and trying to kill Earned Workers Benefits such as Social Security and Medicare

Oprah Winfrey – Zombie Hag – Trying to Resurrect Lance Armstrong’s “Reputation” after his Drug Based Sports Fraud

Fraud Lance Armstrong and Zombie Hag Oprah Winfrey

I have not watched any of this Oprah playing momma to Lance’s sorry little boy interview. I do see collateral media bits and pieces which I think is disgusting.

Why isn’t this Dirtbag in Jail?

Okay I understand how Lance Armstrong is trying to cut down on any prison time his sports fraud and law breaking is likely to come his way.

But Oprah is something of a Zombie Hag, trying to help Lace resurrect his dead reputation and dead trust factor.

I thought she retired. 

They banned the Black Sox Baseball team in 1919 for fixing or throwing the World Series for gamblers and bookies.

Lance took a national institution like the Tour to France and dragged it into his ego spewing drug laced world for over seven championships. 

What is that worth in France? Life in Prison?


Happy - Indifference to Murdered Kids - NRA Gun Appreciation - Day

Latest NRA Promotion - a Gun with every Happy Meal - never too young to learn how to serve, submit to, for profit corporate America.

Dollar kickback to NRA on every Happy Gun Meal sold. 


Friday, January 18, 2013

Steubenville Ohio - The World is Watching - Mobile Billboard

Where Was Hillary When American Hostage in Algeria Killed? GOPs in Congress to Hold Hearings

US officials decline to discuss how many Americans are still being held and how many may have been killed in the Algerian military raid on the complex, which the Algerian authorities said freed 570 local workers and 100 of 132 foreign contractors before developing into a standoff with a group of jihadists still holding some workers prisoner."The situation remains extremely fluid on the ground,"…

Notre Dame Football's Proposed New Mascot - Inflatable Girlfriend Doll - For the Sexually Confused at a Typical Catholic College

Wil Wheaton, Wesley Crusher Talks Star Trek, Gaming, Gun Violence, Politics, Ayn Rand, Career w/ Young Turks' Cenk Uygur

Mormon Manti Te'o Forged a Beard Girlfriend – Ultimate White Male Entitlement Feel Good Football Story about Imaginary Girlfriends

Manti Te'o is not white but an honorary white man, a tool of male white entitlement embodied in the manly manly Roman Catholic testosterone corporate culture at Notre Dame FOOTBALL INC.

That and throw in a little bit of standard Mormon forgery sacred tradition…LOL

Rape a real girl or make one up, you’re safe at Notre Dame from reality if you are “white” and male.  Amen.

A White Male Entitled Journalistic Hoax!

There was no Lennay Kekua. Lennay Kekua did not meet Manti Te'o after the Stanford game in 2009. Lennay Kekua did not attend Stanford. Lennay Kekua never visited Manti Te'o in Hawaii. Lennay Kekua was not in a car accident. Lennay Kekua did not talk to Manti Te'o every night on the telephone. She was not diagnosed with cancer, did not spend time in the hospital, did not engage in a lengthy battle with leukemia. She never had a bone marrow transplant. She was not released from the hospital on Sept. 10, nor did Brian Te'o congratulate her for this over the telephone. She did not insist that Manti Te'o play in the Michigan State or Michigan games, and did not request he send white flowers to her funeral. Her favorite color was not white. Her brother, Koa, did not inform Manti Te'o that she was dead. Koa did not exist. Her funeral did not take place in Carson, Calif., and her casket was not closed at 9 a.m. exactly. She was not laid to rest.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pope to Now Tweet in Latin – since English is so Inferior to the Language of Constantine - “Ego Sum Corruptus” - "I Am Corrupt"

Not My Father's Notre Dame Football - Imaginary Girlfriends - Imaginary Rapes - Imaginary Safe Working Conditions - Manti Teo - Lizzy Seeberg - Declan Sullivan - Jack Swarbrick

"But what unsettles me about Groves’ argument is that he eventually makes the claim that Notre Dame is “one of America’s best examples of winning ‘the right way.’” Even worse, he suggests that the team’s haters must acknowledge as much, forced to swallow what is nothing less than irrefutable fact. It’s a popular claim and one that alludes not only to Notre Dame’s supremacy on the field, so far undisputed this year, but to its infallibility on some sort of moral scale."
"That idea, the so-called “right way,” irks me like few others. I’m honestly surprised that we have yet to retire the lazy and often dangerous phrase from the sports lexicon. To understand why, one needs only to think back on the figures who were famously thought to do things “the right way” until quite recently: Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Joe Paterno."


Susan LaPierre, Wayne’s Trophy Wife, Markets NRA Branding Products - Toasters that make NRA Toast – Cronies on NRA Payroll?


Besides selling NRA toasters to the peasants in the NRA ranks, Susan also shills for NRA philanthropic projects, big bucks, (big personal bonuses Susan?), with Elitist Ticket prices $200 - $2,000 a seat at a NRA little woman’s “Leadership” luncheon in Houston Texas in May 2013.

Like other organizations, the NRA has also tried to derive extra income from its members by selling corporations access to them. Affinity partnerships with various companies “have paid the NRA tens of millions of dollars in royalties,” the association said in a 2003 court filing. NRA Treasurer Wilson Phillips and the spouses of two other NRA officials had financial ties to a for-profit company that marketed access to NRA members in 2001, court filings show.
Phillips was chief financial officer at Memberdrive.com Inc., records show. LaPierre’s wife, Susan LaPierre, and Holly Marcario, the wife of NRA membership director Robert Marcario, worked there too, according to the documents. The company made a deal with the tax firm H&R Block that paid Memberdrive a commission for new clients generated from the NRA’s members. Memberdrive was to pay 70 percent of that commission to the NRA itself, records show. 
After protests from gun-control advocates led H&R Block to cancel the partnership, Memberdrive in June 2002 sued HRB Management Inc., a subsidiary. 
Phillips held stock in the startup, according to charitable-registration documents Memberdrive filed with the state of Washington in 2002. 
The company named Susan LaPierre one of its three highest-paid employees in a 2001 registration form filed with the same office. Memberdrive was sold for an undisclosed sum about a year after its lawsuit was dismissed in October 2003. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mrs. Wayne LaPierre Attacks Ann Hathaway at the Golden Globes on Twitter

Now that Wayne LaPierre has put the First Children within the NRA line of fire, turn around fair play, the only Mrs. Wayne LaPierre on the Internet is a twitter account and probably not his real wife, maybe a blowup doll wife?

Is Wayne LaPierre Married?

Is he a genuine white Heterosexual?  Went to two Catholic colleges (wink,nod).

Does he have a “normal” sexlife (does not have to sleep with his Bushmaster every night in bed etc.)?

Wayne LaPierre of NRA - A Real A-Hole's A-Hole


NRA LaPierre's "Political Pornography" Ad Attacks Obama Children

This ad per political columnist Mike Barnicle is "political pornography"!

Sick, perverted, Roman Catholic style demonizing of minorities, attacked the First Children to justify Wayne LaPierre's paycheck. 

Asking the question "Are the President's Kids More Important" than your kids because they have armed protection and your children have no armed protection in school. 

The First Family needs armed protection from all the NRA Gun Nuts in this country. 

Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the NRA!

Really low shit from the mysterious Wayne LaPierre.  

Is Wayne LaPierre married?

Does he have a wife, kids? 

Is it fair to target and demonize the First Family and not share his family to the same NRA firing line?

I have to wonder how a man educated in two Catholic Colleges including Boston College can be so non-human in his approach to "humanity".  Maybe the Catholic Church only teaches money and not love these days?