Monday, September 5, 2011

To Mars – God of War – A Prayer

The War Prayer by Mark Twain

“…"Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth into battle -- be Thou near them! With them -- in spirit -- we also go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O Lord our God, help us tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended in the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames in summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it --

For our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimmage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet!

We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen. …”

What if – Vatican – Pius XII - Auschwitz

( Cardinal's tribute/statue Pius XII St. Peter's Basilica Rome)

What if … if history could be changed … if the Vatican in World War II cared more about people than stone worshipping, dry humping, soulless christian institutionalism?

“The film Amen. examines the links between the Vatican and Nazi Germany. The central character is Kurt Gerstein (Ulrich Tukur), a Waffen-SS officer employed in the SS Hygiene Institute, designing programs for the purification of water and the destruction of vermin. He is shocked to learn that the process he has developed to eradicate typhus, by using a hydrogen cyanide mixture called Zyklon B, is now being used for killing Jews in extermination camps. Gerstein attempts to notify Pope Pius XII (Marcel Iureş) about the gassings, but is appalled by the lack of response he gets from the Catholic hierarchy. The only person moved is Riccardo Fontana (Mathieu Kassovitz), a young Jesuit priest.
While the character of Kurt Gerstein is historical, the character of the young priest is fictional, and the plot is fictional. (Wiikipedia)”

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Black Rock City Nevada – Burning Man Festival

I have been aware of this temporary Hippie like tent city celebration in the Nevada desert for maybe a decade or more. 

At first, it looks exotic, almost Road Warrior exotic as in the movie, as in post-apocalyptic culture.  You may see the avant-garde art, smell cannabis, the reverence for all things green and or ecological and I see a party in the desert for 50,000 people where you hang out, drink and kill a few days in the heat.

Supposed to be a "spiritual" experience for some.  (If there is no cell phone connection to the rest of the planet as stated, that is perhaps a good start.)

Been in the desert. Done that.  Camping in the desert in the summer is for fools, crazy tourists, old hippies and kids hanging out on mom and dad’s dime.


They build some pagan like wooden man and temple and burn them down at the end of each festival which is the week before and including Labor Day in the U.S. each year.  But it’s not pagan.  It is art.  Or the usual BS on such plane of things pseudo-intellectual and ar-tis-tic.

Navigate the many photos in the above link/blog to touch some the magic of an old fashioned happening American, Planet Earth style.

The festival started in the late eighties in San Francisco, where else, and migrated to the desert shortly thereafter.  I believe this is the twenty-fifth year of the festival.

(view from the air)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Official Vatican Hit on JFK - Revised History

With fresh blood or I should say a fresh scalp (metaphor) of Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba on his belt, the Archbishop of the cesspool Archdiocese of Philadelphia emerges as Vatican spokesman on matters of a Catholic Institution’s entitled place on the landscape in secular America.

As Benedict XVI’s official hatchet man, apostolic delegate, an outsider, no doubt traveling on Vatican passport and privilege to Australia to do what Cardinal Pell did not have the balls to do and fire Bishop Morris.  Bill Morris committed the unforgivable sin of using that indirect vagina word (women – Yuk!) in admitting that the laity in his diocese had (shut your ears) an opinion favorable to the dogmatically impossible concept of the ordination of “females”.

Since such cheap reactionary shots at good Men like Morris are rewarded greatly for traveling papal hatchet men, I can only assume that the Vatican has put full imprimatur on all things Chaput (bow your head!) past and present.

In what I consider a political mission of Charles Caphut, on orders from the Republican National Committee in the recent 2010 election cycle, I have reviewed one of Chaput's great triumphs in the fawning, drooling, dripping, Gollum like, catholic blogosphere. 

And that is the revisionist history, and metaphoric necromancy, regarding the late (great?) President Kennedy and his speech in public, not behind closed doors, but to 300 Protestant ministers and his claim that he was an American first and a Catholic second, or some such nonsense in 1960.

In 1960, Kennedy sold the church out, sold his soul, and emphasized the famous Jefferson phrase of “separation of church and state” to verbalize his private, secular, political ambitions to be President of the United States.

