Thursday, April 3, 2014

Corporate/Personhood = Whore of Babylon - to Damn all Mankind - Hobby Lobby Green Family Cult

Whore of Babylon by Dave Lebow

They are a religious cult.

They are an unbaptized corporation/person claiming exemptions that apply to other people who willingly contribute to the common good of the community and the republic. These democratic deadbeats don’t like this country anymore?

If they that have cash and claim to be religious, why not sell guns at Hobby Lobby and of course not do Federal Background Checks because that would be a violation of their religious cult beliefs.

If they start shooting and killing shoplifters in their stores, the killings will of course be justified to protect religious property and on sacred ground not subject to secular laws and justice?

The more the Religious Right gets money, gets money, gets money and power, power, power, the more they become like the Religious Whore of Babylon described in their man made/written bible and or like the Medieval Roman Church.

What’s in it for me to tolerate these assholes – corporation/people – Cult Leaders - Jim Jones - David Green etc. - pagans – demons - morons from Oklahoma and other red states?

They are living on our tax dime! Who died and made them god?