Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pope Francis Signs OFF on Patron Saint of Pedophilia Protectors / Enablers Karol Wojtyla aka Langley's Favorite Son John Paul II – Half Baked Order of John XXIII on the Side

$anto Marcial Maciel Degollado and Saint Karol Wojtyla

“I never met a Pedophile Priest that I would Not Lie for or Not Protect.” Anonymous Graffiti, Vatican City (a, the one true synagogue of Satan).

“Everything he (John Paul II) did was holy.” ~~Gigi Barnett, Baltimore

Benedict XVI Pope Francis the Last has signed off on the desired Patron Saint of Pedophile Clergy Protectors and Enablers – None other than John Paul II.  Blah. Blah, Blah, Dogma, Dogma, Dogma.

Whose says that Francis did not sell his soul to satan to escape his personal hell in Buenos Aires? 


Benedict XVI Ghost Writes Pope Francis’ “First” Encyclical – Shades of the Bates Motel Era Dawning in Vatican History?

Pope Francis, the Argentinian Bishop dressed in white is still hanging out at the Bates Motel Casa Santa Marta Hotel in beautiful downtown Vatican City.  Francis is still being careful in what he eats in the Hotel cafeteria and grateful that no hidden passage ways are evident in the modern architecture of his temporary housing.

He has signed off on an 82 page encyclical of the late retired pope Benedict Xvi.

Benedict is of course on a hill in the Bates Family Home a converted convent retirement villa.

One has to wonder how many more encyclicals written by the ream Benedict in retirement will continue to crank out in his old age over the next several decades?

btw - Has anybody seen Benedict lately in person???