Saturday, September 8, 2012

Street Scenes - Philly - 1940s/50s

Walk home from "El" Train

Approaching "47" Trolley

Roosevelt Boulevard

Street laborer drinks from milk bottle filled with water.


Philadelphia - Market Street Wharf With Ferry Boats "Baltic" And "Artic" Docked At the Pier – circa 1881

…the "America," which was built on the flats then north of Market street, midway between Front street and Delaware avenue, and launched July 11, 1868. The "America" with the "Mechanic" and "West Jersey" constituted the equipment until the advent of the newer and more pretentious boats with which we are now familiar. The "Columbia" was built in 1876, the "Arctic" in 1879, and the "Baltic" in 1881. …

The rate of fare on all the ferry boats between Camden and Philadelphia was on January 1, 1880, reduced to three cents a trip, or nine tickets for twenty five cents. On August 26 1920 the fare was raised to four cents a trip, or eight tickets for thirty cents.

Old Ferries...