Sunday, June 7, 2009

Confessions of a Clueless Bureaucrat

There seems to be a theme running through the ongoing sex abuse scandals of the Roman clergy. The theme is one of temporary memory or of living in a morality bubble that only considers morals and confession and the immediate needs of the soul. If private corporations ran their internal workings on the myopic short term limited concerns as in the RC church, they would be out of business - or – hint, hint – about to go out of business.

The theme I see is that the RC church gives no value to the secular soul. “Outside the Church, there is no salvation.”

The RC church, which had been both secular and sacred government for many parts of the world in the past, attacks modernism when secularism and or democracy doesn’t mix well with bubble morality – oil and vinegar. Coexistence with secularism and interfaith dialogue are to be feared as well and not reconciled at all costs.

When the RC church has to coexist with other religions in the United States as an example, it continues to express itself as both a secular and supremely sacred institution within the confines of its bubble.

With special medieval tax entitlements, it goes along on its merry, nonconforming to secularism, way and subsidized by the secular world and secular taxpayers. In fact, alliances with Satan aka fundamentalist christian types on political issues and imposing Catholic Sharia Law on the U.S. Constitution for birth control and abortion is part of the master internal plan.

Problem with the RC church might be that it gives 110% to the soul of a man in an afterlife. It perhaps gives little or nothing to the welfare of a man alive in the secular world. Of course it gives comfort for the fear it helps to create in the first place about the afterlife.

The former archbishop of Milwaukee is coming out with a book more to show case his coming out of the closet about being gay. When that book goes on sale next week, all sorts of punditry and shouting will be going about. Over and above this cleric doing public confession for his individual sexuality, he does little to shed light on the real harm done to people, children abused by the clergy. He is pulling the old “I didn’t know or didn’t understand” defense regarding his own culpability in the greater arena of this decades, centuries old sexual dysfunction of the RC Church.

Sex-abuse victims group rebuffs Weakland’s naiveté claim
Weakland makes those assertions in his forthcoming memoir, "A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church," saying at one point, "We all considered sexual abuse of minors as a moral evil, but had no understanding of its criminal nature."…

In his book, the retired archbishop says that in the 1970s, he "naively" accepted the notion that victims would either forget or "grow out of" the abuse. He blames the leniency shown by judges toward priests (and other professionals) in sex abuse cases for shaping his views on the perpetrators…
In most of the last decade of abuse scandals, the real tragedy I think is that these front office clerics honestly do not know the modern day value of a human being in the real – secular – world.

In the past few months, I have seen the dysfunctionality of the bishops expressing empathy for sex abusers as with Archbishop Nichols of Westminster in Britain over and above the victims in regards to the Ryan Report. I see the mad bishops of Brazil more concerned about excommunication and Catholic Sharia law than the rights or safety of a nine year old pregnant rape, incest victim getting a late term abortion.

I see the holocaust denying Bishop Williamson getting a promotion in the RC church strictly on “moral” theological stands, that and real estate and money. Let’s not forget Cardinal Law of Boston and his promotion to run the third oldest church/shrine in Christendom within Rome.

I see my own chiding of the ever “no appointments available” Bishop Martino of Scranton for his ignoring and not commenting on the horrendous child selling and trafficking of children to “for profit” juvenile prisons by Judges Ciavarella and Conahan within his own so-called moral jurisdiction.

You get this - I don’t give a damn about anything except my job and pleasing the idiots in charge holding onto medieval fantasy, rhetoric and rules. That, lifetime tenure and let’s not forget the gelt.

I see a Bishop of Rome who tells the poor in Africa to die not from their ignorance but from his own regarding the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV.

And while Rome burns, I see the same Bishop a year or two ago, a scholar of sorts, wanting approval from the ranks regarding his outstanding scholarship and then quotes medieval hatred as part of his scholarship and basically pisses on the entire Muslim world, past and present.

These guys in the RC hierarchy are not in touch with the same realities you and I are in touch with. Our reality, our secular reality doesn’t count to them. Children, victims of abuse, do not count. What is the whole point of your Roman Bling Church except to be a museum and charge tourists for a tour?

Luckily their hold on things, their (blindspot toward humanity) point of view loses valuable ground everyday toward the future of the human race as they remain clueless within our growing secular global interdependent interrelated existence.