Friday, February 12, 2016

Elmer Gantry (Ted Cruz) meet Aimee Semple McPherson (Heidi Cruz)

Ted Cruz will bring America the Face of God according to his full time Wall Street grifter and part time Prophetess wife Heidi.

Buzzfeed News also obtained a redacted police report * from a September 2005 incident in Austin, Texas, where Heidi Cruz was found sitting in a grassy area in between an onramp and a freeway, with her head in her hands and no sign of a vehicle nearby.

According to the report, the responding officer believed Heidi was a “danger to herself,” and gave her a ride home in his patrol car. Heidi Cruz told police she wasn’t drunk (saying she’d only had sips of Margarita with dinner) and hadn’t taken medication. The officer said he didn’t detect intoxication.

The incident happened after the Cruzes had been living apart, with Ted in Texas as solicitor general and Heidi at the White House, working at the National Security Council reporting directly to Condoleezza Rice, according to Buzzfeed. She then returned to Texas to take a job with Goldman Sachs as her husband planned a run for statewide office that didn’t come until five years later, a brief bid for attorney general in 2010.