WRONG!!!  He was wrong according to this revisionist Burkite, of the Ray Burke fanatic fringe lobbying group centered in both Washington D.C. and the Vatican City State.

“Fifty years ago this fall, in September 1960, Sen. John F. Kennedy, the Democratic candidate for president, spoke to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association. He had one purpose. He needed to convince 300 uneasy Protestant ministers, and the country at large, that a Catholic like himself could serve loyally as our nation’s chief executive. Kennedy convinced the country, if not the ministers, and went on to be elected. And his speech left a lasting mark on American politics. It was sincere, compelling, articulate – and wrong. Not wrong about the patriotism of Catholics, but wrong about American history and very wrong about the role of religious faith in our nation’s life. And he wasn’t merely “wrong.” His Houston remarks profoundly undermined the place not just of Catholics, but of all religious believers, in America’s public life and political conversation. Today, half a century later, we’re paying for the damage…”

“The Houston remarks also created a religious problem. To his credit, Kennedy said that if his duties as President should “ever require me to violate my conscience or violate the national interest, I would resign the office.” He also warned that he would not “disavow my views or my church in order to win this election.” But in its effect, the Houston speech did exactly that. It began the project of walling religion away from the process of governance in a new and aggressive way. It also divided a person’s private beliefs from his or her public duties. And it set “the national interest” over and against “outside religious pressures or dictates.” –“

“For his audience of Protestant ministers, Kennedy’s stress on personal conscience may have sounded familiar and reassuring. But what Kennedy actually did, according to Jesuit scholar Mark Massa, was something quite alien and new. He “‘secularize[d] the American presidency in order to win it.” In other words, “[P]recisely because Kennedy was not an adherent of that mainstream Protestant religiosity that had created and buttressed the ‘plausibility structures’ of [American] political culture at least since Lincoln, he had to ‘privatize’ presidential religious belief – including and especially his own – in order to win that office”--“

Secularism! Secularism!  Kennedy started secularism!  He was a bad catholic and worse than that a democrat!   What a rare state Chaput had to have been in to, in good Chaput conscience,  to examine the corpse of this failed catholic regime.  Think of the opportunities lost for the one true faith to impose “religious freedom”, “catholic Sharia law”, and corporate tax breaks for holy mother church if JFK had been a better catholic - a real catholic?

How can any catholic vote for the secular democratic party of that womanizing male slut? I can only imagine the rare emotional state that poor father Chaput had to be in to have to dig up and examine JFK’s rotting corpse for the sake of the new GOP/God Party truth.

There was one Italian professor who criticized Chaput and got a wave of tongue lashings in the bloated catholic blogosphere.   One Professor Luca Diotallevi.

Saving the Catholic Kennedy. A Reply to Archbishop Chaput

”In other words, the Catholic Kennedy is alleged to have fostered a model of society inspired more by hostile French-style "laïcité" than by the "religious freedom" characteristic of America.”

“The dispute is not simply academic. Since Barack Obama became president, it has been at the center of the confrontation between his policies and the positions of the American Catholic episcopate, especially concerning life, the family, education.”

“It is a dispute that also reaches across and divides the Catholic world, in America and elsewhere. Is Chaput right in criticizing Kennedy so harshly?...”—“

“… Religious freedom – in the version of the Constitution and history of the United States, as in the British version or in that of "Dignitatis Humanae" – shows instead the possibility of a separation between political powers and religious powers without the indifference of political institutions, and without the public irrelevance of the Church.”

“Religious freedom refutes the very premises of "laïcité." Alexis de Tocqueville was probably the first European to understand how in the United States the Church "reigned" over consciences in a different way, because a reconciliation had taken place there between the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom that was unheard of in continental Europe….”

(That is it in a nut shell?  With personal freedom of people in the USA already down the drain in the Plutocracy,  the church is only concerned with staking out its entitlements in light of the reality of the new “secular” ruling corporations.  It is every Republican man jack and bishop for himself in these end days of the end game of defunct democratic institutions?)

I also have to wonder if this newly uncloseted, once minority, now majority catholic opinion of JFK from 1960, may have in some way contributed to the assassination of that Catholic President in some minor way besides those already involved in that conspiracy to bring down an evil “secular” president in November 1963, aside from other political and power reasons.

