Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Pope Hangover in Philly

The Pope Hangover in Philly

On a local Philly forum I follow there had been a lot of anxiety of Philly in turmoil over a once in a generation happening centered around the local Archdiocese and it World Family Conference – selling the definition of marriage and staking out moral authority over it in the hopes of charging eternal royalties, added to the company coffers, not unlike the Disney people forever repackaging Mickey Mouse to each new generation as something completely new and unique etc.

The anxiety in many was that for all practical purposes, this private religious group, the Roman Catholics, had declared temporary eminent domain of a large portion of downtown Philadelphia for the purpose of a street fair and or religious ritual. The Franklin Parkway is the one beautiful planned section of downtown leading from the Second Empire city hall, larger than the U.S. Capitol building btw, cut on a diagonal to the northwest to any old plateau that once served as the city’s main reservoir and now has the ornate Greek style art museum built on top of that old hill. The hill of course is the reason for dozens of steps in front and immortalized in cinema by the movie Rocky.

The archdiocese no doubt wanted the Parkway with its many museums and classical style public buildings along its classical ala Paris style dimensions of a grand boulevard to tart up the centuries old rituals that fit in with the modern Vatican marketing program to present a pope in the rockstar, large ground, grand doobie concert settings for the marketing and sale of the product.

The locals with their houses and condos were trapped in a no drive zone that the invading archbishop from Denver had staked out to tart up his reputation and eternal campaign for the red hat.

Daily bulletins from the local authorities with varying levels of local, state and federal levels of authority made it very confusing how one would or could function in the middle of a commandeered concert site/zone.

I have seen literally dozens of the latest maps in recent weeks showing the latest no man’s land without a pass land surrounding these people’s homes and private live – “Private lives matter”. That and the threat of having your automobile temporarily confiscated and towed if parked in the wrong zone. That and a fee for a retrieval of your car from some improvised car impound lot anywhere in the city on the docks being shipped to Saudi Arabia care of the local mob.

Many simply wanted to escape if they could and go out of the city to avoid the tourist mess with the Pope Show. That with a secondary thought that your home might be robbed in your absence, that in an area protecting the Pope Show and not anybody’s local property per say.

One comment on the disaster of the mismanaged twisted mess of the local SouthEast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority S.E.P.T.A. during the Pope’s visit to the city.

According to my Septa conductor friend, he says the whole pope weekend was horrible.
To quote him: "tons of lack-of-communication, foul-ups, and bitching over who had to do what jobs... a real nuthouse of dumb Septa officials!"

And there was the question of who was going to pay for all the extra security associated with a public event with an international head of state present.  New York and Washington are used to these big state events with the Federal Government in DC and the United Nations in New York. Philly is just in so many ways since the opening of the Erie Canal – an east coast city with no discernible mission statement or purpose.

For many months of negotiations with the city, the corporation responsible for the World Family conference and its bills, the figure was something like 45 million dollars. Reading the forum over time, this figure kept floating in the air as the event approached.  One interesting thing was that the World Family conference had a grace period of six months following the event to reimburse the city for expenses of their temporary occupation of downtown Philly.

The final figure the RCs jewed the city down to was $12 million dollars now that it had become an international and partially state event and the state and federal government, via the FBI and Secret Service was picking up a hefty piece of the real costs of having Pope Francis give his marketing performance on the Parkway.

Nothing in the forum if the AD was going to reimburse the state of Pennsylvania or the Feds. I somehow doubt it. And since this private tax free religion club has no fiscal accountability I can only guess where the rest of the 45 million after the 12 million deduction for expense went, as it was supposedly already pledged by private and corporate donations to the event. (Let’s close another local parish says the out of town Archbishop from Denver via one of his infamous “blue ribbon commissions” handling this or that real estate detail in the AD’s portfolio.)

Because of all the shutting down of this public service train lines, bus lines, bridge access for security reasons etc. is why the final crowd of the Pope’s public mass was closer to half a million to six hundred thousand instead of the original estimated one million crowd.

Of course, it was the post 911 security blanket as to why Francis did not shine like a saint like John Paul II and his past performance in Philly. It was not that religion in this Millennial driven tech world is hard pressed to compete in the entertainment and spirituality market with the young and not so gullible.

All this haggling over money for a Pope Show goes back to 1979 when the fascist I-talian A-merican mayor Frank Rizzo, the former racist police overseer chief, who built a public platform over the Logan Circle Fountain on the Parkway at city expense for JPII’s mass, and was challenged in the courts for doing so – separation of church and state and all that – and eventually the Archdiocese was forced to reimburse the city something like $300,000 for wood and labor. 

