Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All Politics, Economics and God(s) are Local in the New Global Cultural Paradigm

I am refining a thought I threw out into the town square / forum some time back about how the one God worshipped by the Jews Christians and Muslims is not the one and same God.  (Yet)

I now see by some present examples how with politics, economics and gods, how they are a totally local thing.

The economic crisis in Europe and the domination of the Deutsch Central Bank of the EU is not unlike the Federal Reserve Bank calling all economic shots in the US. 

Of course the German Central Bank cannot print money or manipulate it, the Euro, its value of currency based solely like the American Dollar has placed itself over time at the center of standard world trade value. But it would if it could in the European situation.

In fact, regarding the locals, the lessers, the Germans do not want to bail out Greece and or Cyprus, two very small states that it is convenient in which to impose bully rules and blood interest to make an example to the larger players in the EU.

All money is local and monetary policy that might only benefit the east and west coasts of the United States by its central bank, at the expense of the economic life of the heartland or fly over country, is little different than with Germany at this present time. 

Germany, not having won WWII, but is now in control on the continent of Europe. By hook or by crook. 

I now understand twenty years later, having worked in a German Bank Branch in NYC why the Germans I worked with had no sense of losing WWII. They only in their minds lost a battle and not the war to dominate Europe.

So too, this recent Pope Francis thing and the humble thing may be genuine in his mind, as the Head of the Vatican City State. 

His acts and his gestures are not so much for the poor I think but more a hope of a stimulus and setting an example, a new beginning in hope of a reboot, to the recently decades long out of control curia, sacred and answerable to no one it would seem, in the Vatican which does not practice what it preaches.

That they, like, are more worshiping themselves, their penises(?), an ancient cult(?), and their priest class as the end all of all their religious mythology and traditions. 

Down the fork of a fork of a fork of a fork in a road mistakenly traveled since Father Martin Luther, who in honest and good faith tried to sell them an accurate map.

That the teachings of Jesus, in that particular Christian sect, are irrelevant in a modern global secular age and that money and power in dozens of little turfdoms within the Vatican are strangling any hope of a viable sect church to survive abuse from above and its trickle down immorality.

I see in a distant Brit Uber-Catholic blog that the unknown Dolan, a god of sorts perhaps, has revived hope of a short lived Francis by his, the Dolan’s hideous inhumane, non-human remarks on Easter Sunday of all days to desecrate the hope of the living on. By his telling that Jesus died and rose only for the some, the special, the many(?) but not the all. 

That this local American (tin) god, unknown until recently to the Britains and Europeans is no longer a local god in Manhattan anymore, or anymore merely worshiped and supported as a tool by the oligarchs there as their “great white hope” in global banking.

Pope Timothy I ? 

Another 27 year reign of a JPII ? coming down the pike boys???

He is now a superstar in waiting and unchallenged by the media in the depth of his capacity for inhumanity dished out with Easter ham. 

I suppose Francis is good for at least 34 days in his reign. Two weeks more to go for that record.

Lest the masses see a pattern in the death of popes that want to abolish the Vatican Bank, interfering with sacred global trade, and dare I say it, causing a return to the true teachings of Jesus aka the Christ. 


In Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s Bed – a History of “Friends”, Rock, Roy and the FBI at the Infamous Historic (B&B) Pink Bishop’s Palace NYC

The original "Rock"

 Those protective subterfuges were occurring during the "red witch-hunts" led by Senator Joseph McCarthy through the House Un-American Activities Committee, a campaign that spread from exposing "commies" to exposing "queers" in government, a dangerous time Hofler vividly evokes.

     Even the FBI became involved in an investigation of Hudson's sex activities, despite the fact that insiders knew that FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was gay and, it was steadfastly rumored, had appeared at a New Year's eve party in drag with his friend Cardinal Spellman. The bully at McCarthy's right hand was Roy Cohn, who eventually died of AIDS, and who, during the hearings to expose "commies and queers," was accompanied by his lover, David Schine.

     Exposure was not the only reason for hiding. A sex act in private between consenting adults was punishable with years in prison. Men dancing with men in clubs might be arrested for "lewd conduct." A vice raid on an innocuous pajama party netted Arthur Gelien, who five years later became Tab Hunter.

     Wily maneuvers witnessed by this reviewer were needed to overcome such arrests. In a club in Topanga Canyon, lights flashing off and on warned same-sex couples on the dance floor to shift partners. Gay men would dance with lesbians, a legal coupling.

Thwarting a raid by provoking embarrassment, the pianist in a Hollywood gay bar would burst into the strains of the bridal march when a cop and a member of the shore patrol were identified walking down the stairs together like a couple.

Madison Avenue B & B in the 1950s and 60s

My other dress is a dress (with sequins).

"There is no Cosa Nostra"

Roy - "I'll just watch."

"Oh Lindsey" - "Oh Mitchelle" - "What a beautiful dress."