“E Tu Brute” my catholic kinsmen ?   (fascinating way of relooking at 1963 – is it not?)

Or is all this rhetoric and feigned Vatican style “scholarship” just more cannon fodder in the ongoing culture war in 2012 against another well loved “Secular” President and Christian in the form of Barack Hussein Obama.  

Kansas, Chaput’s native state, went for Nixon in 1960.  I dare say the attack on a disavowed Catholic President Kennedy, in the grave, is just a cheap parting shot in revisionist history against any democrat presently in power.

The regular GOP has been practicing this form of necromancy on FDR for decades.  It works well on FOX NEWS for sniveling little cowards and demonizing pundits to kill air time.  Now too apparently, the Burkite (Catholic), fringe wing of the GOP as well, has emerged after these many decades, and is actively part of the act.

Religious freedom involves respect.  You get it if you give it my dear little padre from Denver.  Comprende?

Whatever.  Have a nice day. 

Govenor Rick Perry – Just a Gigalo?

In the spirit of circus, of state fair midways, corndog eaters, rodeo clowns, of Ponzi scammers (it takes one to know one), and the sad state of American politics where a poor farm boy can enter politics and decades later emerge a multi, multi- millionare, may I make the following suggestion for Texas Governor “Mr. GoodHair” Rick Perry’s campaign song.

( I am also beginning to wonder too of the rumors about Rick being a little light in his shitkickers. Oh well. He is a Republican afterall. Whatever.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Freedom Tower - Future World Trade Center


There is only one road to the World Trade Center NYC - that road is not to the past - but to the future.  Freedom Tower looks to be about 2/3 complete. 

Freedom Tower Progress

Freedom Tower Progress II

A new age of man and progress is just down the global road.  Don't you see it? 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain is Falling - ELO

Spanish Guitar - Grisha Goryachev

Marco Rubio – the new Rick Santorum?

Pentacostal, evangelical, “Roman Catholic” on Wikipedia, teavangelist, Tea Bagger darling Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, is now looking to be the “token latino” VP on the GOP presidential ticket and is preaching some really anti-Christian Reich sounding rhetoric in that

“Social Security and Medicare have made us weak as a people”.

In a speech delivered at the Ronald Reagan Library on Tuesday.

Like if you don’t have family or dedicated neighbors to take care of you when you are old or sick, you should be fucked. According to Tea Senator “Rick  Santorum Jr.” of Florida, it not the problem of government etc. if you can’t take care of yourself in your old age.

Not quite man on dog as Rick Santorum would put it but maybe more dog on dog or dog eat dog - I think explains his, this Tea-losophy.

Is this the beginning round of a socially acceptable, Passive (from the government POV) Euthanasia for the Poor in this country?

Where is the real Jesus in all your bought by cash rhetoric Marco darling?

Christian is no longer synonymous with humanity anymore especially when it's preaching, official party line, comes out of the front office of the official God party - the GOP.

What the heck are you smoking in the pews down there in drug cartel controlled Florida during your church services buddy?  

What God do you wor$hip???
Wow.  The price of your soul is quite cheap Marco!

What is this going to be – a Perry/Rubio ticket? 

Dumber and dumbest.

Try to have a nice day.

(The end of civilization as we know it is at hand.) 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Mountain comes to Martin Luther King Jr.

My spin on the MLK monument in Washington, District of Columbia, is that it got its inspiration from the one on Mount Rushmore.

They never finished Mount Rushmore.  Budget cuts.  WW II.

Washington and Lincoln were supposed to get sculpted down to their hands or waists.

In a way, MLK did not make it to Mount Rushmore, where the world would have put him, and probably not by all the domestic audience.

If MLK cannot go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to MLK.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charles Chaput – I love FOX NEWS and Franco too?

Culture warrior Charles Chaput got into full Burkite (Ray Burke) cult propaganda mood and attacked the Media at the recent World Youth Day in Madrid – namely CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times as being “untrustworthy” in reporting religious stories.  (They are not as pure as FOX NEWS which is fair and balanced towards Tea-Vangelism and Fascism???)