The price of extra security from the city, state and Feds for that 1979 SuperStar event never got addressed etc. 


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bad Catholic Boys on Supreme Court Boycott Pope Francis’ Message to Congress

Half the Catholic Supreme Court - Scalia - Thomas - Alito Dissed Pope Franics.

Guinea Scalia gives no respect to fellow Guinea Bergoglio. Mama Mia!

Bad Catholic Boys (more catholic than the pope?) on Supreme Court Scalia, Thomas and Alito Boycotted Pope Francis’ Message to Congress – Hanging out behind the woodshed smoking Pot or in Clarence Thomas’ basement going through his world class collection of pornography?  Lol

They had front row seats to hear Netanyahu’s GOP endorsed hate speech against the Muslims when he addressed a similar Joint Session of the Congress.

Pope Francis speaks against
the rich robbing from the poor.
against war, against execution

Is that why US Supreme Court justices
Scalia, Thomas, and Alito did not attend
the Pope's inspiring elocution? 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hero - Family of the Year

Let me go
I don't wanna be your hero
I don't wanna be a big man
Just wanna fight like everyone else
Your masquerade
I don't wanna be a part of your parade
Everyone deserves a chance to
Walk with everyone else
While holding down
A job to keep my girl around
And maybe buy me some new strings
And her and I out on the weekend
And we can whisper things
Secrets from my American dreams
Baby needs some protection
But I'm a kid like everyone else
So let me go
I don't wanna be your hero
I don't wanna be a big man
I just wanna fight like everyone else
So let me go
I don't wanna be your hero
I don't wanna be a big man
I just wanna fight with everyone else
Your masquerade
I don't wanna be a part of your parade
Everyone deserves a chance to

Walk with everyone else

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Anointed Saint and Martyr Kim Davis Organizes Christian Prison Gang to Terrorize the Unsaved behind Bars

On authority from Gawd, imprisoned county clerk Kim Davis wasted no time in starting a Christian prison gang to harass the unsaved in her immediate view. This on verbal support of several closeted Gawd-fearing GOP politicians from southern inbred red states - Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky etc. Words from the king of bullshitters Donald Trump don't really count I would think. 

“It is an abomination that people here in prison not demand salvation from my perfect Gawd”. She stated to a reporter before having a rumble in the Clark County Prison exercise yard with the people with the wrong shade of color and Da Gays etc.

“Looking forward to sign a book deal with Sarah Palin’s publisher. I like she have a unique story like she. Did I mention I like she.  Here in prison some of the girls remind me of Sarah…”

Mat $. Staver, Liberty Costs Counsel, passed the hat outside the prison to pay for Gawd favored legal advice.

“Jesus died only for me” stated Kim behind bars. “He died so I could hate. I am a perfect Disheveled Assembly of Gawd Chreesh-chun. Amen.”


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DAESCH / ISIS / ISIL Prove To Be Trashy Neighbors in Palmyra Syria

The assholes over at ISIS / ISIL /DAESCH are worshipping their mean desert god Allah by pissing on and blowing up Roman ruins in Syria at a place called Palmyra. Looking at shots of these ruins, they are quite interesting and would have been a great tourist destination for myself in the future before the Assholes of the Islamic State blew up their future tourist revenue without any thought to the future.

I can see now that those pages in the Koran in England have been carbon-dated and pre-date General Mohammed’s reign of terror in the Middle East of 14 hundred years ago. Plagiarism is no crime especially if you can’t read and write like that Mo guy.

These monotheistic, one penis god religions of Generals Moses, Constantine and Mohammed come crashing together sharing the same mean desert god who some drunken goatherd had delusions about in 140 degree deserts. Alcohol dehydrates and destroys the brains in such environments.

As for Palmyra, it is not like the place has not been picked over for close to two thousand years by looters and whatnot. There are other ruins elsewhere and if you can’t find the cash to restore the ruined ruins at Palmyra, there always is Disney Land or Las Vegas to get that clean tourist feel for the late great roman ruins of Palmyra in Syria. Like sucks and then you die. Whatever. (Or - life is too short to worry about the ruining of "ruins" in some far away place. - People of the Species are far more important than ancient R/E and carved stone.)

One as in Monotheism if a finite concept, like its creator Man.


Young's Pier - Atlantic City - 1898