God, what a hypocrite!  The Media gave the buggers in that church a free, don’t report it in the press, pass for decades until the media changed and it was no longer as simple as in the past to threaten to pull advertising from the press by businesses owned by Catholics, like in the long standing silence of the NYT and Cardinal Spellman’s openly gay life style and non-stop party with all the chorus boys on Broadway.  Christ, we heard about that all the way in Philly about Franny boy without any newspapers reporting it.

Charlie boy better get his attitude in check and his history facts in order before he takes over in the most historic city in the U.S., Philadelphia.

It is a good thing the cathedral there is built like a fortress, no windows on ground level and parapets along the roof to reflect the age in which it was built in the period of the “Know-Nothing” politics and riots of the 1840s.

I doubt that the builders ever imagined that somebody as hateful and ignorant as Archbishop Chaput would be defending the fort and defending Medieval superstition and ignorance over knowledge and tolerance in the twenty first century.

I want to start by sharing a story. 
Once upon a time, a student at one of the world’s oldest universities took a break from her studies to visit the Catholic chapel on campus. As she sat there in silence—praying for a sick relative or trying to settle her nerves before a test—the chapel suddenly filled with noise. A mob of about seventy fellow students charged in chanting anti-Christian slogans. They shouted obscenities against the Church and insults about the Pope.

Two females in the mob climbed on top of the altar. Then, according to the student who was trying to pray, the women stripped off their shirts and boasted about their homosexual tendencies. The young Catholic student, and several others, left the chapel in fear.

People tend to think of Spain as a Catholic country. But this example of anti-Catholic bigotry happened right here, in this beautiful city, at the Complutense University of Madrid. And it didn’t happen in the 1930s, or even in the 1960s. It happened earlier this year—in March 2011. So today is a good time to talk about religious freedom. And Madrid is a good place to do it.
Once upon a time Spain had free elections and the right wing did not like freedom so they took power and ignited the Spanish Civil War to preserve the wealthy status quo and the church.  Half a million people died.  Small price to pay for "religious freedom" and fascist dictatorship bringing stability to the nation for another forty years. 

Complutense University in Madrid was on the front line of fighting for much of that civil war. In the end the Fascists under Franco and the Catholic Church won.  Priests were put back on the state payroll. Ain't nothing as sweet as Franco style, state sponsored, corporate welfare. 

On the devastated land in the middle of campus, Franco did some rebuilding…

Complutense University of Madrid

… It was eventually decided, however, that the area should be restored and rehabilitated as a symbol of the new regime, albeit with some alterations - chief amongst them the new plans for a monumental main building with a Sistine Chapel-type interior, and a large church. While those two particular plans never came to fruition, the direct involvement of Franco in the rebuilding of the University meant that, though the original plans were largely followed, chapels were now incorporated into each of the buildings. Today, this creates a curiously contradictory situation, whereby one has certain buildings, such as the School of Philosophy, with streamlined architecture that epitomizes the liberal spirit of the 1920s and borrows heavily from Weimar Germany, and yet features a first-floor chapel which, fitted into a highly art-deco setting, seems implausible as a place of serious spiritual reflection.
Franco's influence on-campus was not limited to the imposition of his Catholic ideals. As a result of the war, as could be expected, the staff was purged of all liberals and Republican sympathizers, and replaced with members of the Falangist movement. What's more, the University charters were altered to compel all students to reside either in government-sanctioned dormitories or personal family homes. The dormitories staffed with members of the falangist movement, the regime aspired to be able to oversee all aspects of the student's lives, hoping to mold them into devotees of the "nationalist movement".

If a bunch of secular students in a supposedly secular university want to protest injustices generated by the RC church in one of General Franco’s personally ordered five state chapels on campus, built on blood soaked land,  maybe these symbols of fascism are a good place to start.

Charles talks about “Religious Freedom” but it always seems to come down to being free to impose Catholic Sharia Law aka Humanae Vitae etc. on the subjugated population.  Can’t you keep your members in line?  Can’t they refuse to have an abortion without outlawing abortion for everybody else on the planet – oh fan of Franco?

Was it disrespectful what these protestors did in this state chapel?  Yes.

Anti-Christian?  Absolutely not!     

(The protest in one of Franco's Blood Chapels, Capillas de Sangre, "Stasi" HQ on campus was the result of a recent attack on students and faculty on campus by ultra-catholic thugs who seem to have disappeared into the woodwork afterwards.  The university and the civil authorities did not investigate or seem to care.  They, the civil authorities, pressed charges against four protesters for violation of sacred territory, a strange concept to me in America where secular universities are just that and not privileged remnants of dictator regimes and their largess to the RC church.)

But Charles seems more concerned with tits being exposed in public and lesbians’ natural right to exist than he is really concerned with just another chapel, paid for by the state.  If the RC church had to pay rent and electricity on campus, that space would have been turned in a Starbucks a long time ago.

Philadelphia is a Quaker city and can remember when one of a few legal  Roman catholic churches in the whole English speaking world existed down a dark alley in the colonial town and only on the say so of the Quaker founders and by their charter and mega capacity of tolerance.

Archbishop Chaput, you are coming to Philadelphia with the wrong mindset and attitude.  That your worldview is 1957 Kansas when you entered the junior seminary at age 13 is perhaps not a worldview needed in this desperately needing humanity over dogma global culture.

I give you eighteen months before you become such an embarrassment to even the Vatican with your unproductive zeal and empty sound bites (tinkling cymbal, sounding brass) that they are forced to hand out a "promotion" to Rome and hide you appoint you as Cardinal Burke’s assistant.

Have a nice day. 

911 - World Trade Center - Memories and Reflections

ghosts of 911 - reflections and memories of September 11, 2001

Reflections and memories of the events leading up to and following 911, by a resident of Staten Island working in mid-town Manhattan. Dealing with the immediate consequences of a city brought to a standstill by an act of war and living in and traveling through the war zone for months to come. This includes memories of the old World Trade Center before its destruction as well as points of views from different communities and their dealing with the tragedy.

There is also a tribute to Father Mychal Judge, Fire Department Chaplain, listed as casualty number one of a long list of victims on that day. There is hope in the building of a Peace Garden in Snug Harbor Gardens in Staten Island, which had the highest percentage of Fire Department deaths of any of the five boroughs of the City of New York
There is a poem Opede rededicated to the spirit of rebuilding which the author originally wrote in 1978 and rededicated to the spirit of that building of a New World Trade Center out of the ashes of the old.

All in all, this is a series of short stories and reflections on various real people and unknown heroes of that infamous day in September 2001. I think your reading of this will help in the healing process and contribute to awareness of what some would label the beginnings of a New Global Culture. 

Available on Amazon Kindle:

Papal Bull “Laudabiliter” - Adrian IV- Ireland

Today, August 23, 2011, marks to 841st anniversary of the British occupation of Ireland.

It is a date when Norman ne’er do well William Strongbow landed in Waterford in what would be the final victory of the invaders from England over the Irish island, people and culture to this day.  The invaders still occupy the north of that island.

Strongbow was so successful that Henry II of England beat a path to Ireland to demand loyalty of his vassal Strongbow who got shafted by Henry in the aftermath of the long civil war or monarchial dispute between usurper King Stephen and Henry’s mother Matilda. 

Twenty odd years of civil war back and forth and Henry succeeded Stephen under his mother’s rightful claim to the throne. 

Strongbow had backed Stephen over Henry and so Henry treated him like dirt until he pulled off the near impossible and put the conquest of Ireland within grasp of the English crown.

Henry II fell back, on what some say was a forgery, the Papal Bull “Laudabiliter” of Pope Adrian IV, oddly enough the last English pope.
The document supposedly gave Henry Ireland in exchange for the destruction of the non-Latin Celtic Church in favor of the Church of Rome.  The Celtic Church, centuries old since the introduction of  Christianity by Saint Patrick, had never aligned itself with Rome and among its practices was the ordination of women to the priesthood.

So, in essense, the poltical destruction of Ireland began on this date in 1170 C.E. along with the cultural rape and elimination of the organic Irish Christian church.  The penis rules both in politics and religion from that point on in real time in Ireland.

A united Ireland shall overcome one day the sexist evil forced on it by the Church of Rome.

Bishop Lahey – Guilty in Jail – awaiting final sentence

Canadian bishop sentencing hearing begins

“ -- Lahey pleaded guilty in May to importing child pornography in a rare case of a high-ranking Canadian Church official facing charges over sexual misconduct.

He waived his bail and was taken into custody even though he had not been formerly sentenced. His lawyer Michael Edelson had said Lahey wanted to start serving time now to get credit after sentencing.

Lahey is scheduled to return to court in December. His lawyer, Michael Edelson, has asked the judge to reschedule that appearance for an earlier date.

At the time of his guilty plea, the Vatican said the church would impose its own disciplinary or penal measures, but it did not elaborate on what punishment Lahey could face. Prelates who sexually abuse minors can be defrocked; lesser punishments include being forbidden from celebrating Mass publicly.

Last year, in the midst of the clerical abuse scandal, the Vatican made acquiring, possessing or distributing child pornography one of the most serious canonical crimes that are handled by the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Lahey was charged in 2009 with possessing and importing child pornography after border agents examined his laptop at an Ontario airport on his return home from London, England.

According to court documents, Lahey became nervous when a border agent asked him if he had a laptop and ordered a second inspection when they discovered his passport contained stamps for Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Germany — countries that can be sources of child pornography.

Thompson told the court some content on Lahey's laptop ranked among the worst he has seen in scores of investigations into child pornography allegations.

"They're right up there," he said. "I mean, it doesn't depict infants, but the explicit images of torture are disturbing."--“

(No comment.)

100 Italian Priests Blackmailed In Internet Sex Ring

Blackmailed Italian Priests

Up to 100 priests in Italy were blackmailed by two men who used Facebook and Messenger to snare them, according to a police investigation. The men, who were arrested on suspicion of blackmail on 26 July, demanded up to €10,000 (£8,000) from priests in return for keeping quiet about erotic webcam sessions and real sexual encounters, reported Italian weekly Panorama citing judicial sources… 
The priest paid Trementino regular sums of money and bought him a car but eventually reported him to the police. 
In the meantime, Trementino said a second priest contacted him through Facebook and invited him to spend three days in a hotel in Rome with him, offering him a train fare and €300 to buy cannabis, alcohol and condoms. 
Trementino claims he then began to receive requests for erotic webcam sessions from "tens" of priests. He added: "I would get up to five requests per day from all over Italy, even one from France. I felt I had ended up in a net of perversion."
La Dolce Vita de Celibacy!  Oh those crazy I-talians.  Whatever.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do Corporations Have a Soul? – Vatican?

The United States Supreme Court decided in 2010 in Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission, that corporations are to be considered as people and therefore cannot be limited in the amount of funds given to promote free speech and propaganda under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Fine. Well. Good?

Mitt Romney got caught in a heckling match with people at the Iowa State Fair today when it came down to the issue of taxes and paying off our national debt.

Somehow, mere common ordinary people think that Corporations as people should be taxed according to blood and flesh people rates. Romney no doubt thinks that corporations are elites and the new tax exempt royalty of the United States and as such should be taxed according to the privileged ( King George III ) rate of taxation. 


What is the Vatican’s position on this important culture war issue in the upcoming American watershed Culture War election of 2012? Now that the Mormon Church has apparently signed off on this new species of unbaptized entity in control of our lives?

If they have souls, should they be baptized?  Are they Pagan?  How can a Christian nation be led by Pagan Corporations? Are there any true Christian corporations outside of true Christian religions etc.?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Mr. Romney was speaking at the fair’s soapbox Thursday morning, but when it was time for the question-and-answer session, the mood turned heated, with a small group of angry hecklers calling on Mr. Romney to support raising taxes on the wealthy to help fund social entitlement programs.
“We have to make sure that the promises we make in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are promises we can keep, and there are various ways of doing that,” Mr. Romney said. “One is we can raise taxes on people.” 
“Corporations!” the protesters shouted, suggesting that Mr. Romney, as president, should raise taxes on large businesses. “Corporations!”
“Corporations are people, my friend,” Mr. Romney responded, as the hecklers shouted back, “No they’re not!”-

Are they?